May 19, 2022
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15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 1

Looking for cheap golf shoes UK, there are a number of things to consider.
From how much they will cost to whether or not they are comfortable, it is important that you invest in the right pair of shoes.

Do you know what the best thing about golf is? It’s not hitting a hole in one, or sinking that long putt to win the tournament. Nope! The best part of golf is wearing these amazing shoes while playing.

You can’t beat that feeling of happiness when you get your new pair of shoes and wear them for the first time on the course. If you’re in the market for new golf shoes, but don’t want to spend a lot of money on them, then this post is exactly what you need.

There are so many different styles out there, but we’ve narrowed it down to 15 pairs below. These are all great options because they all have good reviews from other customers who’ve worn them before.

With this in mind, we have compiled a list of 15 low-cost golf shoes for UK-based golfers. We hope this provides some inspiration when shopping around for your next cheap golf shoes UK.

Cheap Golf Shoes UK – A Comprehensive List

Golf shoes are shoes that are worn on the course during the game, therefore, it is highly important that they are of good quality. This is why there is a popular notion that golf shoes are always very expensive.
But, good news! There are some cheap golf shoes out there for you to choose from if your budget is tight.

There are many different types of shoes out there on the market but not all of them are of good quality and cheap enough for an average golfer’s budget. in fact, even the very expensive golf shoes do not always mean it is of the best quality.

This article will take a look at 15 cheap golf shoes UK that definitely offer decent quality and comfort if you are one of those looking to save money!
Another good thing is, they are for men and women alike.

15. Footjoy Men’s Flex Golf Shoe

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 2

These are the golf shoes I have been looking. They are comfortable and are easy on my knees, hips and spine.

Verified Buyer

The traction system is a VersaTrax, which means that it provides exceptional on-course golf performance and comfort.

The EVA midsole gives increased underfoot cushioning to give you the best experience possible throughout your round of play.

Walk, jog or run in these lightweight mesh uppers and you’ll feel like a pro. The durable yet flexible EVA sole provides underfoot comfort while the molded fitbed helps support your foot with every step! This shoe’s 3D engineered design ensures optimal stability when playing on course – no matter how much ground there is between strokes of tee time golf (or running errands).

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 3

14. Ram FX Comfort Mens Waterproof Golf Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 4

These golf shoes are like a second pair of feet. The soles provide the foot with support and rebound so you can putt around 18 holes in comfort, whether it is on wet grass or not.

Tennis shoes are made to be comfortable, but they don’t have the same level of support and rebound that golf shoes provide. This footwear was built for every round you play on tour

These waterproofs come backed by an entire year’s worth of protection against all sorts of weather (including rain).

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 5

13. Ram Golf Player Mens Waterproof Golf Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 6

the item far exceeded my expectations wonderful value for money

Verified Purchase

No one said you have to break your bank for a new pair of golf shoes, you can bank on the Player from Ram Golf.
These affordable, yet high-quality sneakers are perfect for players who want both style and substance at an unbeatable price point – they’re also waterproof with a 12-month warranty backed by exceptional customer service should anything go wrong.

The outsole is made up primarily rubber while other key parts like midsoles are of good quality too (inner material – non-woven fabric, lining – mesh, upper leather 80/20 PU blend) Its removable insoles ensures lasting comfort so take this opportunity not only to shop around but do it quickly before these sell out.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 7

12. FAZER Fortuna White Spikeless Golf Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 8

The Fazer Fortuna White Spikeless Golf shoes are made of Nano PU Upper to give you a breathable, durable material that provides comfort while letting your feet breathe. The soft cushioning gives you stability on uneven surfaces and helps with traction so they don’t slide around in the shoe during wet conditions or snowy winters! The outer layer of this bootie consists out artificial synthetics which make them waterproof.

It comes with a guarantee of up to 12 months without any problems at all.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 9

11. Ram Golf Accubar Ladies Golf Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 10

These spikeless shoes have a custom pattern on them that helps with delivering maximum capabilities in terms of both sensitivities as well as durability!
They’re also equipped with comfortable cushioning soles combined with EVA material which means long-lasting comfort on the course all day long.

Inner is a great way to ensure your feet are staying in the best shape possible. It’s also removable, so if you want or need some clean booties for more formal occasions we have got that covered too. The design features subtle RAM branding which gives it an elegant yet stylish appeal without being overbearing.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 11

10. PGM Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoes for Women

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 12

Very good value for money. These shoes are comfortable and waterproof. I have paid twice the price for other brands of golf shoes which turned out not to be waterproof. The material is pliable which makes them very comfortable.

Verified User

These women’s golf shoes are perfect for the beginner or expert player looking to stay on course. The rubber spikes will help you grip and hold up well in wet conditions, while leather provides durability with its soft exterior that can be easily wiped clean if it gets dirty from mud.

The lining of the golf shoes is made with premium soft cotton fabric, which provides comfort and breathability. The insole offers more cushioning to feet as it’s EVA material that will give you all-day support.

You can buy with confidence because they have a 100% satisfaction guarantee and free exchanges for 365 days on size or quality!

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 13

9. Callaway Golf Ladies Solaire Waterproof Spikeless Golf Shoe

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 14

Absolutely love these shoes. Sooo comfortable and stylish!!!

Verified Buyer

The next generation of Callaway’s Solaire golf shoes has arrived!
This shoe features a computer-engineered waterproof knitted ballistic mesh one-piece upper that will keep you nice and dry.

There is also an anti-slip rubber compound on the bottom so it feels just as good when wet or slippery surfaces are involved. Not only do these new ladies’ spikeless spikes provide comfort during your rounds but they come with transparent TPU storm guard protection for extra durability against Mother Nature at its worst.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 15

8. PGM Waterproof Golf Shoes for Ladies

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 16

Shoes good value, description of purchase excellent

Verified User

The women’s golf shoes are a perfect match for any course with cushy turf. The premium rubber sole and fixed spikes will help you stay solid, no matter where your next game is played.

These water-resistant leathers can handle all weather conditions while also providing the comfort needed when walking long distances on fairways or putting away shots.

This Golf Shoe is made for people who want comfort and convenience.
The lining of the shoe is made with premium soft cotton fabric, which allows air to flow freely throughout it so your feet stay cool during hot outings on the course or when walking around town all day long. Additionally, this material helps absorb moisture from sweat as you play as there’s an elastic EVA insole that provides additional cushioning against any potential injuries.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 17

7. PGM Floral Waterproof Golf Shoes for Women with Spikes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 18

Another lovely pair of golf shoes. Very impressed.

Verified User

PGM is a well-known and reputable golf brand that specializes in making all ranges for the sport. With over 20 years of experience, they have become one of the top manufacturers.

The features of this shoe include fashionable designs to suit any taste or outfit; Outer material Water Resistant microfiber leather prevents water absorption while Inner materials protect against wetness from unwanted sources; Socks embedded within providing extra protection against moisture during adverse conditions ensuring your shoes stay fresh no matter what.

The lining of the golf shoes is made out of soft cotton fabric, breathable and sweat-absorbing; The insole provides more cushioning to your feet with an elastic EVA material. 14 detachable spikes provide you a strong grip on courses that have luscious turf while 100% satisfaction ensures no problems will arise within 1 year of purchase.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 19

6. Thestron New Women Golf Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 20

The newest women’s professional golf shoes from Thestrons are the perfect choice for a day on the greens.

These simple but stylish sneakers come equipped with lightweight urethane outer material, rubber soles and lace-up closure to ensure you have full control of every shot during playtime. 7 spikes offer maximum traction when needed most.

Both water resistance AND breathability make them great in any season so don’t worry about rain showers or even heavy snowfall ruining your round – these waterproof kicks will keep you going strong no matter what Mother Nature throws at you.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 21

5. Skechers Womens 2020 Golf Walk Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 22

With its soft, woven heathered finish mesh fabric upper with synthetic instep overlay paired up to turf-cleated spikeless outsole, This golf shoe from Skechers is guaranteed not only to be durable but also to provide amazing performance every time.

This shoe is perfect if you are one of those who want plenty roomy fit as well as responsive feedback when they play their balls on the course due in part to its high rebound cushioning system which gives off a great feel while providing excellent stability too. Water repellent treatment protects against water damage so your feet stay dry so that you have nothing to worry about.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 23

4. Callaway M574 Chev Mulligan S Men’s Golf Shoes

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 24

This stylish, all-new leather version of Chev Mulligan is fantastically lightweight and will perform for 18 holes straight out of the box.

It’s waterproof so you can play in any weather or on wet grass without worrying about getting your clubs dirty.

The shoe also gives off a casual yet fashionable vibe thanks to its clean lines and water-resistant upper design that doesn’t compromise comfort. They’re made with high-quality materials such as Opti-Vent mesh liners which allow airflow while still providing protection from moisture outside elements.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 25

3. Skechers Women’s Max Sport Golf Shoe

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 26

I like everything from comfort, style, colour and price

Verifid User

These ladies’ slip-on golf shoes have a breathable textile upper, durable synthetic overlays that make the shoe super soft, and cushioned footbed which provides great shock absorption.

The midsole also offers high traction rubber soles to help you find your target even on the wet or muddy ground.

Good quality, very fashionable and at a very good price; all in one a very good choice.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 27

2. Callaway Golf Ladies Lady Mulligan Waterproof Golf Shoe – Overall Best for Ladies

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 28

For those looking for a shoe with the feel and look of leather, but in an affordable price range – Lady Mulligan is your go-to.

With their soft high-performance, microfibre upper which has been styled beautifully on land or water (and still durable) these shoes are perfect for any occasion!

The Opti Vent mesh liners help keep you cool during hot summer days while also helping manage heat exchanges from staying out too long in warmer months thanks to breathable ventilation systems throughout every part of this footwear system

The Interesting part is they come standard one-year limited waterproof warranties that will cover any unforeseen circumstances like accidental spills etc.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 29

1. Callaway Golf Men’s Apex Lite Spikelesss Golf Shoe – Overall Best for men

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 30

The perfect golf shoe for men that’s lightweight, comfortable, very cheap and with enough protection to avoid early morning dew.

Opti-Vent breathable upper water-resistant printed sections at the base of shoes help prevent the ingress of moisture from wet ground.

The Ortholite molded comfort insole ensures all-day wearability so these spikes won’t let anyone down at any season either – not even if it snows once an hour each night for six days straight.

15 Cheap Golf Shoes UK In 2021 31

Frequently Asked Questions

Are cheap golf shoes good enough?

There is nothing wrong with cheap golf shoes, most cheap shoes can outrightly do what expensive shoes can do too. The basic things to look out for when buying your golf shoes are their quality and comfortability. Always know that it is important you invest in the right pair of shoes.

Which is the best cheap golf shoes?

The best cheap golf shoes are Callaway Golf Men’s Apex Lite Spikeless Golf Shoe for men and the Callaway Golf Ladies Lady Mulligan Waterproof Golf Shoe for ladies


With so many cheap golf shoes on the market, it can be difficult to find something that is both affordable and comfortable. Whether you’re looking for men’s, women’s, or unisex shoe styles in various colors and sizes, we’ve got them all covered in this article, with reviews from verified users too so you can be sure that you have value for your money.

If you are a golfer in the UK and want to find golf shoes for cheap, we have compiled this list of the 15 best cheap golf shoes for you so that you have several options that will suit your needs. This list includes both men’s and women’s models with prices that are very affordable.

Whatever type of shoe purchase you decide to make, we wish you all the best in finding what will work best for your game.

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