July 3, 2022
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15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022

Are you looking for some of the best work boots UK? This article will guide you through the different brands, styles, and qualities available to help find the perfect pair.

We are living in an era where people are more mobile than ever. We need comfortable shoes that can keep up with our busy lifestyle while still performing well at work.

That’s why we’ve compiled this list of the best work boots UK! Choose from a variety of styles including lace-up, zip-up, pull on or slip-on pairs to suit your needs.

Whether you’re working outdoors or indoors these types of footwear offer insulation against cold weather as well as protection from hazardous materials such as dirt and chemicals found in factories and construction sites.

We’ve done the research so you don’t have to! These are our top 15 picks for the best work boots UK and we hope they can help make your decision easier (and safer).

Best Work Boots UK – Top 15 List

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It’s no secret that a good pair of work boots can last you years. That being said, finding the right pair for your needs may be difficult – especially if you’re not exactly sure what to look for in a boot or don’t know where to go looking.

Fortunately, we’ve done all the hard work for you! Check out our list of 15 best work boots UK for men and women below! You won’t regret it

15. Black Hammer Work BootsAlternative Best Work Boots For Construction

best work boots UK

GOOD LOOKING BOOTS… Super comfortable inside sole for working boots.

Great fit. Feet stay comfy all day

Verified Buyer

Designed for heavy-duty work in the construction industry, the Black Hammer Work Boots are built to last.

The rubber outsole is brown and tan with a padded ankle that will keep you feeling secure on your feet all day long. This style has Velcro straps that allow you to rearrange them for a perfect fit, as well as lace up front ensuring the boots go just where you need them.

The suede outer is water-resistant and soft to the touch, with a durable grippy outsole that provides grip when climbing stairs in slippery conditions.

Featuring a steel toe cap for protection against heavy-duty impacts and a rustproof polyurethane inner lining for added comfort, these safety boots are made from premium materials to protect you in hazardous environments.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 1

14. Urgent Work Boot

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 2

A GOOD WORKING BOOTS… The boots are comfortable, with support to the ankle. I’m not so keen on the orange sole, but there again who’s looking at the sole. Good grip on the ground and the steel toecap is essential for a working boot.

Verified Buyer

This is one resilient boot, but you don’t want that to be the only thing it does for you. This leather safety footwear is delectable and really helps with your mobility at work.

this new line of boots has some serious style written all over them.

The lightweight design means no lugging around heavy feet all day long when they can keep you safe from falls–who doesn’t need a shoe that’s 2x as protective?

Plus! You’ll have enough breathability to go through hours of hard labor in these babies without overheating.

13. Magnum Mid, Unisex Work Boot

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 3

SUPER COMFORTABLE, SMART LOOKING SHOES…Absolutely perfect. Fit like a glove and are super comfy. Just what I needed for my long 12 hour shifts on my feet.

Verified Buyer

For those who need a shoe that can go anywhere, the Magnum classic mid has got your back.

With durable leather and nylons as its materials of choice for ultimate durability and performance without sacrificing comfort or style this is one tough cookie.

The long-lasting supportive EVA footbed will ensure no matter what terrain you’re on there are never any worries about slipping- thanks in part due to its slip-resistant rubber outsole which also comes equipped with oil resistance so they’ll stay looking great longer than ever before.

Product Features

  • lace up closure for comfort
  • slip resistant outsole to generate traction
  •  Synthetic Sole
  • Leather and nylon upper exterior
  • Reliable Rugged work boots
15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 4

12. Blundstone Steel Toe CapBest Work Boot For Construction

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 5

FANTASTIC WORK BOOT….A good solid steel toe cap boot. Ideal for those that have a mix of office and operational site visits. They are a spacious boot, with which I usually add a sheepskin insole to help keep feet warm whilst outdoors.

Verified Purchase

Your toes are safe inside of a Blundstone Steel Toe Cap, Unisex Adults Safety Boot.

It is the perfect safety boot to keep your feet safe when working with power tools! The oil-tanned leather upper is tough enough for any task, while the removable EVA footbed provides extreme comfort.

Kick guard toe protects against cuts and scuffs on this rugged style that’s built right into our steel shanks which ensure maximum stability during use of heavy equipment or construction sites where there may be rough terrain such as dirt roadsides; it also helps prevent injury from electrical shock hazard-making these essential wear at home.

even if you’re not an electrician by trade like many other people using them daily due to their extensive knowledge about how important things can go wrong without protection.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 6

11. Oregon Work BootsMost Fashionable Work Boot For Men

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 7

GREAT BOOTS…Hubby got these for work, says they are really comfortable and good value

Verified Buyer

These Oregon Yukon Leather Chainsaw Protective Work Boots are on the cutting edge of design. Oregon-based company Oregon Manufacturing is known for top-quality work boots, and these boots are no exception.

You’ll never have a bad day after wearing these durable leather boots. Offering protection against several pollutants, the lightweight and flexible sole will keep your feet dry while you’re onsite doing heavy-duty work outdoors!

These high-quality materials make them perfect for any type of individual who needs reliable footwear that can withstand environmental conditions such as hydrocarbon or chemical exposure from working with fuel sources like natural gas pipelines in oil&gas industries

Helps prevent corrosion from leaking tanks at refineries during routine maintenance operations etc., so don’t worry about running into danger anytime soon.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 8

10. Safety Work BootMost Comfortable Work Boot

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 9

BEST WORK BOOTS…These work boots are without doubt the best I have owned and I have been in construction for 4 decades. They were comfortable from the first day of use, completely waterproof and reasonably light compared to others I have worn.

Verified Buyer

The Safety Jogger Safety Boot is the perfect work boot for those who want a shoe with substance.

These safety shoes have been designed to keep your feet protected from oncoming dangers, such as loose objects or dangerous machinery.

Its steel toe cap prevents toes from being chopped off by an industrial blade while also providing protection against puncture wounds thanks to its anti-slip sole design that helps maintain balance when walking through slippery areas like oil spills!

The water and slip-resistant properties of this product mean there will be no more worrying about getting wet during rainstorms because these bad boys were made specifically NOT leak at their joints so you can go all day worry-free knowing they won’t let anything seep inside.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 10

9. Blundstone Men’s Work Boots

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 11

COMFORTABLE WORK BOOTS…Great look, good fit, comfortable

Verified Purchase

The Blundstone Men’s Work & Safety Boots are an excellent choice for anyone looking to protect their feet when on the job.

These sturdy, robust uppers have all of the features to prevent accidents and protect you while working hard at every shift!

Made from tough, certified leather with a steel toe you’ll be able to stay safe while working hard. Also, The leather comes with steel toes that meet strict CE/EU safety standards so there’s no need to worry about it hurting or becoming ineffective in any way whatsoever.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 12

8. Timberland Work Boot

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 13

FANTASTIC FIT AND EXTREMELY COMFORTABLE WORK BOOT…This product fit exactly as described – very impressed!

Verified Buyer

Designed for rig workers and field technicians, Timberland PRO Men’s 6 Inch Rigmaster XT Steel-Toe Waterproof Work Boot will get you through the day safely and in comfort

This outer material is made from durable synthetic leather that resists chemicals and high temperatures. And it’s topped off with a water-resistant sole to keep your feet dry while walking on wet surfaces.

We offer four different foot widths to accommodate any man that needs this work boot, so no need to worry about sizing issues.

Flexible fiberglass insulation has been added for comfort while welt construction ensures long-lasting durability—these features make these boots worth their price tag undoubtedly!

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 14

7. Magnum Elite Unisex Work Boots

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 15

SUPER BOOTS…I wear the boots every day and am really satisfied. impeccable workmanship, very comfortable – just typical Magnum.

Verified Buyer

You want protection, safety, and comfort when on the job. The ultra-lite construction of the Magnum Elite Spider boots offers all these at half the weight of standard workwear!

The Magnum Spider X 8.0 will keep you on your feet with its supportive lace-up design, cushioned footbed for all-day comfort, and extended arch protection that is specifically designed for standing jobs.

The weatherproof leather upper protects your feet from the outside elements while inside a textile lining allows moisture to escape so your boots are always dry.

The breathable insides will help regulate temperature while you’re on your feet 8+ hours a day getting things done.

If safety is important to you then these boots are crucial in that they’ve been tested with greater protection from electrical shocks than any other boots on the market.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 16

Overall Best Work Boots UK – Women

Work Boots are not just the sole solution for your feet; they can also be a fashion statement. There is no better time to invest in some comfortable and stylish work boots than right now.

With so many styles and brands of boots available on the market, it can be overwhelming trying to find the perfect pair for you.

But don’t worry! We have done all the hard work for you with our list of 10 best work boots UK (women).

These ten pairs of women’s work boots will not only protect your feet but also make them look fabulous on any occasion. From steel toe-cap, lace-up safety shoes, waterproof slip-resistant hiking booties to faux leather biker knee-high pull ankle booties.

So check out our list below and get ready to make an informed decision about the next pair of work boots you buy!

6. Groundwork Ladies Work Boots Best Fashionable Work Boots For Ladies

best women work boots uk

GOOD WORK BOOTS…Very comfortable and secure underfoot with good protection thanks to the steel toe cap.

Verified Buyer

Get out and get to work in style with these Groundwork Ladies Work Boots. Boots. Fashion meets function, these Boots provide you with security and safety on your day-to-day adventures.

With steel toe-caps, boots add a little style while providing optimum protection for the working woman. The lace-up boot offers waterproof lining and an additional cushioning insole.

These ladies’ work boots offer fair pricing on sturdy tread soles, allowing them to stay flexible longer than other brands.

For any business lady looking for a practical shoe that blends functionality with sophistication, this is it!

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 17

5. Skechers Women’s

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 18

Women’s Skechers Moltke – Moncks WP Work Boot. These sporty Chelsea-style boots will get you through the workday in comfort and keep your feet dry, while also keeping them looking good!

This waterproof rubber boot is a great choice if you’re working outdoors or in damp environments like rainforests where water often seeps into buildings causing floods that can ruin everything from furniture to electronics.

These lightweight boots are designed with pull-on closures for easy access to your workplace without having to take off your shoes every time you walk in the door.

A cushioned comfort insole gives added foot support all day long while sneaker-style shock-absorbing midsoles make carrying heavy loads at work even easier.

Prepare to stay dry all year long with this stylish women’s brown Chelsea boot design!

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 19

4. Dr Martens Womens Work Boots

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 20

VALUE FOR MONEY… Brought these for work

They are comfortable and look good

Verified Buyer

Dr Martens is a classic Chelsea work boot, designed specifically for women in the workplace.

These shoes are tough and stylish, made from high-quality materials that will last for years to come! This leather upper and durable construction provides great comfort, with its work-grade material making it perfect to handle any job at hand!

This shoe is also designed to protect against electrical hazards and has an industrial-grade leather upper. The safety steel toe cap ensures your feet stay protected, while the soft outsole will provide comfort inside this 1-inch block heel style bootie!

This product also features heat-sealed welting on its PVC sole which promotes airflow underfoot thanks to its raised grid pattern design when compared with other types of footwear like boots or shoes.

Step into the future of footwear with Dr Martens Womens Work Boots.

3. Cat Footwear Women’s Colorado Boots

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 21

GREAT BOOTS…Bought for work. So comfy I’m wearing them at home too, very comfy and look good too

Verified Buyer

With this Iconic 6 Boot, you’re ready to take on whatever comes your way. Taking inspiration from some of the world’s best work boots, this is one pair that knows how tough life can be.

These Caterpillar women’s black boots give you the toughness and durability of a work boot with all the comfort of casual footwear. With an inner lining made from man-made material, these look good on the job.

Take them off at work and put them on outside to keep your feet warm this winter! You’ll love how they look while giving you peace of mind that your foot is being kept safe from scuffs along the way.

for those who want a professional look and an item that will give them comfort throughout their shift. These boots have a durable rubber sole so you can walk across rough terrain without worrying. The leather material is soft to the touch and helps your feet breathe. With Caterpillar’s Elastic Adjustable Shaft – this boot fits like a glove!

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 22

2.Ariat Women’s Work Boot

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 23

HIGHLY RECOMMEND…I love my boots. I would wear them all day long.

Insanity quality. Very sturdy and seams look great too.

Verified Buyer

For all your hard work, it’s worth getting a high-quality boot. The Ariat Women’s Heritage Roper Work Boot is made of full-grain leather and features an ankle height of 1 inch with a heel type of block.

Durable rubber soles make sure you’ll be comfortable even when on your feet all day. You get that professional look but also the comfort you need for long hours on the job that’s what professionals are looking for!

With its rich brown color, this boot will go with anything in your closet while still standing out with classic western-style stitching!

It comes both small/medium and medium/large in order to keep up any woman’s needs and in every size suggest to find the perfect fit for yourself.

1. Caterpillar Women’s Kenzie Steel Toe Work Boot

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 24

VERY COMFORTABLE FOR LONG WORK DAYS…I am always hesitant to buy shoes online, but these fit absolutely perfect and were comfortable to wear from day one. When walking a construction site, they keep me stable and keep my feet well-protected. Additionally, they look great!

Verified Buyer

Women deserve to have the best of both worlds: a fashionable, durable work boot. Meet CAT’s new plaid-covered combat boots! They’re great for protection and have all your fashion needs to be covered too thanks to their enhanced steel toes which will keep you stylish no matter what job site or situation arises.

With durable construction and the strength needed in today’s work environment without sacrificing style or feminine charms then look no further than CAT’s newest additions to their women-focused line; Plaid Covered Combat boots.

Enhanced with steel toes these high-quality shoes will keep you protected from any potential hazards while giving off an alluring yet professional vibe thanks to its military-inspired design features.

15 Best Work Boots UK And Best Lightweight Safety Boots UK IN 2022 25

Frequently Asked Questions

Which are the best work boots the UK?

The best work boots UK include Caterpillar Women’s Work Boot, Dr. Martens Womens Work Boots. Magnum Elite Unisex Work Boots

In Conclusion

After reading this article on the best work boots UK for men and women, we hope you feel more confident in your decision.

There are a lot of factors to consider when buying new shoes for your job, but now that you know what those considerations should be, it will make things much easier.

Whether you just want to know what the best work boots for men and women are or need help figuring out which type of boot will suit your needs, our comprehensive guide has got you covered!

Now that you have all the necessary reviews to buying the best work boots in the UK, you may now go ahead and shop now on Amazon.co.uk to find the perfect pair for yourself!

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