July 3, 2022
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15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 1

The game of golf has changed drastically over the last few decades, from the equipment to how golf courses are designed, it’s different than ever before. An amazing improvement to the technology aspect of the game of golf is innovations from golf watches with GPS.

Golf is a game that requires precision and accuracy, so it’s important to have the best tools for your game.

Good golf watches with GPS will help you keep track of every shot. Golf watches are equipped with sensors, which provide accurate distances to the green or hole from where you stand on each tee box.

One consistent element that has remained is the act of measuring your shots by counting the number of strokes it takes you to reach a hole on an individual course. That can be tricky if you’re not aware of where each stroke begins and ends, which is why having a watch with GPS functionality like one of the best golf watches with GPS will help make your golfing easier for you.

If you’re looking for the best golf watch with GPS, there are plenty of options out there. The key is finding the right one that works for your needs and budget.

Golfers are constantly looking for ways to improve their game, and the best timepiece on the market is there to help them do just that. The right golf watch can be the difference between a bad round and an amazing one.

Golfers who want to add a touch of fashion and class to the course should consider wearing watches. There is no one-size-fits-all watch for this diverse group, as some people prefer large faces while others like more subtle time-telling abilities in smaller models; however in this article, you can find stylish choices that will work best with your personality on both during the game and off-golf course!

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Best Golf Watches with GPS Review

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 2

We all know that golf is a game of precision, being able to measure each shot and keep an accurate score can be the difference between winning or losing. That’s why it’s important to have the best golf watch with GPS on your wrist, so you can measure how far your ball traveled from tee to green.

Here, we will review the 15 golf watches with GPS for you, some of which even offer more than just distance measurements.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide what features are most important to you in a golf watch – whether that be distance measurement capability, touch screen display, GPS capabilities, or something else entirely. Then read through our reviews below and find the perfect one for you!

Best Garmin Golf Watches with GPS

Garmin has been producing GPS and navigational products for over 30 years, so it’s no surprise they’ve developed watches that can help golfers improve their game.
The Garmin series of GPS golf watches most oftentimes feature a sleek design with touchscreen controls, accurate distances to greens and hazards, shot tracking through an 18-hole course, and automatic hole advance.

Garmin golf watches are a popular choice for golfers in the US. This is due to how easy they are to use, and their accuracy. They provide distance, yardage to hazards, scorekeeping, and more. Even if you’re not into the latest in wearable tech but still want some help on the course, these might be worth looking into!

1. Garmin Approach S62 – Overall Best Golf Watch with GPS

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 3

Never have to fumble around for this product its always on your wrist!! Very easy to read even in bright sunlight!! Very accurate, easy to use from hole diagrams to scorecard recording! Paired with the Garmin app it stores all your stats in a very organized and systematic order!! Various watch faces and a virtual caddie!

Love this watch!!

Verified Buyer

The Garmin Approach S62 doesn’t just have a larger screen than previous models, it also offers more information and is made with a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel. This makes for an excellent playing experience that won’t get dirty or break after regular use in the course of your game.

It features an easy-to-read 1″3 color touchscreen display that ensures accuracy at a range of up to 50 yards! The screen also has a scratch-resistant ceramic bezel and interchangeable QuickFit bands so you can find your perfect fit no matter what clubs are in use or where they’ll need their guide off the tee box during playtime.

Instructional features such as Virtual Caddie will suggest clubs based on the distance you typically hit them – taking wind speed and direction into account too so there’s no guessing about how best to adapt when conditions change during playtime.

Hazard View provides golfers with an instant read of hazards on their course. The feature accounts for uphill and downhill shots, giving players more information than they could ever imagine needing while playing or walking through any given hole. You can get up to 20 hours in GPS mode (or 14 days off watch) for its battery life.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 4

2. Garmin Approach S60 – Alternative to Overall Best

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 5

This sleek Garmin Approach S60 GPS golf watch is perfect for any player who wants to take their game seriously.
The large, sunlight-readable color touchscreen display makes it easy and quick to get your location using GPS so you can measure distances between different objects on full course maps with ease without having break out vital tools like a yardstick or ruler.

It’s got 40,000 pre-loaded courses and it can do quick fit bands too. The GPS shows precise yardages from greens to hazards or doglegs.
The Quick Fit 22 mm band means there are several styles available including one that fits just right without needing extra assistance from other people while still allowing quick style changes in seconds if necessary

With up 10 hours in Golf Mode and 10 days’ worth of lasting while strapped onto your wrist as well, we think this watch is here to stay.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 6

3. Garmin Approach S42

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 7

The Garmin Approach S42 GPS watch is perfect for golfers. Just like its predecessors, this smartwatch is equipped with the right features that make your golfing experience more exciting.

The green view feature allows manual pin positioning so that instead of just seeing yards from front/middle/back or hazards nearby. It is a durable GPS golf watch that comes with an easy-to-read color touchscreen display and interchangeable bands. This device can store more than 42,000 courses from around the world so you won’t be lacking when it comes time to plan your next round.

This 1.2-inch color display has interchangeable bands and can quickly switch between them, making it easy to see what brand you’re using at any time during your round.

The smartwatch offers notifications when paired with a compatible smartphone, as well as estimated activity-tracking features. It also includes sleep tracking technology and built-in sports profiles for runners or cyclists who want to monitor their workouts without relying on another device.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 8

4. Garmin Approach S12

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 9

The Watch GPS finds the course faster than any other watch I ever have had…screen is very clear in either black or white background. It’s 4 buttons operate just like the Approch s10. Simple to use. Nice round thin dial. The best GPS watch for someone who wants a clear visible dial and operational speed and simplicity!

Verified User

Garmin Approach S12 is a perfect watch for golf players or golf games lovers. With key yardages and information about hazards or doglegs on 42,000 preloaded courses worldwide, you’ll never be caught off guard while teeing off again. It not only tracks your rounds but also uploads them straight to the Garmin Golf app (when paired with a compatible smartphone) so that players can compete against one another in weekly leaderboards.

This beauty is also Approach CT10 golf Plus scorecard compatible with club tracking sensors (sold separately) that will keep track of your progress with each club. The battery life lasts up to 30 hours in GPS mode for those who like having all-important statistics at their fingertips on the course or even off it.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 10

5. Garmin Approach S10

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 11

The S10 golf Watch is the perfect choice if you want to stay focused on your game and course. The watch is lightweight, sleek, and comfortable. It provides yardages to the front edge of the green as well middle with hazards or doglegs on more than 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide

The world-class technology behind this watch can provide accurate yardage at any time for both amateurs or professionals alike with free lifetime updates that will be updated as often as necessary so there’s no need to worry about finding new greens when playing abroad

Keep score of your round, total distance played, and time on the watch. Upload to Garmin Express for a summary of rounds or charge it up when you get home from clubbing so that all data is saved in both GPS golf mode as well as standard paper-based scoring formats.
In GPS golf mode its rechargeable battery lasts 12 hours so you don’t have to worry bout power down while on the course.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 12

Top Bushnell Golf GPS Watch

Golfing can be an expensive hobby, but Bushnell Golf has found ways to make playing more affordable than ever before – all without sacrificing quality or performance.

Bushnell GPS golf watches are the latest in wearable technology for golfers. These innovative devices allow you to track your game like never before, with features such as course mapping, distances measured on the fly, and shot tracking. Bushnell is known for making some of the most trusted sports optics on the market today; now they’re bringing that same expertise to their new line of GPS watches.

Bushnell also offers a wide variety of other models, including regular wristwatches and fitness bands for those who prefer not to wear their watch on their arm when they play.
If you’re looking for a way to take your golf game up a notch, it’s time to give these high-tech gadgets serious consideration!

6. Bushnell ION Edge (Black)

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 13

The Bushnell ION EDGE (2021 Model) Golf GPS Watch is the perfect accessory for any avid golfer. This new revolutionary watch features a variety of golfing enhancements such as GreenView with moveable pin placement, Dynamic Green Mapping and shot distance calculator that will help you get a better score on your next round.

The ION EDGE is designed with 15+ hours worth of battery life (which is 3 hours more than that of the Bushnell iON2 golf watch) to make sure you can play more rounds before worrying about recharging. With over 38,000 courses preloaded on this watch’s GPS system and advanced features like an illuminated face for nighttime golfing; every golfer will have the excitement they need in each game.

The next time something goes awry at teeing off-time don’t fret because it comes with an all-powerful ION EDGE 2021 Model – Play Better 5000mAh Portable Charger and USB charging cable so that your watch is powered on at all times.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 14

7. Bushnell Neo Ion 2

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 15

The all-new, stylish iON2 GPS watch is perfect for aspiring professional golfers who are always on the go. With its sleek design and comfortable feel while swinging your club, this watch will have you ready to take that shot every time.

The battery lasts up to 12 hours before needing recharge so there’s no need to worry about running low during runtime or missing an important tee time because of it being dead from the lack thereof – not anymore. Plus early access through the Bushnell Golf app makes sure everyone has everything they need at their fingertips when playing anywhere around the world

The watch material is plastic.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 16

SkyCaddie Golf Watches with GPS

SkyCaddie is a company that specializes in golf watches. It has been designing and building GPS-enabled devices for over 15 years, and its products are used by more than 2 million golfers worldwide to track and analyze their games.

SkyCaddie golf watches provide golfers with GPS and shot tracking technology. They can be used on any course in the world and features hole-by-hole distances, automatic post-round scoring, and stats for every round played. They also come with an integrated digital scorecard to track your scores against other players.

8. SkyCaddie LX5

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 17

The SkyCaddie LX5 is tagged Golf’s Simplest GPS Watch with the largest color touch screen at 1.39 inches—perfect for all your information needs on and off of course. The lightweight Amoled display allows you to see what’s going down no matter how bright or dim it gets.

You can zoom in and pan for extra detail and slide the cursor to hazards or layups. IntelliGreen feature provides the exact shape of the green with distances from front-back. Also, with its WiFi-enabled system, you can update your courses without having to connect the computer, just upload them into SkyGolf 360 Cloud and then access it from anywhere.

The new product has a battery life of up to 10 hours and it comes with 3 years prepaid membership access to 35,000 verified course maps

This sleek-looking timepiece is water-resistant too so you can take them anywhere in any weather.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 18

9. SkyCaddie LX5C

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 19

Made with Ceramic Bezel, the LX5C is a more sleek and stylish watch than the LX5 and it delivers on the course as well. The lightweight design makes it comfortable to wear, while still being light enough so you can take your game seriously. With over 35000 preloaded courses available at any given moment from around the world – there’s always something new waiting for those who dare explore!

The SkyCaddie LX5C is a high-tech device that will help you find all the information on your next golf round. With an AMOLED display and water resistance, it can handle whatever weather may come its way! The same “next-generation” technology found in award-winning GPS rangefinders of the SX Family has made this wearable, delivering great performance from professionals who play their best shots.

Now you can track shots with the Manual shot tracking feature. If your game has been feeling stagnant, this is one way to keep things interesting.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 20

Golf Buddy Golf GPS Watch

GolfBuddy is a leading innovator in the golf industry with an innovative goal to provide users with cutting-edge technology. They have stayed relevant in their field by providing world-class accuracy and features that are unmatched.

Starting from just one product line 14 years ago, the company has grown into many different categories including wearables for your wrist or pocket; handhelds so you can take them anywhere without sacrificing battery life (they last up to 7 days by the way), and voice assistance.

10. Golf Buddy Aim W11 Golf GPS Watch

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 21

The Golf Buddy 2021 New GPS Watch is the perfect choice for golfers who want to get in touch with their game.
With its quick-start feature, this watch will give you accurate distance information on every shot without having any other equipment! The automatic zoom-in/outsmart hole view makes lining up your next putt or approach so much easier because it does all of that work while giving an amazing bird’s eye perspective right there at the point-of platform level.

This waterproof, ultra-light “1.94oz” golf watch is the perfect accessory for any golfer who wants to keep track of their game without worrying about getting wet during rainstorms or even just after playing in lightly contaminated areas.

Its stylish tricorder has an easy touch screen with backlit buttons that let you see what time it is even when there’s no light around–and yes, it includes 3 colors straps so anyone can find one that suits them best.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 22

11. Golf Buddy Aim W10

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 23

The Aim W10 is a GPS watch with 2 wrist straps that lasts for 10 hours in golf mode and can be recharged via USB. The1.3″ full-color LCD display makes it easy to read, while data such as undulations on the greens show slope variations across different types of terrain – making this an essential tool if you’re looking to improve your game.

It also comes preloaded with 40,000 courses from around 170 countries including free wireless course updates straight out the box using Bluetooth technology when paired up against iOS or Android devices respectively.

With a heavy-rainproof (IP67 rating) design, the GPS golf watch is suitable to use in all weather conditions. Its digital scorecard helps you easily keep track of your scores throughout the round.

golf watches with GPS

12. TecTecTec ULT-G

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 24

The ULT-G Golf GPS watch is the perfect way to take your game up a notch. With features like Bluetooth connectivity, it’s never been easier for golfers of all abilities and skill levels to get access to any course updates on their smartphones. There are no unusual or cumbersome functions that will drain your mobile device quickly either.

This watch not only helps you measure distances to the front, back, and middle of your green but also automatically counts how many strokes it takes for each shot. You can look up information about over 3800 courses around the world on this handy app! Plus there’s an easy clock function so that time doesn’t slip away during those long rounds of golf.

The rugged ULT-G watch is a durable, water and dust-resistant design. The battery power will last you through 2.5 rounds before needing recharging. It has one year warranty, this gives you peace of mind that if this product doesn’t meet your needs then they’ll take it back for free. Also, no subscriptions are required either.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 25

13. CANMORE TW-353

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 26

The soft, durable rubber of this golf watch feels great and the makes it lightweight so it won’t throw off your stroke. It comes with free course data which is provided for over 38000 (and counting) golf courses around the world – all without subscription fees.

The GPS course finder switches hole automatically with easy-to1 access to a green distance for front/middle/back hazard as well as short distances with a scorecard on the digital clock so that you can track all about how well you’re playing in real-time – just like a pro would do!!

The monochrome display is a great choice for those who want to save on power or don’t need color rendering. It’s incredibly easy to read even in bright sunlight, and the contrast between white text against a black background makes every word pop.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 27


15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 28

Another one from the CANMORE brand, this GPS golf watch is made of soft and durable rubber so as to give you that lightweight feel that doesn’t throw off your stroke. It comes with 38,000 (and counting) preloaded courses, so you can rest assured that you’re covered.

The CANMORE TW-353 provides golfers with a means for improving their game without having to hit the course. It automatically displays the top 10 courses nearest you when in Golf Mode, meaning no setup beforehand is needed. The pedometer measures steps and calories burned while 50 days worth of battery life lasts in time mode too.

CANMORE golf watches are a great way to stay on top of your game without being distracting. With the ability to track all kinds of data, from distances clubs been struck off-course and how far shots fly – these watches will help you improve every time out!

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 29


15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 30

The new T8 is the most advanced, ultra-premium smart golf GPS watch that VOICE CADDIES has ever made.
The first thing you’ll notice about it is its qualities. This high-tech device does all of your basic swing analysis for free with accuracy down to one foot off the tee.

T8 offers a range of advanced and fun features. It comes equipped with an 8” color touchscreen, which provides yardages to the green front/center back as well as additional information such as Active Green (tom improve your accuracy), V-Algorithm (for calculating slope) that makes your game even more precise on those difficult shots.

You can also use smart analysis for slope calculations so it’s easy every time you sink one in there too. If visual cues aren’t enough then take advantage of putt view showing how elevation affects distances from pin placement.

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 31

What are Golf Watches?

In the age of smartphones and tablets, it’s hard to know what features a watch can offer that your phone doesn’t. We’re here to tell you: golf watches. With advanced technology like GPS and heart rate monitors, these devices are transforming the way we play this classic game.

Golf watches are a must-have accessory for any golfer. Golf watches measure the distance to the hole, slope of the green, and hazards all around you. They can also calculate your golf shot trajectory and speed as well as calculate how far you hit each club in your bag. All these features help make your game more efficient and enjoyable.

Do Golf GPS Watches Work?

Golf watches, or golf GPS devices, are tools that help you track your game and improve your score by providing live scoring data. They can provide the distance to the hole, hazards on the course if there are any, layup distances to specific holes along with pin site information for each hole. Some of these devices even have swing coaches built in so you can learn how to play better.

If you’re looking for an edge or if you like to keep track of your stats on the course, then yes, golf watches work! These watches also make great gifts for any golfer in your life. And with reasonable prices so you are not at risk to break the bank either! Newer models even have touch screens so all those buttons aren’t necessary anymore. Now that’s convenient!

These gadgets can be helpful for beginners who want an introduction to golf but don’t know where to start; they’re also great for intermediate players who need some tips on improving their game. Golf watches aren’t just limited to professional golfers – anyone will benefit from them!

So, whether you’re a beginner, intermediate or advanced player of golf, you need golf watches with GPS.

Can You Use a Smartwatch as a Golf GPS?

You’ve probably seen people on the golf course with a small device strapped to their wrist. You might have wondered what that is and why they’re wearing it. It’s called a smartwatch, and you can use it as a golf GPS.

The world of golf is changing. The way we play and the equipment we use have evolved to stay competitive in an ever-changing landscape, but one area that seems set for life: wristwatches with built-in GPS devices.

Smartwatches are becoming one of the best ways to stay connected while golfing. These “smart” watches provide so much functionality. They offer up plenty of great features on your wrist, including notifications and tracking apps that will help you play better without having other people judge how far away it looks like an easy putt.

If you’re an iPhone user then it would be wise to think about purchasing a smartwatch – the Apple watch could make do as your golf watch.
The software and apps available (and the ones that can be downloaded) on this type of device can really help improve all aspects of golf, from scorekeeping and tracking statistics through distance traveled while playing rounds or hazards encountered during those same outings.

You can also get notifications that will let you know when you have messages without interrupting your activity (which many people forget once engaged in something else)

If you’re an Android user then a regular smartwatch will also serve your needs. The GPS apps are compatible with both smartphones all you have to do is visit your iOS and Google Play Store to download the apps. So, whether you are a user of Samsung, Huawei, or any other favorite lifestyle brands, there’s something out there just right at every price point depending upon what kind of features each brand offers.

It’s important to know the features of a golf watch so you can make an informed decision.
And just because it has one feature, like beautiful displays and long battery life doesn’t mean that all other aspects will follow suit.

You want to make sure that you’re looking for a smartwatch that can serve as a GPS golf watch with all the features, not just something pretty. Are there lots of different options? What about battery life and durability- does it seem like this will last long enough on average rounds or am I going have recharge every few holes in my day?”
In order words: Just be mindful of what exactly your expectations are from someone else’s product.

Gps Golf Watch or a Rangefinder?

golf rangefinder

Ever feel like you’re playing in a game with invisible rules? It’s hard when your only way of knowing distance was by eye and experience. Or scrambling for yardage markers on the course? this was what playing golf in the long old days felt like – before rangefinders came on the scene. Since then, these wonderful devices transformed how we navigate golf courses; no more confusion over the front or middle green distances (unless there are multiple greens).

Rangefinders have been used for some time. They come in many shapes and sizes, but they all serve one mission: helping sharpshooters zero in on targets with pinpoint accuracy. The moment you push that button, laser beams are fired out in the direction of your aim at the speed of light. The reflection off these rays is then picked up by the detector, The time for the beams to come back is recorded and this allows you to calculate their distance using some high school physics equations. The result of these calculations is shown on-screen inside your rangefinder, making picking clubs an easy process.

The GPS golf watch is a great alternative to the rangefinder. These days, they can be worn in everyday life as many are even smartwatches now. The GPS watch can replace the need to carry around those heavy metal detectors and rangefinders that just weigh down on our arms all day long. These watches are much lighter so they’re perfect as an everyday accessory.

How Does GPS work?

A system of three interconnected satellites, called GPS (Global Positioning System), is used to determine your position in relation to them all. The triangulation process works by comparing where you are with respect not only from one satellite but also from two other points on a course and at once too.

This means no more calculations or conversions are needed when playing golf because now there won’t be any distances missing out – everything will have been calculated already. I hope you see the reason GPS golf watches are better alternatives?

What to look for in the Best GPS Golf Watches

15 Most Amazing Golf Watches With GPS From Top Brands. 32
GPS Golf Smartwatch From Garmin

The debate between whether to go for GPS golf watches or rangefinders is not an easy one to settle. There are many factors that you have to take into consideration when making your decision.

You could go with a GPS that is built into your watch or an external device such as the laser-based ones we see more often on courses nowadays and still keep up with accurate GPS tracking all while not having any wires attached; it’s your call.

But if you are vying towards the option of golf watches, then there are factors that you need to look out for in choosing the best:

ACCURATE DISTANCE INFORMATION: The first thing you need for your GPS watch is accurate distance information. You don’t want to get caught short when taking a shot because your GPS watch isn’t displaying accurate distance yardages. Make sure it can tell you how far away the front, back, and center of green are from where you stand on each hole.

Also, touch to the target allows you to quickly and easily calculate distances information, which means you can press a certain location on your screen and it will quickly calculate how far away that point is.

PRELOADED GOLF COURSES: Most watches today come pre-loaded with over 30,000 or 45K different course options from around the world so you can play on them right out of their box.

A new feature on some GPS golf watches is called auto-course recognition. This allows the watch to identify which course you’re playing, and it will show up automatically on your device’s map.

GREEN MAPPING: This is a great way to improve your game because it helps you see where the green is and how close or far away from that spot. It also shows what kind of shape each part has so when making shots, there’s less chance of missing.

MANUAL PIN LOCATION: The feature tagged Manual Pin Location is a cool feature that will help golfers not only get distances but also calculate where on the green they are playing.

WATERPROOF: A waterproof GPS golf watch is a must-have for any golfer. The best part about this? You have the option of not worrying about your Watch being destroyed by rain, accidental dips in the water, or excessive sweating during hot weather while on course.

SWING ANALYSIS in other to be able to track the details of your swing and learn to correct any problems with it over time.

DIGITAL SCORECARD: The digital scorecard on your golf watch allows you to track and store your scores for later review. The app will also let players analyze their performance over many rounds so that they can see what weaknesses are present in order to improve them.

BATTERY LIFE: The battery life on a golf watch is important, as you want it to last from tee-off till hole-in-one. Most watches offer 10 hours or more but make sure and check before buying one.

TOUCHSCREEN FEATURE: The touch screen is an amazing feature that offers much more convenience for navigating your GPS golf watch. It makes it so easy to click in and out of different pages, instead of using buttons.

The average person is going to have a hard time navigating around the many features golf watches can come with. You should decide on something that is easy to navigate, something basic, easy for beginners but still packs some high-tech features in there too.

And you see a GPS golf watch that comes with fitness tracking on it, that’s a big bonus. (source)

Is Apple Watch Good for Golfers?

The GPS technology is a game-changer for golfers because it means the player can no longer rely on their eyes or by guessing how far away they are from 150 yards marker. GPS has made distance judgment easy and quick with smartwatches which offer more precise distances than ever before.

The Apple Watch is a great tool for almost everyone today and can also be for golfers. Once you find the right app that works well for you and on iOS, it can be used to help you find your ball and keep score on the course and off it.

Still, nothing absolutely compares to having the right tools for your games. The Apple Watch is a functional but limited device when compared to its golfing counterparts. It can give basic yardages and little else -perfect if you only want your distances – equivalent in function to one of the lower-end watches on today’s market.

For most of the other basic features, you will need to refer back and forth between your iPhone and whichever app has been downloaded for golfing.

To use your apple watch on the golf course, you have to first sync your iPhone before starting any round at all. This is a bit of a hassle as you have to connect your watch with the app on your iPhone through Bluetooth and then the watch opens the app. The downside of this is you have to keep your iPhone by yourself at all times so as not to break off the Bluetooth connection.

And again, if what you need is detailed visuals on hazards locations and distances, course graphics, you’ll need to get these features only on your iPhone because the free version of Hole19 provides all of the details. Your Apple Watch is not a Garmin, it doesn’t have that capability.

With the Apple Watch, there are a lot of distractions. If you don’t have an app trying to sell an upgrade for free, then one will pop up and distract your attention with notifications every few minutes or so–and this is just in addition to all those fitness goals that need achieving. GPS golf watches have fewer features and they’re easier for beginners because everything happens right where you want it: at the home screen without having too many taps involved, unlike some smartwatches.

Golf watches have a huge advantage over the Apple Watch because it doesn’t require you to be constantly checking your phone. If during a round, players are continually referring back and forth between watches or looking at their phones while playing then we really have to question if there’s any point in having an advanced watch like that on the golf course at all?

The GPS golf watches provide a much more user-friendly experience on the course and give you all of your needs in one spot. It’s truly like having an actual caddie with you at every hole. (source)

Frequently Asked Questions

Do pro golfers wear watches?

Golf is not just a game to many people, but rather an art form that requires precision and careful consideration. The idea of playing without wearing watches would seem counterintuitive at first glance; however, professionals like Bubba Watson have proven this practice does in fact work for them by utilizing Richard Mille’s timepieces specifically designed with course conditions.

What is the best golf GPS watch 2021?

The best golf GPS watch in 2021 is currently the Garmin Approach S62. Asides from the few extra additions here and there, the unique feature of a virtual caddie which is absent in the Garmin Approach S60 and every other previous version of the S series but present in this watch has made it the most popular choice and of course, our recommendation as to the overall best golf GPS watch.

What should I look for in a golf watch?

Before putting your money on the next (or maybe the first) golf watch you want to buy, there are some basics to look out for and they include accuracy in distance measurement, preloaded golf courses, green mapping, manual pin location, your scorecard, swing analysis, touch screen and/or voice command, battery life, fitness tracking and waterproof. These are the basics, other features can also be included for the value of your money. (source)


There are many golf watches on the market, but not all of them have GPS capabilities. You need to know what you’re looking for in a watch and how it will work on your course before making any purchases. The main points we’ve covered today should help get you started on finding the right one for you!

A GPS golf watch is a type of smartwatch that also includes features for measuring distances. Golf watches or rangefinders can be used to measure the distance between your ball and the hole, but they cannot be used on any other surface than grass. They’re typically more expensive than some basic models because of their added functionality, so it’s best to do research before buying one. A golf watch is much easier to carry around than having to always drag a rangefinder (on your chest of course) with you on the golf course. We don’t want anything to tamper with your game.

Don’t forget things like battery life when shopping too, it is very important to keep that in mind.

Among other things, this post covers our top picks of the 15 best golf watches with GPS. We hope this article has been quite helpful and informative; If there’s anything else we can do to make sure that you have the best buying experience possible, feel free to reach out and let us know at any time.

Happy Shopping!

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