October 21, 2020

6 Best Youtube Video Downloader Online: How to Download From Youtube.

This article will teach you how to download from YouTube anytime, using the best YouTube Video Downloader available online.

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YouTube is the world’s largest video sharing platform. It is also one of the most successful Google products. Everyone watching YouTube videos admires to save videos so that you can watch them whenever you want.

For this, I have come up with the best websites and apps that are perfect as YouTube Video Downloader to help you.

This article will teach you the best ways to download YouTube videos for free anytime anywhere.

Youtube Video Downloaders Online

I downloaded my first youTube video in the year 2010, and since then, I have been able to successfully download over 1,000 videos on youtube for my viewing pleasure. Using different YouTube Video Downloaders both website and Mobile Apps.

To download YouTube videos in your storage you will have to use an online YouTube video downloader. YouTube allows its users to watch, like, comment, share, upload, and many other things.

However, YouTube mobile app has an inbuilt download option. This download option saves videos that you can watch later without the internet.

The problem is that this downloaded video can be seen only through the YouTube app. A good example is Youtube Go App

So for mobile users, it’s not the solution if you want to save it in your storage. Good thing is that you can also use an online YouTube video downloader on mobile.

How online YouTube downloader will help you save videos & you will also learn how to use YouTube video downloader online in this article.

Brief History of YouTube and the Birth of YouTube Video Downloader Online.

YouTube online video sharing platform was founded on 14 February 2005, by Steve Chen, Chad Hurley, and Jawed Karim. The Trio were formal PayPal employees.

YouTube idea was conceived when Chad for a party and wish there was a way to share the fun of the party with his colleagues Chen and Jawed, who were miles away from the party.

YouTube at first was launch as an online dating site but gradually became a video sharing platform.

“Me at the Zoo” is the first video uploaded on YouTube by Jawed Karim on the 24th of April 2005.

You can still watch the over a decade-year-old video here.

A few years later, YouTube was sold to Google for roughly 1.65Billion USD and according to BBC news the online platform had since then gone to become a company that recorded an average Ads Sales of over 4.7Billion USD in just three months of the year 2019 alone.

Currently, Susan Wojcicki is the CEO of YouTube after taken over from Salar “SK” Kamangar in on February 5, 2014.

Susan Wojcicki at TechCrunch Disrupt SF 2013. Source: Wikipedia

How To Download From Youtube To PC.

To download videos from youtube is very simple, free and fast. You just have to paste the youtube video link and follow the process below:

  1. Copy Video’s Link
    Go to YouTube, open the video which you wish to download, and copy its link ( The link can be found on the browser’s URL box when you will open any video on YouTube.)
  2. Paste Video’s Link
    Paste the video’s link into the search bar at the top of the website of your choice, then press the Download button.
  3. Download Video
    A list of all the available download options is displayed. Right-click on a download button and choose the Save options to download the video.

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4 Best YouTube Video Downloader Online for PC (Laptop)

  1. KeepVid ( A 4K Video Downloader )
YouTube Video Downloader-KeepVid
KeepVid Video Downloader

KeepVid YouTube Video Downloader is a revolutionary website that can download youtube files in both MP3 and MP4 formats.
When you download any YouTube video through KeepVid, you will be offered a list of qualities so that you can choose whichever you need.

KeepVid also supports you to save files in 4K downloads as well. In this way, you can not only download your favorite movies to your device for offline watching but also save your love music videos in MP3 format to listen again and again.

Download Videos with 4K UHD Resolution with KeepVid

When you download any YouTube video through this website, you are always allowed to select the highest possible quality that the video you wish to download supports. For those UHD and HD videos, KeepVid also supports you to download them with the same quality.

However, some laptop screens do not support 4k videos. In this case, downloading a 4k video is relatively pointless.

KeepVid Youtube Video downloader provides a list of options about video quality for you and I hope you could find the most proper one.

Other KeepVid Special Features

You can download Videos from 1000+ websites instead of being limited to just YouTube. With this website, you can also download from Ted, Vimeo, Twitter, Instagram, Twitch.

How To Locate Your Downloaded Video On Your Laptop?

It depends on the type of PC you’re using. Some may find it difficult to locate the files they save.

In this situation, normally, you may look for the menu bar and choose the download option to find your saved files.

Given that KeepVid is compatible with many web browsers including Google Chrome, Firefox, IE, Opera Mini and so on.

The ways to find your downloaded files are probably a little bit different after you download videos off YouTube.

  1. Youtube-video-downloader ( A Facebook Video Downloader, One of the Best Youtube Video Downloader Online)
YouTube Video downloader
YouTube Video downloader – Homepage

This is one of the best Free YouTube Video downloaders.

Not only does it download videos, but you can also convert YouTube videos into MP3 just like KeepVid.

YouTube-Video-Downloader has a simple process to Download YouTube videos.

For downloading Youtube videos at first you will need the link of the video which you want to download.

YouTube Video Downloader
YouTube Video Download Options

Through your browser go to this site Youtube-video-downloader then find an input box.

Paste the link you have copied in the last step there.

Then simply click on Get Download Links.

A list of download links for all formats will appear. Choose which you want and the downloading process will start. In this way, you can directly download YouTube videos for free.

YouTube Video downloader.
List of download links for all formats.

Special Features of YouTube-Video-downloader

• Support downloading with all formats (Mp3 and Mp4)

• Unlimited downloads and always free

• High-speed video converter

• No sign up required

  1. Y2mate ( An addoncrop youtube video downloader )
YouTube Video Downloader-y2mate
Y2mate Homepage

Downloading High-Quality Videos using Y2mate YouTube Video Downloader is very easy and simple to use.

Yes, you can save high-quality videos with Y2mate downloader.

For that make sure that the video which you want to download is uploaded in the best quality.

But you have to note that YouTube video downloader online can only download a video in the quality which is already uploaded.

If the video was uploaded in low quality then it will be downloaded up to low quality only.

Meanwhile, if it was in high quality then you have many options to download youtube video with Y2mate.

YouTube Video Downloader
Y2Mate Features

For example, if a video is uploaded in 1080pixel.

Then you have the options to download it in 144p, 240p, 360p, 720p and 1080p.

Based on your desired choices.

When you are downloading a big file like a movie, Then along with the media file subtitles will also be automatically downloaded.

Unfortunately, MP3 YouTube Downloader is not available on Y2Mate due to copyright infringement.

  1. Bitdownloader ( A Free Video Downloader and Facebook video downloader)
YouTube Video Downloader

With BitDownloader, you can easily download videos from YouTube (no-copyright required) and save them to your device (laptop) so that you can watch them later.
This comes in handy when you are traveling or you’re in a place with no internet connection.

Bitdownloader free video downloader supports a range of other websites as well, including Facebook, Instagram, and many more.

More importantly, it can be used on any operating system, be it macOS, Windows, Android, iOS, or Linux.

Special Features of BitDownloader

BitDownloader online YouTube video downloader offers a lot of features that make it one of the best YouTube downloader available online.

Cross-platform support:
You can use it on any operating system and any browser. Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS, or Android,

You can download videos from YouTube as long as you have access to a web browser on any device.

YouTube to MP4 Converter:
There’s a large demand for MP4 format and our tool helps you convert YouTube videos to MP4 quickly and easily. Download YouTube videos in MP4 with ease and without any hassle.

Instant download of YouTube videos with our YouTube Downloader.

Downloading your favorite YouTube videos to your PC, phone, tablet, or any other device couldn’t be any easier. In just a few steps, BitDownloader allows you to download YouTube videos in an instant without any additional software or user account.

Online Video Downloader

BitDownloader is a free website that doesn’t require any additional software or user registration. It is 100% secure, free and safe to use.

2 Best YouTube Video Downloader For Android.

  1. Tubemate – No 1 Free Youtube Movie Downloader For Android
Video Downloader
Tubemate Video Downloader

Looking for the best Youtube video downloader Apps you can have on your android phone, Tubemate video downloader is one of the best Apps you can rely on.

Apart from using Tubemate to download videos or full version movies on YouTube, you can also use it to download from other major video sharing platform such as Facebook, Instagram, Dailymotion, Youku,
Vimeo, MetaCafe, Naver TV, Twitter, Kakao TV and so on.

How to use Tubemate Video Downloader and How to install Tubemate.

Tubemate is very simple to use. It requires no Sign-up or registration just download and start downloading your desired videos from your desired website.

Click on Tubemate App on your phone

youtube video downloader online
Tubemate Homepage

Select the website you want to download video from.

youtube video downloader online
Select the website.
youtube video downloader online
List of Website Available on Tubemate

Search for the video you want to download

youtube video downloader online
Click or Search On Any Video

Click on the video and a RED ring will appear on your screen below the video you want to download

youtube video downloader online
Click on the Red Ring With White Arrow

Click on the Red Ring & Wait for Tubemate to Parse the Video

Video Parsing By Tubemate App

Then, you will be presented with the option to select your downloading quality.

youtube video downloader online
Different download options Even Audio MP3

Click on the quality you want and that’s all

  1. Videoder – Free Video Downloader For TikTok and others

Like Tubemate, Videoder is an impressive youtube video downloader for android. It is also simple to use and you can as well use it to download videos from across different video sharing websites like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, TikTok, Soundcloud, and several other websites.

How to use Videoder and How to install Videoder.

youtube video downloader online
Videoder Opening Page

Search or Select the website you want to download video from.

youtube video downloader online
Lot’s of Website Options To Download from
youtube video downloader online

Search for the video you want to download

youtube video downloader online
Search For The Video

Click on the video and select download to get your video.

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