April 14, 2024

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me

Are you looking for used gas carts for sale by owner? Here are the top 10 sites to get quality used gas golf carts in the United States or America.

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 1

If you are in any golf playing states in United States of America and you are looking to buy used gas golf cart that are for sale by the owner near you, we have them listed in this articles, read on to learn more and how you can purchase one.

However, are you aware that used gas golf carts for sale by the owner can save you more money, time, and effort? These used golf carts cost less than new ones. They are also much easier to find if you know where to look. Moreover, buying a used gas golf cart simplifies the process of owning a golf cart, especially if you don’t have much experience with cars yet.

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 2

Fortunately, there are over 600 listed used gas golf carts for sale by the owner near you. These used gas golf carts are easier to manage than traditional ones but still offer many of the same benefits.

This article will cover everything you need to know about buying used golf carts.

1. 2015 Club Car Precedent

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 3

Make: Club Car

Power Type: Gas

Condition: Used

Year: 2015

Model: Precedent

Seating Capacity: 4 passengers

Price: $9, 550

Dealer’s information:

Platinum Custom Golf Cars

Contact: 321-305-6254

2. 2021 Club Car V4

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 4

Make: Club Car

Power Type: Gas

Condition: Used

Seating Capacity: Not Specified

Location: Canton, GA 30114

Price: $8,950


  • Powerful 48V electric motor
  • Fully customizable and available in molded-in color or metallic finishes.
  • 2 Year Warranty for added peace of mind.
  • Reliable safety features like headlights, tail lights, brake lights, and horns.
  • Optimized console technology with optional USB charging console and simple battery display.

Dealer’s Information

Golf Cars of Canton

Contact: (678) 880-1156

3. 2020 E-Z-GO RXV GAS

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 5

Make: E-Z-GO

Condition: Used

Year: 2020

Power Type: Gas

Seating Capacity: Not specified

Location; Strasburg, OH 44680


Features May Include

  • Quiet ride with superior performance
  • Industry’s greenest engine with best-in-class fuel economy
  • Impact-resistant bumper
  • Contoured seats
  • Integrated cup, ball & tee holders


Hillandale Golf Cart Sales

CONTACT: (330) 417-7480

4. 2022 Club Car Onward

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 6

The Onward 6 Passenger vehicle is built for bringing family and friends together in the great outdoors. The vehicle is specifically engineered with your comfort and safety in mind.

Make: Club car

Power Type: Gas

Condition: Used

Seating Capacity: Not specified

Location: Canton, GA 30114

Price:  $13,853


Golf Cars of Canton

Canton, GA 30114

CONTACT: (678) 880-1156


  • The enhanced suspension system provides exceptional handling and performance when fully loaded
  • Crafted for comfort
  • The unique design is crafted not only for luxury but to stand out as the sleekest vehicle in the neighborhood
  • Standard LED headlights, turn signals, and running lamps light your drive, make you more visible to traffic, and help to keep the fun going after sundown.

5. 2016 E-Z-GO TXT

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 7

Make: E-Z-GO

Condition: Used

Year: 2016

Power Type: Gas

Seating Capacity: 2 passengers

Location: Strasburg, OH 44680

Price: $6,699


Willandale Golf Cart Sales, Strasburg, OH 44680

Contact: (330) 417-7480

6. 2018 Yamaha Drive

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 8

Make: Yamaha

Model: Drive

Power type: Gas

Condition: Used

Seating Capacity: 4 passengers

Location: Fosston, MN 56542

Price:  $8,295


Golf Cars Plus

CONTACT: 218-435-2278

7. 2022 E-Z-GO Valor

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 9

Make: E-Z-GO

Model: Valor

Power type: Gas

Condition: Used

Seating Capacity; Not specified

Location: St. Louis, MO 63144

Price: $9,899


Dean Team Golf Carts, St. Louis, MO


8. 2021 Club Car Tempo

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 10

Make: Club car

Model: Tempo

Power Type: Gas

Seating Capacity: 2 passenger

Location; White Pigeon, MI 49099

Price: $8,995


  • 14 HP Kohler Engine
  • LED head and tail lights
  • Blue OEM body
  • Black OEM top
  • Beige OEM tops


Full Ride Golf Carts

White Pigeon, MI 49099

CONTACT: 269-483-1333

9. 2022 BIGHORN 450 GVXL EFI

Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 11

YEAR: 2022

Manufacturer: BIGHORN

Model: 450 GVXL EFI

Serial Number: 1112

Condition: Used

Price: $9, 500

Location: Freeport, Illinois 61032

Description: 4×4 winch gas liquid-cooled independent suspension led lights to turn signals brake lights.


PHONE: (815) 687-7037

Whatsapp: +1 815-541-7345

Contact: Josh Dehaven

Machine Location: 7347 East Winnishiek Road Riddot, Illinois 61067.


Top 10 Used Gas Golf Carts For Sale By Owner Near Me 12

Year: 2018

Manufacturer: CUSHMAN

Model; HAULER 1200X

Serial Number: 3295410

Condition: Used

Description: 2018 Cushman 1200x Gas Utility Vehicle, Dump Bed, Kawasaki Engine, 2 Passenger Seating, 500 LB Bed Load Capacity, Ready To Go To Work Today!


Miller Equipment & Truck sales LLC

Concord, Arkansas 72523

PHONE: (870) 710-6031

Contact: Logan Miller

Factors To Consider When Buying A Used Golf Cart

In order to get the best deal on a used golf cart, it is important that you look at some of the things that make a used golf cart unique. This article will help you identify these factors and help you decide if the used golf cart is right for you.


When shopping for a golf cart, age is the most critical factor to consider. Some used-cart dealers recondition used golf carts and sell them as “new,” so you need to be able to establish the year of production. It may also be hard to locate parts for an older golf cart or someone who can service it.


You should look at the age of the batteries in the golf cart before buying one. A new set of batteries can cost you up to $1,200, and the most expensive component is the batteries.

Battery life depends on the combination of battery year, charging methods, water used, and regular maintenance, as well as other factors.

You should factor in how long you can use the current set of batteries and how soon you might need to replace them in your decision.


Take a general assessment of the tires and their condition. Is the tire brand uniform and does it have the same degree of wear? A bent frame, worn-out steering components, or serious alignment issues may be evident in uneven wear.

The combination of various tire brands, particularly if the cart has seen considerable use or has been rebuilt out of junk parts, may not necessarily be the case. However, keep this in mind as you continue looking at the pile of candidates.


Make sure the brakes are firm and stop the cart quickly without grinding or squealing. Brake shoe replacement is not usually a big deal unless service has been neglected to the point where the brake drum is gouged or otherwise damaged.

Excessive rust and corrosion around the brake backing plates behind the rear wheels may indicate possible neglected maintenance.


Steel frames are particularly vulnerable to corrosion and rust, particularly in battery compartments. Even lovely carts may disintegrate due to battery leakage and corrosion of the frame.

Club Car, for example, uses fully welded aluminum frames, which do not rust but are still susceptible to corrosion in the form of aluminum oxide (as opposed to iron oxide).

The white, fuzzy powder is produced when aluminum corrodes, which is similar to rust. Do not purchase a cart if you suspect it has a frame problem. You may wind up with a useless cart.


Before buying a cart, make sure to drive it first. A smooth, solid surface should result in a smooth, quiet ride.

If the wheel is bent or worse, the axle is bent, the cart will bob up and down at a constant rate of speed as it moves. A wobbling or lumpy motion is a sign of a problem.


The history of the golf cart is the most significant aspect, and it determines its lifespan and final cost to you. The parts have been subjected to extra wear and tear if the golf cart was not serviced or frequently maintained.

To get some idea of how the golf cart was used on the course and off, ask. Was it only on the course or did it have a lot of street mileage? The condition and lifespan of the golf cart may vary considerably.


Make sure to find out what kind of warranty is included with your golf cart purchase. An “as is” cart will not be warranteed and you will have to pay for replacing or fixing parts out of pocket.

Always ask what is covered under warranty; this way you will not be surprised later on, and make sure this is indicated on your invoice or bill of sale.

Buying a cart with a good warranty policy is a great way to ensure peace of mind.

In Conclusion

Buying a used golf cart is something that many people are interested in and consider making a relatively large investment.
Golf carts are extremely popular now and even more so than older generations of golfers got into the game.

So, it makes sense that there are a lot of people who have bought used golf carts and then decided to sell them.

This post is intended to help you find the best and most affordable used golf carts on the market so that you can make a great investment and get a great return on your money.
It is important to keep in mind a few factors that will help you find the best-used golf carts to buy.


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