17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game.

We all know that golf can be a time-consuming sport. If you’re serious about improving your game, you need to practice and hone your skills regularly.

This is where the best golf watch comes in handy. The best golf watch will help you track every aspect of your game- from how far you hit each club, to ensure that you keep up with the pace of play (or beat it).

With this information at your fingertips, you’ll never again wonder why a shot didn’t go right or what club would suit this situation better.

What are golf watches?

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 2

A golf watch is a device that is used on the golf course to help the golfer obtain distances to the green and other features such as bunkers and water hazards. (Source)

There are many brands and models of these watches, which means all offer their own advantages for players, giving them an edge when it comes down to who has better tools. (Source)

The main and popular brands are: Garmin, ShotScope, Bushnell

The best golf watch is a must for any golfer. A golf watch will save you time on the course by keeping track of your score, and more importantly, help you keep track of where it’s safe to hit the ball from. With these features, a good golf watch can make your game better.

Why Do You Need A Golf Watch?

A golf watch is one of the most important pieces of equipment you need to improve your game. It can be difficult to learn how to read a green or know what clubs are for different shots, but with a golf watch, you have everything at your fingertips.

With these devices, you’re able to find out just about anything that’s going on in the course and it will help take away the guesswork so you can play better.

The best golf watch is a must for any golfer. A golf watch will save you time on the course by keeping track of your score, and more importantly, help you keep track of where it’s safe to hit the ball from.

The following is a list of the best golf watches of different brands like Garmin, Bushnell, GolfBuddy. These are some of the top-rated, most popular, and highly recommended golf watches on the market today.

If you’ve already invested in the best golf bag, best golf balls, best driver, and best golf shoes, a good golf GPS watch can be the thing that helps you take your game a step further. Don’t forget your best golf waterproofs either.

All of these golf watches will help you accurately track your game’s progress with features like GPS, scorekeeping, shot tracking, and more. With these features, a good golf watch can make your game better.

17 Best Golf Watches That Are Tested and Suitable For You

  1. Garmin Approach S42 Overall Best Golf Watch
  2. Garmin Approach S10 – Best Lightweight Garmin Golf Watch
  3. Garmin Approach S62Best Garmin Golf Watch For The Money
  4. Garmin Approach S12 Most Stylish Garmin Golf Watch
  5. Garmin Approach S40
  6. Golf Buddy Aim Golf GPS Watch
  7. Golf Buddy Aim W11 Golf GPS Watch
  8. Golf Buddy Aim W10
  9. VOICE CADDIE T8 Golf GPS WatchBest Voice Caddie Golf Watch For The Money
  10. TecTecTec ULT-G Stylish Golf GPS Watch
  11. Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch
  12. Shot Scope V2 Smart GPS Golf WatchBest Budget ShotScope Golf Watch
  13. Bushnell ION Edge (Black) GPS Golf Watch Power
  14. Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch
  15. SkyCaddie Golf Watch
  16. SkyCaddie LX5C Golf GPS Watch
  17. CANMORE TW Golf GPS WatchBest Budget CANMORE Golf Watch

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17. TecTecTec ULT-G Stylish Golf GPS Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 3

LOVE MY TecTecTec GPS WATCH… I have played four rounds with my new gps watch and it’s performed better than my old watch. Easily able to play two rounds before a recharge is needed. Very affordable, would buy this watch again

Verifird Buyer

The TecTecTec ULT-G Stylish, Lightweight, and Multi-Functional Golf GPS Watch is a must-have for any professional level player.

This watch includes some of the most sophisticated features to make your game easier than ever before! It has built-in Bluetooth connectivity so you can connect it wirelessly with any smart device or computer as well as its large LCD display screen that’s easy on the eyes (even if playing under low light).

When you first open the box there are only four buttons on your new timepiece that allow for navigation of courses with just one touch – no need for complicated dials or settings pages! Once set up it will automatically connect via satellite so all course information can be seen at once without having separate devices like phones/tablets e.t.c

The durable design of the watch makes it durable enough for even harsh weather. Water and dust resistance means you can take your tablet anywhere without worrying about damaging its internals, while battery life will last 2-and-a third rounds before needing recharging!

With one-year warranty coverage on top of lifetime software support from date purchase through our web site’s registration process (online only), this device offers high-class customer service that any business should be proud to provide their customers with

The ULT-G GPS Watch is a complete golfing package. It has everything you need to take your game from the fairway, and there are never any extra charges or subscriptions – just software updates included with purchase!

The watch was designed by professional players for those who love playing on course all day long. Press that satellite button when looking at yardages around our facilities so we can welcome you into ours too
The output should be casual yet informative

Start your round with the click of a button. With no need to download software or connect an app, you can go anywhere and play golf anytime!


  • Easy to use
  • has all of the features that you need to play your best game, backed up by an impressive battery life.
  • The construction is sturdy and robust, making it an affordable price point.


  • The ULT-G lacks the fancy colors and mapping options you would find on other devices, but it still has some great features.
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 4

16. CANMORE TW Golf GPS WatchBest Budget CANMORE Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 5

VERY EASY TO USE… I’ve only used it 3 times so far but I love it! It’s accurate and easy to use. I love that it advances automatically to the next hole so I don’t have to do anything! I would highly recommend this product.

Verified Purchase

The CANMORE TW GPS Golf Watch is an essential tool for any golfer who wants to improve their game.

Besides providing scorecard data, It has the option to be used both during play by downloading 38,000+ free courses worldwide or after you finish recording your scoresheet in minutes with minimalism & a user-friendly interface.

This lightweight watch will not throw off your stroke while fitting 6″ – 8-inch wrists comfortably which makes it perfect if you are looking into purchasing one today because we have confirmed that they fit nicely on smaller hands too!

The high contrast, white on black monochrome display makes reading easy in bright sunlight and it comes with industry-leading customer service exclusively from TrueToSource.

From TrueToSource on Amazon! If you need course data updates or assistance of some kind contact them anytime through Amazon’s website site – they are ready 24/7 to help take care of your needs as quickly as possible.

Additional Features

  • Hazard type + distance
  • Scorecard (manual entry)
  • Shot distance measurement
  • Clear in full sun
  • Play Golf screen
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 6

Best Golf Watch For Beginners

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 7

Golf Buddy Golf Watch is the perfect golf watch for beginners that plays 18 holes of golf, so you don’t have to. It has been designed with the golfer in mind to help them improve their game and enjoy the sport more.

With features such as Hole-In-One Alerts, in-depth statistics at your fingertips, and a world-class scorecard app for iOS devices, it’s never been easier to track your progress on the course.

The Golf Buddy Golf Watch also includes an integrated GPS system that accurately tracks distances on courses around the globe using 6 different satellite systems; these are available at no additional cost. Whether you’re new to golf or simply want to enhance your game, this smartwatch will provide any golfer with everything they need for

15. Golf Buddy Aim Golf GPS Watch,

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 8

EXCELLENT…Everything you need in a golf watch.. works well. Find course automatically. Holds charge….very happy.

Verified Buyer

The Golf Buddy Aim GPS Watch is more than just a cool-looking wristwatch. It comes with 40,000 courses preloaded on it so you can play golf anywhere in the world and still get your game on.

You’ll never have to worry about losing track of time again because this watch has an advanced smart system that syncs up wirelessly via Bluetooth or ANT+.

With an intuitive LCD display, this watch has all the features you need for every round in between rounds with its 1-year subscription to Golfshot Unlimited Membership or up until 40% off when purchasing individually at $99!

The GOLFBUDDY is the golf course measuring tool of choice for professional greenskeepers, who can use it in their work quickly and efficiently

Equipped with 10 hours battery life in a normal setting which lasts 2 days during playtime but only 6 holes maximum due


  • The battery lasts up to 10 hours while you’re golfing!
  • Two beautiful wristbands included in the package (both black)
  • Pre-loaded with 40,000 courses worldwide with free updates


  • Green undulation is only available at the course you loaded your watch with
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 9

14.Golf Buddy Aim W11 Golf GPS Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 10

ACCURATE, EASY TO USE…Everything that was written about the Golf Buddy Aim W11 has turned out to be true. I’ve used it for courses in Maine, Massachusetts, and Connecticut and am pleased with its accuracy and ease of use. No subscriptions are required. The battery has plenty left even after 18 holes. I highly recommend the Golf Buddy Aim W11 to anyone looking for a GPS golf watch

Verified Purchase

The GOLFBuddy aim W11 is an advanced golf GPS smartwatch with features that are hard to beat. The industry-changing addition of Green Undulation makes this device the only one you’ll need on the course.

It has dynamic shot distance, a quicker touchscreen, and a low light mode among others! The automatic zoom in/out function of smart holes view takes the guesswork out when getting ready for hole 17 or 18 at night time on courses without lights- it will tell you how close they are so that all its easy peasy!

Aim W11 features a range of greens to help you identify your course’s slopes. Dark blue is the lowest point and bright red marks its highest level, so it won’t be hard for players on any level to find their shot with this innovative device

The automatic zoom/out feature helps save battery life so it won’t die while not being used. This is the strongest battery in its class, so you can play on a single charge for up to 10 hours straight without having any issues.

It provides high-quality information about every hole of the golf course no matter where it takes place or when played – which means that this device not only has everything an avid golfer desires but will also last longer than most others due to how long they’ll be able to use their current set before needing another one!

In addition, The W11 will pair with your smartphone to check data while you are on the course, and it can be set for height differences when arriving at a golf course.

The low light retention mode allows improved battery life by turning off unnecessary functions like backlit screens or sounds in order not to drain power too quickly- which is especially helpful during late afternoon rounds!

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 11

13. Golf Buddy Aim W10

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 12

GREAT WATCH…Watch is nice size, not too bulky, it has a quite a bit of different watch setting for different occasions and also does really well on the course with yardage front/back and hazards. Over all I’m happy with the purchase

Verified Purchase

The Golf Buddy Aim W10 Bundle is the perfect way to keep track of your scores and measurements on course.

It’s got a bundle including – appearance & hole number; distance from either front, back, or center green with a digital scorecard for each round played alongside manual pin placement per hole played in addition to Green undulation (falling discrepancies) where available yards/meters slope distances which can be recorded when applicable.

This golf watch not only includes the latest in technology but also offers incredible versatility and value that will last you through years of playing on your favorite courses.

With over 40 000 worldwide golf courses preloaded onto this device as well as a full-color LCD touch screen display with up to 13 hours battery life when used solely indoors (depending upon lighting conditions), there’s always something new waiting around every corner at home or out on tourneys around town; no matter where life takes us.

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 13

12. VOICE CADDIE T8 Golf GPS Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 14

BEST GOLF GPS…Very good.

Verified Purchase

The new T8 is the most advanced, ultra-premium smart golf GPS watch that VOICE CADDIE has ever made!

The T8 comes equipped with a color touchscreen and offers yardages to three different places on each hole.

It also features Active Green which improves accuracy for any shot you take at the green as well VAlgorithm slope calculation – meaning less time spent getting calculations wrong or wondering how steep of an angle was involved in hitting that birdie putt

Additionally, it does slope calculation with VAlgorithm technology making calculations easier than ever before – all without having an internet connection or cell phone service which means no more expensive data plans when traveling overseas.

V Algorithm(slope calculation) and heat map visibility for undulation on shots played through this area; we know you’ll love your time behind this display.


  • Color Touch Screen
  • Green Undulation data 
  • Unisex-adult
  • V-Algorithm


  • The green slope function and pin direction mode are very good as well. The shot tempo display after every shot is satisfactory too!


  • Cost
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 15

Best SkyCaddie Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 16

SkyCaddie is one of the leading, most advanced golf GPS manufacturers. They have provided golfers with accurate yardages, and they are constantly updating their technology to provide you with even better accuracy.

They have the latest and most accurate technology that is used by over 200,000 golfers around the world. Their watches are made for all levels of golfers from beginner to pro.

SkyCaddie wants you to use their watch so they can help improve your game with features such as aerial views, course maps, distances to front/middle/back of the green, and much more!

They also offer a variety of apps for Android or IOS devices so you can track your stats on the go.

There are 2 models on our list of best SkyCaddie Golf Watch that we think you will love. Click through and see which one suits your needs best. Remember, there’s no better time than now to invest in a great golf watch.

11. SkyCaddie Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 17

GREAT GOLF WATCH…The Skycaddie golf watch is handy and easy to use, provides all of the information needed while on the Golf course.

Verified Purchase

The SkyCaddie GPS Golf Watch is the perfect choice for any golf enthusiast. With its high-quality color touchscreen, this watch provides amazing hole and green images that will leave you enthralled in every Swing of your club.

The precision targeting capabilities allow users to pinpoint hazards or layups with ease while zoom ins/pans provide extra detail when needed–all from a sleek 1″ full HD graphics screen which can be viewed easily without uncomfortable eyestrain under bright sunlight.

This sleek device enables you to track shots on over 35,000 ground verified courses across all four amateur levels or provide yourself an unfair advantage by purchasing a 3-year prepaid worldwide membership which is included in this purchase.

The Intelli-Green is the latest in green technology. It measures distances to both front and back while also providing accurate height measurements, giving you an opportunity for greater accuracy when scoring or targeting your game!

The device has built-in WiFI so it can be scored wirelessly on any surface without cables getting in between players’ shots.

Intelli-Green also tracks stats like heart rate during games which helps keep track of how hard they’re playing–giving even more incentives than ever before (and making sure no one cheats)!

Additional Features

  • Front Center Back Screen
  • Scoring and Stats
  • Heart Rate Monitor – Fitness
  • Multiple Watch Faces


  • Offers everything you would want from a golf GPS and more, like the crystal clear hole maps to help make your gameplan for that day. It also includes scoring function so there are no mistakes when it comes time hit some balls on course.
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 18

10. SkyCaddie LX5C Golf GPS Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 19

GREAT GOLF GPS WATCH…Have used this once. Very pleased. Great display.

Verified Purchase

The SkyCaddie LX5C Golf GPS Watch is an advanced wearable that allows you to play more than 35,000 pre-loaded courses and see critical distances with HoleVue.

The bright color screen has full high definition graphics for stunning imagery providing best-in-class visuals of course layouts on your wrist.

It also includes a ceramic bezel which makes this model stand out from other brands’ watches by giving it updated style while still having all the benefits golfers need such as accurate yardages at any time during their round.

The SkyCaddie golf watch has IntelliGreen technology that allows you accurate shot shape and distance measurements, as well as manual shoot tracking so no one can say they didn’t know where those shots were going.

In addition, Manual Shot Tracking features let users take note not only which club they used but also where it was hit (distance) as well its precise location at any given time during gameplay without having to go through extra steps like pressing buttons every single time after making adjustments elsewhere around the course.

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 20

Best Garmin Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 21

Golfers, whether you’re a beginner or pro, there are some products that will speed up your game. One of these is the Garmin Golf Watch.

This Garmin watch has many features from measuring the distance to GPS functionality and even an app for practicing shots outside of the course. It may seem like a lot but this Garmin watch can make golf more enjoyable and save time on the course!

The Golf Watch by Garmin has all of these great features and more! You’ll be able to get real-time updates with up-to-date weather conditions so when it starts raining, you can adjust your clubs accordingly.

Plus, there are features for fitness buffs who want to keep track of their steps or heart rate while they play golf. If none of these features sound appealing.

This article will give you all the information about the Garmin golf watch so that you can decide if this would be worth purchasing for your next round on the green.

9. Garmin Approach S10Best Lightweight Garmin Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 22

LIGHTWEIGHT AND EASY TO READ… I can’t even feel that I have it on; so light weight. Easy to set up and change holes when needed. Great value .

Verified Buyer

The Garmin Approach S10, Lightweight GPS Golf Watch is a sleek and lightweight watch perfect to take with you on your rounds.

With this device’s high-resolution display that can be read in sunlight or shade, it will provide yardages of all three holes as well as hazards for every hole including doglegs – making sure you know exactly where each shot goes.

The Keep Score feature also keeps track not only how many strokes were taken off one’s scorecard but also what round was won by when compared side by side against previous ones played here at home versus abroad where they are used locally instead; helping players set goals while playing competitively without having any worries about keeping track themselves.

You can also get a golf mode, which will show you how far and when each club is hitting its target on any green!

This lightweight device can easily be worn while playing golf which makes it perfect for all levels from beginners who are trying out different clubs in their local area up until pro’s hitting balls around 200 yards away.

Product Highlight

  • 41,000 preloaded courses worldwide
  • Lightweight
  • Sunlight-readable display
  • For Men
  • The rechargeable battery lasts up to 12 hours in GPS golf mode.


  • This course covers everything you need to know
  • Good Battery life
  • Simple and Lightweight


On the golf hole screen, there is no icon indicating how much battery you have left

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 23

8. Garmin Approach S42

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 24

GREAT GOLF WATCH…Love this golf watch, gives me all the information I need in golf and it looks good too.

Verified Purchase

The Garmin Approach S42 is a lightweight watch perfect for golfers.

This device comes with 42,000 pre-loaded courses and an easy-to-read color touchscreen display that can be replaced by different bands making it customizable.

You’ll find more than just distance measurements on this smartwatch – green view lets you manually pin positions too so you don’t have any trouble finding your target shot before placing markers in front of each bunker or water hazard as needed.

The AutoShot round analyzer measures and auto-records detected shot distances. it pairs beautifully with optional Approach CT10 club tracking sensors for more accurate data, which helps you improve your game.

The app will send notifications when a sensor is connected as well as estimate activity levels such as steps taken or hours slept per day based on how much time spent near the golf course (or anywhere else!).

In addition, this golf app has many features, like live scoring that automatically uploads your scorecard or even allows you to review all stats in one place.

This watch has up to 15 hours on batteries when used as a GPS device but also promises over 10 days at full smartwatch efficiency!


  • The readout is always visible in any light condition
  • The watch band is comfortable and sleek. It fits over your shirt seamlessly, so you can wear it to work or out


  • Not good under rainy golf round
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 25

7. Garmin Approach S62 Best Garmin Golf Watch For The Money

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 26

FANTASTIC GOLF WATCH…Having owned several golf gps devices and recently the vivoactive 3. I can can definitively say this is the best of the lot. Out of the box the watch feels like quality, and the user interface is similar to that of other garmin devices.


The Garmin Approach S62 is a premium golf GPS watch with all the features you need to play your best game.

This updated version of our top-selling model has an even larger 1. 3” color touchscreen display that’s 18% sharper than before, giving users more information at once and enabling them to make better decisions on where they are going next.

You’ll also be able to create custom courses using preloaded 41K full-color course maps from around the world available through Course View mode which allows for quick reference without having to search out physical landmarks yourself or rely entirely upon satellite imagery alone.

The mapping capabilities will help you find your way from green to green as well as engage in full swing analysis by tracking club speed measurements to improve shot distances.

The Virtual Caddie provides all of your club’s strengths and weaknesses based on how far each shot typically hits that particular piece of equipment along with factors like wind speed/direction as well.

Its Hazard View will allow users quick access to scroll through any hazards present during their round while plays like distance account for uphill shots so everyone can make accurate calculations before teeing off at higher elevations.

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 27

6. Garmin Approach S12Most Stylish Garmin Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 28

EXCELLENT GOLF WATCH…It does all you need to play golf without the distraction of heart rate, steps, texts, etc. You can focus on your game instead of the watch. Battery life is excellent. Display is bright and clear in direct sunlight. Sync to Garmin golf app to view the course in more detail only took a few minutes

Verified Purchase

The Garmin Approach S12 golf watch is the perfect easy-to-use GPS device for any golfer.

With a high-resolution sunlight-readable display, this watch offers more than 42 thousand courses preloaded from around the world including yardages to hazards and doglegs as well.

You can also keep the score right on your wrist or upload it straight into your favorite app when paired with a compatible phone.

The device tracks how far away each tee box or green hazard is using proprietary sensors called Approach CTP 10 clubs (sold separately).

With this information at hand, it will be easy when making decisions during shots because when one shot doesn’t go right – there’ll always be another chance.

And 30 hours of battery life means you can take them out on every course without worrying about running low!

Other Product Features

  • Sunlight Readable
  • Keeps Score
  • Tracking Sensors (Sold separately)
  • Go Green
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 29

5. Garmin Approach S40

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 30

AWESOME GOLF WATCH…Great watch for golf and daily use.

Verified Purchase

The Garmin Approach S40 is a great option for golfers who want style and functionality. This amazing device has more than 41,000 courses from all around the world right out of the box

This lightweight watch features an easy-to-read 1″ color screen, sun readable bezel with quick release bands that allow you to change the look in seconds!

With over 41000 courses preloaded from all around the world, this device will have no problem finding your next hole on any course anywhere insight.

The putter won’t track every shot type but it does measure detected distances so know when it’s hit close or far away from greens.

The Green View feature allows manual pin positioning and it quickly references distances to the front, middle, and back of the green as well as hazards.

It also has built-in multisport profiles for everyday activities such as steps, sleep tracking, or hiking with your dog!

This tracker can last up to 15 hours in GPS mode but if you want more flexibility then 10 days’ worth is available through its smartwatch features that allow users quick access data on their wrist from anywhere they are without having an internet connection nearby.

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 31

Best Shot Scope Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 32

The best shot scope golf watch is the perfect tool for any golfer looking to take their game to the next level.

The Shot Scope Golf Watch provides accurate distance, speed, and altitude data all in one convenient package.

In this article, we’ll be discussing the 3 best shop scope golf watch to improve your game. It contains information about 3 of the best shot scope golf watches on the market today.

With so many products on the market, it’s hard to figure out which ones are worth your time and money. So we’ve done some research and came up with a list of the 3 best shot scope golf watches for you to consider when making your purchase.

They are all of the good quality and have their own unique features

4. Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 33

AWESOME GOLF GPS WATCH..Accurate distance, user friendly and super efficient after-sales service.

Verified Purchase

All the features you need in a golf watch, including accurate distances up to one yard off of the target. The Shot Scope V3 GPS Watch is perfect for players who want a whole lot more than just scorekeeping.

It also keeps track of all hazards and measures how far your shots go with ease-with an automatic hole progression while playing automatically too so there’s no need to worry about carrying anything extra around or stopping every few holes like some other watches might require from its users

The performance tracking enables you to see every shot on every hole, giving an insight into how your game can be improved for next time.

With stroke data and our handicap benchmarking system available in-app; it’s easy to see why so many people love using this watch – not just as a way of keeping track while playing but also providing valuable feedback that helps achieve lower scores than before

You can easily use it and set it up in less time than you may think because of its simplicity with no fussiness!

The daylight readable screen shows color only when it matters most which enhances your experience in all sorts of ways from finding lost balls or checking on shots at point-blank range without bending over too much (if necessary)

The nice thing about this machine too? It has an extremely accessible UK support team that’s ready 24/7 should any questions arise while using or navigating through features – so don’t worry if anything comes up at all before then.

Product Key Features

  • 36,000+ preloaded courses
  • GPS watch with Automatic Performance Tracking
  • Wear as an Every day watch
  • 10+ hours battery in golf mode
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 34

3. Shot Scope V2 Smart GPS Golf WatchBest Budget Shot Scope Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 35

A VERY HELPFUL GOLFING DEVICE…This is a great device i have payed 6 rounds and already i have lots of data on club performance. This device is easy to setup and use

Verified Purchase

With the Shot Scope V2, you can enjoy a round of golf without having to worry about tracking your shots.

The watch will automatically track everything from where each ball went off course and how far it was hit in both directions for greens as well as hazards; all while providing yardages on front/middle distances between tee box positions!

Automatic shot tracking keeps you on the fairway with more consistency. When playing golf, it is difficult if not impossible to know which club would have been best for any given situation without manually checking distances of each possible shot at every hazard along with your course’s layout – but now that’s a thing of the past thanks to Automatic Shot Tracking

It automatically calculates all green distance options based on user-defined clubs and hazards present during competition play so there are no surprises when taking an unexpected swing too far left or right

Reviewing this information provides even more insights into what needs improvement or if there’s anything new that should be focused upon going forward such as reviewing scores with others after playing together (or not).


  • Easy to use


  • Bulky on the wrist

Best Bushnell Golf Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 36

Bushnell golf watches are some of the best on the market and it is one of the best options for golfers looking to invest in a new timepiece.

They use cutting-edge technology to give you accurate readings and provide many different features that will make your game better.

It has a ton of features that are great for any golfer who wants to improve their game, and it’s also easy to use.

The GPS rangefinder helps you track your shots in real-time, while with Shot Tracking you can monitor your stats with detailed information about each swing.

You’ll be able to focus more on improving your play when you have access to all these stats so easily!

The three best golf watches by Bushnell are all very good quality and have a wide variety of features that will suit any golfer.

2. Bushnell ION Edge (Black) GPS Golf Watch Power

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 37

GREAT GOLF WATCH…Great product.!! Fast shipping, awesome value.

Verified Purchase

The Bushnell ION Edge Golf GPS Watch is a must-have for every golfer. It features 38,000 worldwide courses and front/center/back distances as well as a 15-hour battery life.

This watch also has some great perks like GreenView technology that allows pin placements anywhere on course while Hole Advance will automatically send information about each hole as it’s completed so there are no more excuses not being able to stay ahead at home or in the office.

The Bushnell ION Edge Golf GPS Watch has a portable charger that never lets you down on the course. The PlayBetter Portable Charger can recharge your device quickly when it’s time for lunch, and also has LED lights to show how much juice remains in between uses.

Product Features

  • Download the Bushnell Golf app now to stay up-to date on all things golf.
  • Preloaded with more than 38,000 worldwide courses to choose from
  • Track up to 6 hazard/layup distances per hole
  • 15+ hours of battery life
  • Downloadable Bushnell Golf app
17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 38

1. Bushnell Neo Ion 2 Golf GPS Watch

17 Best Golf Watch 2022 With GPS To Boost Your Game. 39

WORKS LIKE A TREAT AND LOOKS GOOD TOO…This is a great buy. Finds golf courses quickly and easily. The hazard function is a great addition and the battery life is excellent. Unlike previously owned GPS watches from other well known brands the wrist strap is not integral to the case and can be replaced easily. Oh, and it looks good too! I am well pleased with this purchase.

Verified Purchase

The Bushnell ION Edge Golf GPS Watch is a must-have for every golfer. It features 38,000 worldwide courses and front/center/back distances as well as a 15-hour battery life!

With its advanced golf watch functionality like GreenView with moveable pin placement or Auto Course Recognition on the course plays itself while you wait;

This device also boasts Scorekeeping so even your lowest score will show up in the kill shot section of any given hole (not that we recommend playing by yourself).

The Bushnell Golf App has been included to give you free access. With this app, your golf game can be improved and it will allow for a more convenient way of practice on the course or even just at home.

The Bushnell iON2 has a wireless update system for courses. This allows you to wirelessly download and install new lessons without having to connect anything, which is perfect if your signal isn’t great where it’s located.

Get all these great benefits without sacrificing style points when out there teeing it up again today.

Key Features

  • Material Type: Plastic
  • Access to 36,000+ Courses
  • Front/Center/Back Distances
  • Shot Distance Calculator
  • Wireless Course Updates
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Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best golf watch?

The best golf watches in order of preference are Garmin Approach s62, Garmin Approach s40, Bushell Neo Ion Golf Watch, Shot Scope V3 Golf Watch

Is a Golf Watch Worth it?

Golf watches are definitely worth it as they are a great investment for improving your game. Not only will it help you make better decisions with statistics and numbers, but also by giving accurate distances between hazards on the course as well.

Which Garmin Watches are good for golf?

The best Garmin watches for golf to help improve your game are Garmin Approach S42, Garmin Approach S60, Garmin Approach S12, Garmin Approach S10

Features To Look Out For In a Golf Watch

Waterproof, Green mapping, Scorecard, Long Battery Life, Ease of Use, Fitness Tracking

Can you use a golf watch as a normal watch?

In Conclusion

We hope that the information we’ve provided has been helpful and informative. Golf is a game that can be enjoyed by virtually anyone, no matter their level of skill or budget. If you’re looking for ways to improve your golfing experience, consider investing in one of the 17 best golf watches discussed above.

If you’re looking for the best and popular brands (Garmin, Bushnell, or Shot Scope), be sure to check out these top-quality brands. It doesn’t matter if your budget is large or small – these watches offer quality at every price point so don’t be afraid of getting one

It doesn’t matter if your budget is large or small – these watches offer quality at every price point so don’t be afraid of getting one.

We hope that our recommendations will help you find just what you need to improve your game! Whether you’re an amateur or a pro golfer, there is something on here for everyone.