February 22, 2024

Garmin R10 Approach vs. SkyTrak Golf Comparison – What Golf Simulator Is Best For You?

Garmin R10 Approach vs. SkyTrak Golf Comparison - What Golf Simulator Is Best For You? 1

Garmin R10 vs skytrack golf.

In a world where different golf launch monitors and golf simulators have flooded the market. It is good as a golfer to have in-depth knowledge about what makes each of the popular golf simulators be valued the way they are and above all, how to pick which is superior between them even if the prices are not the same.

After testing and researching the functionalities of several golf simulators reviewed in our previous article, we are glad to share with you our test and research on two of the finest launch monitors that can also double as golf simulators; The Garmin R10 Approach and SKYTrak Golf Simulator.

We are also going to compare them against each other to know how they perform across different usage levels.


GARMIN r10 approach simulator

The Garmin Approach R10 is a portable golf launch monitor that when connected to the Garmin Golf App on a smartphone can provide different data metrics such as club head speed, ball speed, ball spin, and more, using the Doppler radar technology. The Garmin R10 allows you to play over 42,000 courses when the golf simulator is fully activated.


  • Tracks over 14 different data metrics,
  • 42,000 virtual golf courses,
  • Captures head data,
  • 10 hours of battery life,
  • Videos every swing,
  • E6 software compatibility,
  • Good For Indoor but Better Outdoor,
  • Recommended For Golfers With Left and Right Hands.


The SkyTrak launch monitor is a complete Practice, Play, and Entertainment golfing system designed for use at home or outdoors on the course. SkyTrak is powered by a revolutionary breakthrough in launch monitor radar technology that provides commercial accuracy and reliability in measuring ball flight data, especially side spin, but at an affordable price.

skytrak golf device

SkyTrak golf enables you to have your own practice range, hit-to-target greens, and fairways, play challenges, and enjoy your practice more than ever before while simulating your true shot shape. While entertaining, SkyTrak is a serious Game Improvement tool that reflects the golfer’s actual skill level, providing year-round practice and play without leaving home.

Skytrak uses Doppler (Radar) and more Photometric system technology to provide data for the user.


  • Accurate ball flight and data measurement,
  • World Class simulation software that can be easily interpreted,
  • Universal usage as SkyTrak is compatible with other stunning golf simulation software,
  • You can use it with PC, iOS, and Android devices,
  • Over 40,000 virtual golf courses to play on.

How Garmin R10 & SkyTrak Golf Simulator Technology Works.

There are major two types of golf simulator technologies;

  • The Doppler System,
  • Photometric Technology,

While a Doppler system uses data gotten from tracking how your golf ball flight and where it lands to calculate the data output you receive, a Photometric technology system takes precise measurements of what the ball is doing immediately after impact and sums it up to provide a data output for the player to read.

It’s a known fact that Photometric technology is more reliable to provide efficient and more accurate data when used indoors, while the Doppler system is more accurate Outdoors.

Comparative Analysis Between Garmin R10 and SkyTrak Golf.


Comparing the setting up of these two devices, we want to check which is easier to set up and how the setting up affects the accuracy of the data output.

Garmin R10 is both an indoor and an outdoor device. You’ll need to set the device at about 8 -10 feet away from behind the ball and you’ll need another 8-10 feet in front of the ball towards the hitting net, thus a minimum total of 16 feet wide and 10 feet high is required to set up Garmin R10 Approach to function effectively accurately. Of course, the 10 feet height is to have room for swinging your golf club.

Judging by these dimensions it’s safe to say the Garmin R10 approach cannot be recommended as the best golf simulator for small spaces.

On the other hand, if big space is an issue for you, the SkyTRAK golf simulator gives more space flexibility as it only requires a total space of 6 feet to work perfectly (3 feet behind the ball and 3 feet in front of the ball ).

So if space is really an issue with you and your setup, whether you’re putting it in your garage or house, the SkyTRAK golf is going to work for you perfectly as it can be used for small spaces and is majorly indoor efficient.


To set up Garmin R10 Approach and SkyTRAK Golf in your golf cave, they both require similar golf simulator accessories as listed below;


Garmin R10 Approach vs. SkyTrak Golf Comparison - What Golf Simulator Is Best For You? 2


golf simulator mat


Garmin R10 Approach vs. SkyTrak Golf Comparison - What Golf Simulator Is Best For You? 3


Garmin R10 Approach vs. SkyTrak Golf Comparison - What Golf Simulator Is Best For You? 4


golf ball mat for practise

Final Verdict:

1. Minimum of 16 feet of space is needed to set up Minimum of 6 feet of space needed
2. Average Set up time is 5 Minutes. Average Set up time is 15 Minutes
3. Better for Outdoor Simulation Better for Indoor Simulation


As earlier said in this article above, the type of technology that these two devices use is also different and that has a lot to do with data output and accuracy.

The Garmin R10 is a Doppler Radar that uses data obtained from tracking how your ball flies and where it lands to calculate the data output you receive. While SkyTRAK golf uses more Photometric system technology to provide data for the user by taking thousands of pictures per second to generate accurate data on what the ball did after being hit by the club.


1. Doppler Radar Technology Photometric System


The aspect of flexibility in this comparison means how well can you use each of both devices indoors and outdoors.

We strongly believe that Garment R10 has a little edge over SkyTRAK Golf when it comes to flexibility, we think the former is probably a little better suited to being more mobile and getting accurate data both Outdoors and Indoors. The SkyTRAK golf on the other hand is primarily an indoor setup unit while you can take it out on the course as well.


1. 50 – 50 balance Flexibility in both indoor and outdoor usage.70 – 30 balance flexibility in both Indoor and Outdoor usage.


golf simulation screen projection
Golf Simulation Screen Projection

Screen projection is an important aspect of golf simulation as it makes the whole golf practice very interesting, for this reason, many golfers enjoy projecting their golf simulation practice on a big screen.

While screen projection is possible on the Garmin R10, it’s not quite as easy as the SkyTRAK golf projection and we would also say it’s just not as great of an experience and it’s due to the fact that you’re really limited to a portrait or vertical view with the Garmin R10, whereas the SkyTRAK golf by default is a horizontal view, which is much better for screens projection.

Although on Garmin R10 you are going to be limited to your mobile device (phone or a tablet) you are going to be able to mirror your device to maybe an HDTV or possibly even a golf projector, if only you can hook up an Apple TV or Roku or some sort of device like that with the SkyTRAK, it’s much easier. In fact, you can hook this into your computer that can go right into a projection system and that’s how a lot of people use the SkyTRAK golf.

So comparing Garmin R10 vs SkyTrak golf in terms of screen projection ability; the latter has a massive edge.


1. Not easily projected on a screenVery Easy To Project On Screen


Another comparative analysis feature is the speed at which each device displays its captured data and information during a golf simulation process. The evolution of the internet had been a tremendous advantage to the rate at which golf simulators capture and delivered acquired data compared to the dial-up days.

However, when we talk of data display speed, Garmin R10 absolutely wins out because you’ll get that data within a second or almost simultaneously as you hit the shot.

Whereas you might have to wait a couple of seconds in order to get the shot data from SkyTRAK golf. Sometimes, 2-3 seconds of data display time.

In summary, Garmin R10 Approach has a faster data display speed (less than < 1 second) compared to SkyTRAK golf 2-3seconds.


Now, let’s take a deeper dive into exactly what parameters these two devices measure because that’s different too.

SkyTRAK golf directly measures the following parameters;

  • Ball speed,
  • Launch angle,
  • Backspin side,
  • Spin,
  • Side Angle.

SkyTRAK golf uses the calculation to come up with data pointers like; Carry distance, total distance club head speed, and then use it to build a 3D flight path.

From these calculations, you will see your Peak height and all that other data in order to give it a shot shape.

However, there are some data that SkyTRAK doesn’t capture;

  • Club path,
  • Face angle face to the path,
  • Dynamic Loft,
  • Attack angle,
  • Swing plane,
  • Swing Direction,
  • Spin Loft,
  • Spin access.

These are the metrics that the Garmin R10 simulator captures and displays in its information;

  • Club head speed,
  • Club face angle,
  • Club path angle,
  • The angle of attack,
  • Ball speed launch,
  • Angle launch Direction,
  • Spin axis,
  • Spin rate,
  • Apex height smash Factor,
  • Carry distance,
  • Total distance,
  • Deviation distance.


With the SkyTRAK golf, you will actually able to able to read your putts, whereas it’s absolutely impossible to read your putt with Garmin R10 Approach, there is no putting at all.

Garmin R10 SkyTRAK Golf
No Putting Yes, Putting


Both of these devices are really good at getting most of the shots you hit. I will say that I think SkyTRAK probably wins this category as well. It just seemed to pick up more of my shots as long as I had proper alignment. Only maybe missed one out of 100 shots.

Unfortunately with Garmin R10, I missed, quite a few more shots, some of that due to club waggle, and some of that due to other factors, still it seemed to get 95 to 98 percent of the shots that I made with it.

Skytrak golf definitely gets an edge in this category of capturing missed shots. probably gets just the slider Edge there.


For a $600 device to be compared with over a thousand bucks SkyTRAK golf shows that the Garmin R10 is a rare gem in terms of best golf simulators. I found these two devices to be very accurate. In fact, I did side-by-side comparisons with, the Garmin R10 straight up against the SkyTRAK golf hitting the same shot at the same time.

And for the most part of the exercise, the Garmin R10 was right on par with the SkyTRAK where I think the skytrak may win out here is probably on spin out. I found the spin numbers to be more accurate with the skytrak, and that translated into more accuracy.

Aside from the Spinout, Carry distance numbers in an indoor setting compared to in an outdoor setting. I find the Garmin R10 to be really spot-on for the most part at least with my moderate swing speed of 100 miles per hour with a driver.

Now, Garmin claims the accuracy of these metrics ones, that directly measure as well as ones. It calculates.

Here’s the accuracy Club head speed accuracy plus, or minus three miles per hour.

All speed accuracy: plus or minus 1 mph,
Launch angle accuracy is plus or minus 1 degree, Launch Direction accuracy is plus or minus 1 degree, and carry distance accuracy is plus or minus five yards in my testing Outdoors.

Once again, I found the Garmin R10 simulator to be extremely accurate. I actually used some of our reviewed best golf rangefinders to see where the ball landed, and then also see what the device was telling me.


Now, let’s talk about something out of the box Garmin R10 has that the SkyTRAK doesn’t have a simulator software home T hero which is available for $9.99 per month or $99.99 for the entire year and comes with 42,000 courses, loaded into it.

And that’s a huge selling point to me the fact that I can play a simulated round of golf at pretty much any golf course in the world. Right out of the box for a very small fee is really really cool with this guy’s track and of the Box really only going to get the Driving range feature, you will have to use some additional software add-ons in order to get that simulation experience.

Now, the simulation experience is probably a little bit more realistic with some of these apps anyways, but if you’re going for ease of use, the Garmin R10 is absolutely going to win that side of the equation, the list of third-party software is available is much more extensive for the sky track, including WG, T, E6, and the golf club with the Garmin R10.


Now we can’t talk about comparing both of these devices without talking about price and value and what you get for the money and this is where I’m going to come up with more of my subjective opinion on which I would buy if I was in your shoes.

Our 1 cent, even with the drawback of it, not being quite as accurate indoors for the price in this category, when you’re talking about a Doppler radar in that five or six-hundred-dollar range. I think this one has to be right at the top of the list.

So if I have a budget of $600, something in that range, I’m absolutely going to choose the Garmin. If I’ve got a budget that I can stretch a little bit, I want to use this primarily indoors and I want the most accuracy that I can get in a two thousand dollar,

I’m all day, going to choose the Garmin at 600 dollar price point. It’s just really best-in-class for what it does. These little small Doppler devices are really convenient. They give pretty good data and it’s an incredible value. When you think about the fact that home T hero gives you access to all of those courses and simulator software for a really low monthly price.


SkyTRAK golf Doesn’t have any waterproofing or protection from the elements whereas the Garmin R10 is really set up to be able to go indoors and outdoors.


SkyTRAK golf shows more positive accuracy in indoor settings than the Garmin R10. While Garmin R10 is superb with very highly accurate data in outdoor simulation.

In Conclusion

Comparing Garmin R10 vs SkyTRAK golf simulation is very important so as to help you make the right buying decision.

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