15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun.

Golf carts are purely designed to make golfers’ life easier, thus in this article, you will be reading about the top 15 unique golf cart accessories that will help you play the game better. These unique golf cart accessories are all about convenience to move around the golf course or your community easily. They are typically a source of pride for golfers, who view them as an extension of their personal style and identity.

If you’re one of these proud golfers and have invested in a custom-look golf cart or have plans to do so, then you’ll want to know that the unique golf cart accessories listed in this article that will take your ride from ordinary to extraordinary and make the game more fun for you.

These accessories aren’t just for show; they can serve as practical additions that make your driving experience more enjoyable, safer, and more convenient. From lighting systems to speakers and everything in between, read on for our top 15 unique golf cart accessories suggestions for upgrading your golfing experience with creative accessories, along with some funny golf cart accessories.

Categories of Unique Golf Cart Accessories

Unique golf cart accessories comes with different categories and the following are some of the what we are going to review in this article of impressive unique golf cart accessories catalog; Golf Cart Customizable Stripes And Decals, Golf Cart Fender Flares, Golf Cart Light Kits, Golf Cart Bluetooth Speakers, Golf Cart Floor Mat, Golf Cart Roof Rack and the list below;

  • Golf Cart Lift Kit
  • Golf Cart Tires And Wheel
  • Golf Cart Side Mirror
  • Golf Cart Seat Covers
  • Golf Cart Steering Wheel
  • Golf Cart Waterproof Enclosure
  • Golf Cart Rearview Mirror
  • Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover
  • Golf Cart Rain Cover
  • Golf Cart Led Lights
15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 2

This article explores some of the best ideas for customizing your golf cart and making it something you look forward to riding whenever you have time to hit the green.

15. Golf Cart Lift Kit

A golf cart lift is a specifically engineered kit you install on your golf cart. A lift kit boosts your cart height and allows for easy stability of your golf cart.

This will ensure you have a smooth ride and drive your cart on a wide variety of different/rough terrains while still maintaining the stability for a necessary smooth ride.

There are several different kinds of lift kits available to boost your cart’s height and give your tall golf cart tires with a standard kit fitting.

i. RHOX Club Car Lift Kit

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 3

EASY INSTALLATION…Bullet proof suspension , the best and most heavy duty I’ve ever seen, Well Done RHOX!!!

Verified Buyer

The Extreme duty design of this RHOX Club Car Lift Kit is designed for your hardcore all-terrain activities and displays that off-road style you desire.

It is of high quality and at a great price, plus specially designed for extreme environments and all-terrain use. The best part? It is very easy to install.

So, if you are looking for a unique golf cart lift kit to purchase, you can consider this amongst other brands.

14. Golf Cart Tires And Wheels

Golf Tires and wheels are considered unique accessories to have. They help with the physical appearance of your cart as well as with the functionality of the cart.

Keeping your cart outside during the winter or rainy season can cause severe damage to the tires/wheels. Also, ensure you change tires and wheels whenever you notice leaks or worn threads.

ii. Golf Cart Tires Combo

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 4

GREAT DEAL…These things made my old golf cart look like new! One of the best style rims you can buy!!!

Verified Buyer

These wheels and tire kits stand in at 18.0″ tall, (the same size as the stock wheel and tire combo), and do not require a lift kit.

Same height as your stock golf cart tires, so you will not experience any rubbing with this wheel set on a stock golf cart suspension.

If you are looking to upgrade your cart these wheels are an amazing way to.

13. Golf Cart Seat and Golf Cart Seat Covers

One of the most unique and popular golf cart accessories sold in the market is the Golf cart seats. New seat technology combined with functionality allows seats to last longer than the previous model in the recent golf carts.

iii. RED DOT Blade Rear Seat

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 5

High quality and perfect fit!

Verified Buyer

Add new life to your golf cart cushions with a set of ‘Blade’ seat covers by Red Dot. All you have to do is simply remove the old seat cover from your factory cushion and staple a new set on.

It comes with unique styling and colors.

It fits:

  • Club Car Precedent
  • Club Car DS
  • EZGO golf cart accessories
  • Yamaha Drive/Drive2 / Yamaha golf cart accessories
  • Rear Seats

Golf Cart Seat Cover

After installing your golf cart seat, it is very important and a good idea to protect using a golf cart seat cover. Ensure that you have seat covers that can fit the seats properly and protect them from harsh weathers. Seat covers that are of a very large size can blow away in a windy situation and a very much smaller one might not even fit.

iv. 10L0L Golf Cart Seat Covers

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 6

Was very happy with the quality and ease of installation.

Verified Buyer

10L0L full set of golf cart seat covers features a stylish two-tone design, modeling fluent graceful, making it easy to add a splash of color to your golf cart and make it looks luxurious. And the full wrapping edge design can protect your golf cart seat better.

The cover is one of the most unique golf accessories and a very good investment for your extreme golf cart accessories. It is very easy to install, it can effectively prevent dirt, wear, scratches, and indentations, the best choice for you.

v. NOKINS Golf Cart RS Type Diamond Seat Cover Kit

nokins golf cart seat amazon
NOKINS Golf Cart Seat Cover
15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 7

Awesome material looks great Easy install.

Verified Buyer

NOKINS golf cart seat covers are made of high-quality vinyl that resists UV exposure to ensure your golf cart seat won’t fade or crack in bad weather. It can protect your original seat from wear and update the damaged seat appearance, making your golf cart look like a new one! The golf cart seat covers are pre-formed, no need to remove the old vinyl seat cover, easy to install, no stapler needed, just put the new vinyl seat cover over the existing one on some seat cushions.

golf cart seat

12. Golf Cart Steering Wheel

A golf cart steering wheel is another category of unique golf accessories you can add to your golf cart and it is one of the best things you can do to ease the driving experience especially if it’s customized.
Customizable steering wheels can actually fit the size and shape of any driver, this will enable you to have full control of your driving and put you in the position to make the necessary turns on the golf course.

MOSNAI Golf Cart Steering Wheel

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 8

Needed a steering wheel to replace the old crappy & cracked one on my golf cart. This new steering looks great and was easy to install

Verified Buyer

This MOSNAI steering wheel is a one of the most beautiful and unique golf cart accessories you can come about in the market today. The quality is impressive and It comes with a cool racing style with a black brushed surface aluminum spoke. The steering design provides a nice touch and feels great in your hands. Plus, it is easy to install on EZGO, Club Car, and yamaha golf cart accessories with a custom steering wheel Adapter.

Hence, if you are looking for a better option for a unique golf cart steering wheel, you should consider this.

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 9

11. Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

Asides from getting a golf cart steering wheel, the golf cart steering wheel cover is another unique golf cart accessories to buy. Temperatures can get overly hot during summer, and having a steering wheel cover can protect your wheels and hands as cool as you drive.

CartSkinz Anti-Microbial Golf Cart Steering Wheel Cover

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 10

FITS WELL…Keeps hands warm while on cold steering wheel

Verified Buyer

The CartSkinz Steering Wheel Cover is a beautiful cover. It fits perfectly on the golf cart and can be washed which is a great plus. CartSkinz is perfect for any golfer that rides a golf cart when they play, whether it be their own cart or a rental cart, it Fits wheel sizes from 13”-16”, including all golf carts, cars, boats, and ATVs.

The cover is very easy to install and remove.

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 11
Bling Golf cart Steering wheel cover

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10. Golf Cart Rearview Mirror

Most standard gold carts do not usually come equipped with mirrors, so, if you are in the market for a mirror accessory for your golf carts, ensure to buy the one with the LED signal lights on the sides. It makes driving on the course much easier and safer and prevents collisions with individual drivers that might not be paying attention.

10L0L Golf cart Side Mirrors

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 12

GREAT MIRRORS…Easy enough to install. Seem stable even when driving over rough terrain.

Verified Buyer

The 10L0L Golf cart Side Mirrors is another unique golf cart accessory, the whole set of mirrors is made of impact black PP plastic housing, shatterproof glass, and durable ABS clamps.

It is anti-friction and corrosion-resistant, suitable for all kinds of weather conditions. Also, a fully adjustable golf cart side mirror set is easy to adjust front & back for the desired visual angle.

This large golf cart side mirror set is made for most brand golf carts including Club Car, EZ-GO, Yamaha golf carts, etc. A must-have for everyone driving their golf cart on the road.

9. Golf Cart LED Lights

Having a golf cart LED light kit is an also extremely popular and unique golf cart accessories as a result of its versatility. Having a LED or Halogen light bulb does an amazing job of allowing the rider to have a greater view while driving at dusk or in low light conditions.

As club car golf cart accessories, golf cart LED light has some amazing effects like High/low beam functionality with automotive-style daytime running lights; Turn signal stalk includes switch for hi/low beam, and Daytime Running Lights added to any club car that makes the owner proud whenever it enters the fairway.

NOKINS LED Deluxe Light Kits

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 13
NOKINS golf cart led lights

This Nokins 20A 36-72V to 12V ACC LED light with key switch control converter/bucker can perfectly be used for both Gas Golf carts and Electric glf carts. However, when the inginition is in the OFF position, the ACC Voltage converter does not work; when the key switch is in the ON position, the ACC Voltage converter works.
The Nokins golf cart led lights kits includes LED headlights and scan turn tail lights, automotive-style turn signal stalk, aluminum alloy quick charge 3.0 dual USB charger socket, ACC DC converter, time delay relay tension spring brake light switch, copper wire snail horn, front harness, bucket wiring harness, installation Hardware, hole saws and colored installation instructions, Headlamp bezels in solid black and water-transfer carbon fiber styles.
Installation of this bright LED headlight is easy if you carefully follow the manual and its important for you to have it installed on your golf cart in other to make traveling at night safer and reduce visual fatigue during driving.

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 14

NOKINS is one of the best golf cart accessories website and this product is one of their reputable and popular golf cart accessories. The high-brightness LED headlight kit by NOKINS is a complete and easy-to-install product.

10L0L Golf Cart LED Headlights and Tail Light Kits

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 15

GREAT LIGHT…Excellent quality, great to upgrade a golf cart!

Verified Buyer

10L0L Golf Cart LED Headlight and Tail Light provide you Great View at Night and Safe. You can drive your golf cart after dark, and be safe! These LED lights are stylish and perfect.

The headlight lampshade is made of high transparent and high-strength glass and has strong light transmission: Headlights and tail lights are bright LED and long service life.

Comes with detailed instructions and is very easy to install on your cart.

8. Golf Cart Rearview Mirror

The center camisole comes standard in every golf cart, but having a rearview mirror like every normal four-wheel vehicle can give a very easy transition from driving a car to driving a golf cart.

The best part about having a golf cart rearview mirror is that it gives drivers a greater view when putting their carts into a reverse

HKOO Golf Cart Rear View Mirror

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 16

WORKS WELL…Easy install, good clear wide view.

Verified Buyer

HKOO’s Newest super-wide rear view mirror is designed for your wider broad vision to conquer all your roads safely with a 16.5″ wide convex mirror.

That makes you easily notice backside cars or objects just by a simple glance.

The real glass lens offers you ultra-clear vision, helping to reduce blind spots to keep your driving safe.

It is very quick and easy to install with the provided bracket plate (heavy gauge steel) and two self-tapping screws.

7. Golf Cart Roof Rack

A golf cart roof rack can be a good tool to have for transporting some objects that are too big to fit into the front seat of your golf cart.

It is an excellent place where you can have even more additional storage.

MaxxHaul Roof Rack

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 17

EASY INSTALL…Product worked and assembled as expected

Verified Buyer

 The MaxxHaul Roof Rack is constructed from durable rugged steel with a powder coat finish. Installs on most factories and aftermarket crossbars and includes a rubber gasket to prevent internal rusting.

Its U-bolts include rubber caps to protect the cargo that is being transported. Easy to assemble and quick to install.

6. Golf Cart Fender Flares

Fender Flares are an incredibly popular addition (especially for lifted golf carts with offset wheels and bigger/wider tires).

They serve to keep junk like mud, rocks, and rainwater out of your golf cart. Fender flares are quite popular on ATVs and rally-racing vehicles because they help prevent mud from getting onto the driver.

The same principle applies to golf carts. And fender flares are relatively inexpensive too

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Fender Flares 

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 18

Club Car Precedent Golf Cart Fender Flares are one of the easiest add-ons to increase the aggressive look of your Club Car Precedent cart while protecting passengers from debris, mud, and rocks kicking up.

This full set of front and rear fender flares is a quick install and is especially popular with all-terrain and off-road tire and wheel combos.

  • Fits 2004-Up Club Car Precedent Golf Carts
  • Includes 2 x front fender flares and 2 x rear fender flares
  • All hardware included for easy install
  • 3.5″ wide for extra protection
  • Highly durable injection-molded UV-resistant plastic.

5. Golf Cart Bluetooth Speaker

Having a Bluetooth speaker is definitely a cool and unique golf accessory. A Bluetooth sound bar for your golf cart is simple to install and can provide the amazing sound as well.

If you primarily listen to music on your phone, the Bluetooth sound bar is a must for taking those tunes along on your ride.

Ampcaddy Golf Bluetooth Speaker and Mount

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 19

AWESOME PRODUCT…Sounds great, mount is solid on a golf cart, my push cart or anything else you can mount it to. 

Verified Buyer

This Bluetooth speaker is very unique golf cart accessory and it is everything you need to be out on the course.

It has a portable and easy-to-use mount that secures most golf cart frames, or any secure shaft with a diameter between a half-inch to two inches wide.

The speaker was designed for outdoor trajectory and will provide great bass with battery life to last you up to two rounds of golf.

Reasons to buy the Ampcaddy Golf Bluetooth Speaker And Mount:

  • Comes With a Loud Crystal Clear Sound with Huge Bass
  • 40 Watts with Bass Boost 2″ Resonator. 
  • Can Securely Mount to any Golf Cart or Push Cart.
  • 12-Hour Battery Life 
  • Connects To Any Bluetooth Device 
  • Waterproof

4. Golf Cart Floor Mat

Adding a floor mat is probably one of the most unique ways to accessorize your golf carts. Floor mats are made to add function and style to your golf cart with a huge variety of colors and styles.

They are with no doubt one of the most underappreciated golf cart accessories.

Matericuo Full Coverage Custom Fit Floor Mat

unique golf cart accessories

GREAT CART FLOOR MAT…Fit Great. Easy to install. Instructions made sense after I watched a video I found on YouTube. Very quick and easy install!

Verified Buyer

The floor mat has a deep hexagon design that keeps all Items Inside the Mat clean and dry, and also environmentally friendly.

It is a Custom Made Fit and can fit into your golf cart Like a Glove. It is made with Soft Rubber which makes it easy to remove and clean, Just use a water gun and you can rinse off all stains easily.

Plus, it is very easy to install.

3. Golf Cart Customizable Stripes And Decals

Add golf cart decals of your favorite sports team or try simple pinstripes and flames for a custom golf cart look.

They are an easy and inexpensive way to customize your golf cart body. Stripes and decals can add a little bit of flair to your golf cart.

StickerChef Tribal Flames Decals Stickers

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 20

WORKED WELL…These were easy to apply and really add some pizzazz to our older cart

Verified Buyer

This golf cart decal set features easy-to-install high gloss vinyl and is the perfect go-cart decal to make your golf cart original.

It will look great on your golf cart or go-cart running around the golf course or racing track. It is best for smooth flat surfaces. Comes with a semi-clear transfer tape for easy installation

2. Golf Cart Waterproof Enclosure

A waterproof enclosure is one of the most important/unique golf accessories to have if you are the type that likes to enjoy your golf cart in any kind of weather.

Whatever the inclement weather conditions may be, you will still have access to your golf cart because it is covered from headlight to rear taillight.

High-quality golf cart covers and enclosures are typically made of strong vinyl material.

Classic Accessories Fairway Golf Cart Deluxe Enclosure

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 21

GREAT GOLF CART COVER…This cover is easy to put on and easy to take off I would highly recommend this cover

Verified Buyer

The Fairway collection by Classic Accessories is built around providing quality golf enclosures, covers, and accessories – allowing you to focus on the game and not the forecast.

It fits over the roof and secures with hooks on the bottom of most Yamaha, Club Car, and E-Z-Go four-person golf carts.

Comes with a Super-clear window material with heavy-duty polyester walls, reflective piping, and padded handle storage duffle bag included.

The Deluxe Golf Car Enclosure by Classic Accessories provides sizes to fit two, four, or six-person golf carts.

1. Golf Cart Rain Cover

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 22

Golf carts are great for transporting people around town or even on vacation. But in other for the passengers not to get wet during rain or the golf cart itself get drenched you’ll it’s always advisable to get golf cart rain covers. These golf cart covers are made from durable material so you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged when you’re out and about. With these golf cart rain covers, you won’t have to worry about ruining your ride because they protect your vehicle from the rainy weather itself.

Golf cart rain covers also come in different colors, and designs so you can choose one that matches your style. So whether you’re going on a road trip or just taking a stroll through the park, make sure you keep your golf cart covered with these rain covers.

You may shop for the best golf cart rain covers here.


Golf Cart Trailer Hitch

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 23

The golf cart trailer hitch was made to be installed on the backseat footrest of most golf cart rear flip seats and allows you to increase the functionality of your golf cart. Most trailer hitches are made of strong iron steel to withstand the weight of trailers that get pulled by golf carts.
Top golf cart trailer hitch that can be found in the market today are among the most unique golf cart accessories that club car owners do love to have.

15 Unique Golf Cart Accessories That Are Easy To Install and Make the Game More Fun. 24
Golf Cart Trailer Hitch

Frequently Asked Questions

What Should I Put On My Golf Cart?

There are several unique golf cart accessories options to choose from in other to make your golf cart standout with golf cart accessories available in the market. You should consider putting club car parts that are built for comfort level, security, safety, opt for an AC unit, Windshield, waterproof, or heater, you must also consider adding LED light kits and mirrors. If you just want to add some visual appeal, decals and light kits make a huge difference.

What should I put on my golf cart?

The top essential and unique golf cart accessories to put on your cart:

  • Golf Cart Lift Kit
  • Golf Cart Tires And Wheels
  • Golf Cart Seat
  • Golf Cart Side Mirror

Can you put a roof rack on a golf cart?

Yes, you can. Innovative design provides roof rack storage capability to all major cart makes and models.

Which brand of Golf cart is the fastest?

The fastest brand of golf cart is the Plum Quick Golf Cart Racing. The company currently holds two Guinness World Records and numerous other awards. One of these records is the world record for fastest golf cart. Traveling at 118.76 mph this cart can outrun most car.

In Conclusion

These 15 unique golf cart accessories reviewed above are an easy way to spice up your own golf cart with your style and personality.

There are numerous options to choose from, but we focused on the important ones. Our list of the 15 top unique golf accessories is designed to help you optimize your vehicle’s performance.