May 19, 2022
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Spikeless Golf Shoes Review: Pro and Cons | Puma | Ecco | FootJoy |Waterproof Spikeless Shoes.

ecco spikeless golf shoes

How Spikeless Golf shoes was introduce to golfers: The History

The innovation of spiked golf shoes started when Scottish golfers began to hammer nails into leather boots in other to gain traction and stability when making their respectful swings on the damped, slippery (muddy) golf courses back in the mid-nineteen century.

Spikeless Golf shoes review
Evolution of Spikeless Golf shoes

Though it made sense in theory but practically, the shoes became harmful to players as the nails would sometimes track backward into the sole of the shoe to injure golfers.

Gradually towards the end of the same century, 1891 to be précised, metal spiked screws that will perfectly be fixed into golfers’ shoes were introduced into the game (not replaceable spikes).

This innovation was a significant improvement, as it improved traction but, the whole idea of screwed spiked golf shoes did not fare too well on the greens. Aside from tearing up the greens, some golfers ended up turning their metal spikes into weapons to constitute a nuisance to wooden floors.

Naturally, this didn’t sit well with golf clubs around the world, as many banned screws metal spiked golf shoes from club grounds completely. Eventually in the ’90s soft plastic spikes arrived to address these common concerns. Along with causing little or no damage, plastic spike shoes offered more cushion and comfort than their metal counterparts.

classic spiked golf shoes
classic spiked golf shoes

Metal spikes quickly went into extinction after this introduction.

However, as time goes on athletic footwear making companies like Nike, Adidas, and Puma introduced Spikeless shoes. They were so versatile that they could be worn both on and off the course.

Initially, some pros and power-swinging amateurs were in-doubt on how could a spikeless golf shoe give them the needed tractions.

Spikeless shoes were originally thought of as nothing but over-hyped sneakers. But all that has changed now as many top professionals are wearing spikeless shoes for tourneys around the world.

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How Spikeless Golf Shoes Trend Began.

Frederick Steven Couples a.k.a Boom Boom, appeared at the 1st tee of the 2010 Masters wearing a pair of spikeless golf shoes made by footwear manufacturing giant called Ecco. The smooth swinging Masters champion had more motivation than most because the Spikeless shoes reduced the stress on his famously temperamental back.

Spikeless Golf Shoes Review: Pro and Cons | Puma | Ecco | FootJoy |Waterproof Spikeless Shoes. 1
Fred Couples at 2010 Masters Wearing A Pair of Ecco Spikeless Shoes

Many thought he was wearing a grass lawn tennis shoes due to the fact his spikeless shoes was created with dimpled rubber outsole for revolutionary traction.

Since then, spikeless golf shoes have become a mainstay in modern-day golf with advanced technology dramatically changing the scope of spikeless shoes performance.

Spikeless Golf Shos
Closer look at the Outsole of Couples Spikeless

From strengthening shoes for lasting stability to providing sophisticated traction patterns that elevate golfers over all major hindrances faced on the greens.

Spikeless Golf Shoes Pros and Cons: The Good & The Ugly Side.

As spikeless golf shoes have drastically improved, so also has spiked golf shoes evolved in tech.

The flexibility of spikeless shoes is one of the pros (advantages ) while many golfers have chosen to wear Spikeless instead of Spiked.

This ability alone has won the hearts of many golf players, who had seen how great it feels to wear them almost anywhere you go; be it in the car, casual party, or even on the plane.

Players once faced a stark choice between spikeless for comfort and spiked for performance but now both pro-golfers and recreational golfers have recognized that Spikeless golf shoes can give both at the same time.

The Pros of Spikeless Golf Shoes are:

  • Spikeless golf shoes are lighter weighted than Spiked shoes.
  • Spikeless golf shoes have more cushion effects for comfort than cleated golf shoes.
  • Most of the Spikeless golf shoes come as waterproofed.
  • Aside from Classic designed, Spikeless golf shoes are more athletic designed, styled, and support.

Despite all these pros (advantages) of Spikeless shoes, it advisable for you to, first of all, consider your playing terrain, climatic conditions, swinging styles, and personal stability before making a decision on whether to wear Spiked golf shoes or spikeless.

Spikeless golf shoes by FootJoy.

FootJoy is one of today’s leading Spikeless golf shoes brands. Established in 1857 but was later acquired by an American company known as Acushnet Holdings Company in 1985.

Spikeless Golf Shoes FootJoy
Example of Spikeless Golf Shoes FootJoy

FootJoy is currently and unarguably the number one seller of golf shoes and gloves in the United States.

One of the best spikeless golf shoes FootJoy ever produced to date is the Pro|SL carbon series which is extremely waterproof, comfortable and provides stability in a golfers swing.

Are Ecco Spikeless Golf Shoes Good?

Ecco Sko A/S is a global leader in the shoe manufacturing industry. Founded over half a century ago.

Their spiked and Spikeless golf shoes have proven to worth every penny spent on them by millions of patronizing golfers around the world.

ecco spikeless golf shoes

Fred Couples (an American PGA master champion) was among the first users of Ecco spikeless golf shoes in 2010. One of the best parts of Ecco Spikeless Golf Shoe is that there is no break-in process. You can literally buy these shoes, throw them on and feel as though you’ve been walking in them for years.

Can you wear Puma spikeless golf shoes anywhere?

The simple answer to this question is “YES” you can wear your spikeless golf shoes anywhere but you need to consider the terrain and the occasion before wearing your golf shoes out of the occasion.

Consider the following Puma golf shoes on Amazon:

Spikeless Golf shoes review


Golf shoes has come a long way with different technologies and innovative approach. Golf shoes are now more fashionable than it used to be. This article had touched the relevant areas in the topic of spikeless golf shoes reviews for both men and women.

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