December 9, 2021
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10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150.

best golf rangefinder under 150
Golf Rangefinder

The most important features to consider when looking at the best golf rangefinder is whether it has an accurate distance reading, is easy to use, and can withstand some abuse on the course. In this article, we have carefully researched and reviewed the top 10 Best golf rangefinders under $200 to help your buying decision.

With so many options available, picking the right one is an enormous task but the following rangefinders are the 10 best golf rangefinders under $200;

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Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200

Without one of these devices under $200, golfers waste time and money trying to improve their games and success might be far reached because they simply don’t have all of the necessary information that would lead to improvement.

They are also useful for measuring how far away an object or person may be without seeing them, which means it’s hard not to get one when playing at any level.
The best under $200 Golf Rangefinders are listed below.

1. Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 1
Best Overall under $200

Very accurate and easy to use. Love the magnet to attach to golf cart and the easy to use strap to close the case.

Verified User

Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder is considered as our overall best golf rangefinder under $200, not only because of the critical data it gives but also, it is good for slope-adjustment

Equipped with a 6x magnification and accurate range of 5-1000 yards, this device builds on what has come before it while also incorporating new features that are sure to settle any differences in gamesmanship step by step.

If you’re looking for an inexpensive, high-quality, and well-known range-finding device, this is your best option.


  • 5- 1000 Yards
  • Pulse Vibration
  • Accurate Slope Measurement
  • Pin Locking Technology
10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 2

2. Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder Slope & Non Slope Model

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 3
Alternative Best

Good rangefinder, Light weight and Easy to use.

Like the free replacement battery program. Pretty accurate.

Verified User

The Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder Slope & Non-Slope Model is the alternative best and most cutting-edge golf rangefinder today, as it comes with easily readable touch sensors and displays slope. Its design allows for quick readings to make your games even more enjoyable. With a fast laser speed, this range finder will have you scoring accurately every time.

The Precision Pro NX7 Slope rangefinder provides all the tools you need for precision on your game,

Customers say that it’s well worth the money because of its long-range, quality optics, bright display, and lightweight construction. Get the best value for your money now.


  • Adaptive Slope Technology
  • 600 Yard Range
  • Lifetime Battery Replacement
  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • Crystal Clear Optics

3. TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder with High-Precision

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 4

Clear optics, easy to use and good price. I purchased a second one for my wife and recommended to my golf buddies.

Verified User

TecTecTec VPRO500 Laser Rangefinder with High-Precision measures up to 540 yards with continuous scan mode and a durable, water-resistant body.

This high-precision laser range finder is sure to provide you with a seamless experience and reliable performance for golfing, hunting, and other professional occupations. For a little above $100 but under $200 this device will be your new favorite tool on the course or in the workplace


  • 540 Yards
  • Pin Sensor Technology
  • Crystal Clear Lenses
  • 6X Magnification
  • Long-lasting CR-2 lithium battery

Best Golf Rangefinder Under $150

Technology is constantly improving and the rangefinders that come with it have become more powerful, allowing you to play your game.

It can be tough finding the best golf rangefinder but below are some options under $150 that will still provide the quality and performance you need to play your best game.

4. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf & Hunting Range Finder

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 5
Overall best golf rangefinder under $150

Easy to use, very accurate yardages, lightweight, and so inexpensive compared to many rangefinders

Verified User

Gogogo Sport VRo Rangefinder has been the overall best golf rangefinder under $150 is a professional tool for all your golfing needs. It provides you with everything from the cost to performance.

This Range Finder is compact and lightweight, making it seamless to swing with it in your golf bag. As the standard measuring range goes from 5-650 yards with +/- 1m high accuracy, you can use this laser range finder for almost anything sporting events golf course managements on large tracts of land that need precise readings of distance or even hunting whether boar or deer type games.


  • 5- 650 Yards
  • Multi Coated Optics Lens
  • GS24″TL Slope Switch
  • Precise Speed Measurement

5. BOBLOV Rangefinder

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 6
Best for golfing and hunting

Easy to use and pretty accurate. I like the slope indication

Verified User

The BOBLOV Rangefinder is the best tool for any golfer who needs precision measurements. Small, lightweight, and easy to use, this rangefinder fixes one of golf’s more annoying problems with precise readings on the distance to flags or hazards.

It has an informative LCD display with automatic brightness control so you can easily adjust according to changing light conditions. The slope switch is for tournament legal status while its precise accurate pings will keep your game on point during hunting adventures or your next competitive golf game. With this product by your side, you won’t just be taking down the perfect shot – you’ll feel like a pro.

6. Anyork Golf Rangefinder 1500yards

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 7
Most affordable, 1500 yards

For the money this is absolutely the best. If you’re like me and reading this and looking for that one review this is it. Buy it! I over research everything. Great Product!!!

Verified User

Anyork Golf Rangefinder takes your game to the next level with its, 1500 yards distance measurement capability, 6x magnification rangefinder with eyepiece focusing adjustment, and large LCD display(3-inch).

A superior quality eye cup is constructed of PVC rubber which provides protection against dirt, dust, and water. It includes a yardage calculator, slope compensator, and flag pole locking technology.

Plus you’ll get a 2-year warranty and lifetime customer support service will all ensure that our customers’ satisfaction with us lasts a lifetime! The goal is you have an enjoyable experience playing every single day. Check out today!!!


  • 5- 1500 Yards Measurement
  • 6X Magnification
  • 2X CR-2 Batteries
best golf rangefinder under 150

7. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under $200
Industry Leading golf rangefinder

Easy to use. Great price with the slope feature.

Verified User

Keep an eye on your distance with the PEAK PULSE golf Laser Rangefinder, designed to target the flag so you don’t have to sacrifice accuracy for convenience. With Pulse Vibration Technology and Flag Acquisition Technology, you can focus on accuracy even as your hands shake.

Price-wise, this device competes with similar products for about the same price. One of which is offered by you, PeakPulse Golf. But this product has some fancy extras to help separate it from its competitors.

Use the new PEAK PULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder to find out exactly how far away you are from that hole in one It reaches distances of 600 yards with accuracy within +/1 yard. It’s ridiculously easy to use too just point and shoot.


  • Pulse Vibration Technology
  • 600+ Yards Measurement
  • 1x CR2 Battery
  • 6X Magnification
  • Crystal Clear Optics
best golf rangefinder uder $200

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder

The best budget golf rangefinder will depend on your needs. Some people prefer laser rangefinders over GPS-enabled models because they do not require an internet or cellular signal in order to operate properly. This can be very advantageous when golfing in remote areas where there is no cell service available. The top three budget rangefinders according to our review is stated below;

8. Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 8

Accurate and Decent quality. After a few rounds using this really became part of my routine. While my partners are looking at 150 to “center of green” I’m seeing distance to the stick which has been as much as 30 yards difference.

Verified User

The award-winning Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder is the best in class for budget golfers who are interested in the lower price and also getting the best features, it is a non-sloped golf laser range finder that delivers the accurate distance to your target with one-yard precision and includes a hard carrying case.

With 600-yard range capacity, 1/10-yard measurements, and accurate yardage readings quickly updated with each button press, ranging is a breeze.


  • Pulse Vibration
  • Measures up to 600 Yards
  • +/- 1-Yard Accuracy
  • 6x Magnification
  • Water and Fog Resistant
  • Protection Plan

9. ACPOTEL Golf Laser Range Finder 

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 9

I got this range finder for golfing and I’m surprised how accurate and easy this is to use. It has many features and you are able to adjust the focus for better viewing quality. This is great for golf. Love it

Verified User

Even if you’re new to the game, the ACPOTEL Golf Laser Range Finder can measure distances within a mere one yard of accuracy up to 400 yards away with virtually no time lag and it is budget-friendly.

It comes equipped with 2 milliwatt laser technology which is necessary for good visibility outdoors on sunny days as well as nights when using only artificial light sources such as flashlights.

With the 100% reliable service guarantee, this golf laser rangefinder is just what you need, It offers hours of entertainment for golf enthusiasts and hunters alike. The product includes 24-hour customer service through email, chat, or phone; a 30-days money-back guarantee; an 18-months replacement warranty, and lifetime technical support.


  • Magnification: 6X
  • Field of view: 7°
  • Objective lens: 22mm
  • Battery: CR2 lithium metal battery
  • Eye Safety: 905 nm
  • Dimensions: 4.6*3.1*1.6 inch

10. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

10 Best Golf Rangefinder Under $200 and $150. 10

Works as advertised. Very lightweight, Not bulky. Acquires target very well.

I am very pleased.

Verified user

WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder allows you to accurately measure distances of 5 to 800 yards while still remaining within the 250-yard flag lock. Completely water-resistant and precision accurate with 1-yard accuracy, this rangefinder delivers a short vibration when locked onto the target giving you one more assurance that it is getting an accurate read. Be confident in your shot.

This incredible gadget provides clear measurement on distant objects, even with special mechanisms for diopter adjustment.

Innovative design with battery cover design is used. The quality durable design makes this golf rangefinder the best addition to any club bag, and its affordable price leaves you with plenty left in your bank account. For golfers looking for something that’s built to last, WOSPORTS has got you covered the lifetime warranty assures that it will always be by your side on the fairway.


  • 800 Yards Measurement
  • Precise Slope Measurement
  • Water resistant
  • Vibration Technology


Which is the best inexpensive golf rangefinder?

The best inexpensive golf rangefinder with the best features are; Callaway Laser Golf Rangefinder, Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder, WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder.

There are several best inexpensive golf rangefinders to buy now but those mentioned above is definitely a brand to pay great attention to.

What is the easiest golf range finder to use?

These best rated under $200 are our top recommendations for this year: BOBLOV Rangefinder, Anyork Golf Rangefinder 1500yards, PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder, Precision Pro NX7 Golf Rangefinder.

It’ll be hard to find something that doesn’t have one of these in it. If you’re looking for an affordable option while still getting all the features like long-range measurements, slope views, and even hazards, You can take advantage of your next game with these because there isn’t any other company out there making products similar.


If you are looking to purchase a golf rangefinder, we have created this list of the 10 best options under $200, $150, and the best budget golf rangefinder. Either you prefer something small and compact or one that is high-tech with all sorts of features, there should be an option on our list for everyone.

We hope this article has helped narrow down your search so that you can find the perfect device for your needs.


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