7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023

When it comes to playing golf, it is always a good time to getaway. But the question is Where are the budget trips?

And most importantly, where can one go for a long, relaxing vacation without breaking the band or spending above budget planned.

However, when it comes down to it, we all know that it can be super expensive to play golf. There are many places out there that will charge you a small fortune for a simple round of golf.

The best golf trips on a budget provide the ultimate combination of affordability and quality. But if you are not sure where to go, don’t fret.

We’ve compiled our top ten list of the best golf trips on a budget you might just want to visit.

Best Golf Trips On A Budget

  • Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
  • Orlando, Florida
  • San Diego, California
  • Harbor Springs, Michigan
  • Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Alabama
  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Las Vegas

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7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 2

While some famous courses will require you to pay a gruesome amount for a round of golf, we’ve found the destinations where you can experience that same high-end quality for half the price. (Source)

These are the destinations for the best golf trips on a budget. These are all budget-friendly golf excursions.

1. Myrtle Beach, South carolina

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 3

Myrtle Beach is the Holy grail of budget trips. It is truly one of the top locations for the best golf trips on a budget.

So, whether you are traveling alone or with your family, friends, or a group of buddies, the city’s 100 premier golf courses are undoubtedly the most economical spot to spice up your trip.

It also includes a host of other golf packages available, some include accommodation while others may include free lunch.

Almost any course in Myrtle Beach is sure to deliver on affordability and great golf and some of the best golf trips on a budget include resorts like Barefoot Resort, Legends Golf Resort

Myrtle Beach, South Carolina is your destination of choice for great and best golf trips on a budget.

2. Orlando, Florida

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 4

With plenty to offer on and off the fairways, Orlando, Florida is also another one of the best golf trips on a budget to consider.

The two best golf trips on a budget in Orlando are; Dubsdread Golf Course and Orange County National.

Dubsdread is regarded as the oldest course in Orlando while Orange County National is a bit more expensive than the former but still very much affordable.

However, It has been discovered that the key to finding the best budget-friendly golf in Orlando is planning and traveling at the right time.

It is likely you spend a few extra dollars if visiting from October to May, but if you can withstand the hot temperatures, the summer season is the best and most affordable to take that trip.

3. Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Alabama

The Robert Trent Jones Golf Trail, Alabama is easily one of the best golf trips on a budget with its exclusive specials, packages, memberships, and many more.

It features almost 500 holes of world-class golf in 11 different locations across Alabama.

You can also build a golf package which has been made very easy by the Trail, based on your needs in both affordability and style.

Another of its benefit is that you can pick what courses you want to play, when it’s convenient to play them, and receive discounted hotel package rates.

Also, there is unlimited golf, a free round of golf, a host of other promotions offered by the Jones Golf Trail, Alabama.

4. San Diego, California

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 5

San Diego has an array of courses for every golfer, as with any of the best golf trips on a budget.

Coronado Golf Course is arguably one of the best golf trips on a budget, and it is nestled along the shores of the San Diego Bay.

It offers stunning and amazing views and has more reasonably priced courses for around $50 that would most probably cost a fortune anywhere else.

However, if you are open to exploring and splurging on one round, you can check out Torrey Pines Golf Course. It is an excellent option and is located in La Jolla with sweeping ocean vistas.

The course is certainly worth playing if you can afford to. Plus, Omni La Costa Resort & Spa is a great spot to splurge, too.

5. Harbor Springs, Michigan

Incredible and awesome golf packages without breaking the bank are one of the major reasons golfers flock to the premier golf resorts of Northern Michigan.

Have you heard about BOYNE GOLF? It is the most popular of these best golf trips on a budget. The resorts can actually boast ten, championship-level golf courses that offer extraordinary scenery and challenge all facets of your game.

There are packages available for every package and the packages at BOYNE are just as impressive as the courses.

So, whether you are looking for a single round or unlimited golf, its wide options for accommodation and play packages allow you to design your own golf vacation thus making it one of the best golf trips on a budget.

Best Golf Trips For Guys

The best golf trips for guys require a location with a variety of great courses, plenty of fun bars and nightlife, and an assortment of other activities to pass the time when you aren’t playing golf.

Here are some great destinations to try for some of the best golf trips for guys.

  • Cape Town, South Africa
  • Las Vegas

6. Cape Town, South Africa

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 6

Cape Town has a range of world-class golf courses, a variety of activities, quality accommodation, and it is super affordable.

Cape Town is privileged to have 27 golf courses around the metropolitan, ranging from parkland to links and championship courses.

Besides quality golf courses in the Cape Town metropolitan, there are a host of other activities to undertake on your tour.

As far as bang for your buck goes, Cape Town not only offers one of the best golf trips in the world. But, one of the best golf trips on a budget and also one of the best golf trips for guys.

Courses; 27

Must play courses; Royal Cape Town, Atlantic Beach, Pearl Valley

Other Activities; Wine Tours,  Diving, Surfing, Restaurants, Bars, Museums

Best Time To Visit; November-April

7. Las Vegas

You can’t talk about a guy’s golf trip and not mention the sin city, Las Vegas. What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas, whether it is the fun activities or golf experience.

Las Vegas is quite known for its reputation of nightlife, and gambling establishment. It is also home to immaculate golf courses, providing a perfect combination of golf and entertainment for a guy’s tour.

It has over 70 Courses to choose from, plus accommodations, activities, and dining options.

Must-Play Courses; Shadow Creek, Chimera, Las Vegas National

Best Hotels/Resorts; Wynn Las Vegas, The Palazzo

Other Activities; Live Shows, Gambling, nightlife

Best Time To Visit; March-May / September – November

Essential Golf Items To Pack On Your Next Golf Trip

Whether you’re going on a golf getaway or you’re just looking to golf while on vacation, there are a few things that you are going to need to bring with you to make the most out of your game.

1. A Durable Golf Travel Bag/cover

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 7

On any golf trip, your clubs deserve the most attention, so investing in a sound travel cover to protect your sticks, like the CaddyDaddy Constrictor 2 Padded Golf Travel Bag Cover is a smart decision.

It is pretty inexpensive, lightweight, easy to store, and has tons of storage. And, it is designed specifically for protecting your golf clubs and equipment while traveling – air or auto.

Plus it is a great option for golfers going on a golf trip and it comes with one year warranty (which even covers damages caused by airlines).

Just make sure to check our guide on the 11 Best Golf Bag For Air Travel In 2022. Don’t go anywhere without a good travel case to protect your clubs

2. Golf Balls

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 8

This one is pretty obvious. If you want to play golf, you need golf balls.

Although, while all balls may seem alike, there are differences, and the more balls you bring, the better.

Plus, there is no point in spending hours looking for a lost ball when you can always grab a new one.

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3. Rangefinder

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 9

A rangefinder helps gauge distances while on the course. The estimation will help improve their game by letting the golfer know how hard they should hit the ball.

And when you know the actual distance to the target, you’ll have more confidence in taking the shot or you’ll know that it’s too far away to risk it.

So it’s very important you have at least one rangefinder on you when going for your next golf trip.

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4. Golf Clubs

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 10

Golf clubs that are tailored to you are extremely important if you are looking to play seriously on your next golf trip.

This Callaway Golf Men’s Strata Complete Set is complete with all of the essentials like a driver, woods, hybrids, 9 irons, and putters.

5. Golf Shoes

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 11

Because of the spikes, golf shoes are ideal for golf courses and also one of the most important items to take along with you on your golf trip.

Golf shoes like these are inexpensive and can make all the difference in your game. You can check out this New Balance Men’s Golf Shoe or other options on Amazon

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6. Windproof Travel Umbrella

7 Best Golf Trips On A Budget In 2023 12

Rain is inevitable. And nothing will ruin your golf game like some rain, having a windproof portable umbrella like this one will help keep your game going, no matter what mother nature has in mind.

Other Golf Packing List

  • Insulated Water Bottle
  • Tees
  • Extra Spikes
  • Cooling Towel
  • Waterproof Day Bag
  • Extra Golf Shoes
  • Earplugs
  • Membership cards
  • Credit Cards
  • Extra Cash

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the cheapest golf trip on a budget?

The best golf trips on a budget; Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, Orlando, Florida, San Diego, California,
Harbor Springs, Michigan.

How much do golf lessons cost?

The price of golf lessons will widely vary depending on location but typically you will spend anywhere from $30 to $80 per lesson.

When is the best time to go golfing?

While on your golf trip, the best time to go golfing is either in the morning (around 9 AM) or the later afternoon (around 4 PM). Scientifically, this is when your brain will be able to focus the most.

How many 18 hole golf courses are there in Iceland?

There are 15 18-hole golf courses and 46 9-hole golf courses in the country available to visitors. Golf in Iceland has gained in popularity by leaps and bounds in recent years to become the nation’s second-most popular sport.

In Conclusion

The best golf trips on a budget are the ideal way to enjoy an incredible golf vacation while keeping your wallet happy. Don’t let cost deter you from getting together with your guys, families for a memorable golf weekend getaway.

Plus, the golf trips/resort listed offers a wide variety of courses to enjoy, combined with an array of options off the course. So, you don’t have to bother spending beyond your budget.