October 21, 2020

Spikeless Golf Shoes Review: Pro and Cons | Puma | Ecco | FootJoy |Waterproof Spikeless Shoes.

How Spikeless Golf shoes was introduce to golfers: The History The innovation of spiked golf shoes started when Scottish golfers began to hammer nails into leather boots in other to gain traction and stability when making their respectful swings on the damped, slippery (muddy) golf courses back in the mid-nineteen century. Though it made sense in theory but practically, the […]

Best Big and Tall Golf Rain Gear for Men 2XL, and 3XL: Golf Rain Jacket & Golf Rain Pant

The good news is, there are wonderfully designed big and tall golf rain gear to keep plus size golfers dry and warm against rain or any other weather conditions when playing the game we love.

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