September 19, 2021
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13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews.

best golf rangefinder uk
13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 1

One of the hardest things to measure when you’re new to the game is the distance, actually, we all have trouble with estimating distance. Well, this post on the best golf rangefinder uk will help take all of the guesswork out of your game.

The laser rangefinder technology can be used for many things including golfing. As golfers can use this technology not only to measure the yardage of a particular shot but to gauge slope and wind as well. The Golf rangefinder devices make it easier for both professional golfers and amateurs to obtain yardage. Although there has been debate over whether they should be allowed in tournaments. While their use is banned on the professional level, they are becoming widely used on amateur levels all over the world.

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 2
Golfer watching into rangefinder at his hit

In this article, we are going to lead you to the most improved and the best golf rangefinder UK has in the market after our thorough researches and careful selections. Some of them are the best golf rangefinders for both golfing and hunting while a couple of them that met our criteria also made the list as the best budget golf rangefinder in UK.

The Best Golf Rangefinder UK

best golf rangefinder under $100

If you want to know all the details of why we selected each of these, then read on!

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Overall Best Rangefinder In UK – Bushnell Golf Rangefinder Tour V5 Rangefinders.

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 3

This is un-arguably the number one rangefinder in UK golfing market. This amazing device is perhaps one of the best rangefinders created by the Bushnell brand. Several golf pros. Trust your Bushnell for the precision distance that makes all the difference – and add an edge to your game.


  • 1,000 YARDS Max Range
  • 6X Zoom Magnification
  • POSITIVE locking
  • VISUAL Jolt
  • BUSHNELL bite
  • ADVANCE Target Acquisition

Best Value For The Money RangefinderTecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder.

best golf rangefinder uk tectectec VPRO500

Works exactly as expected and seems very accurate. There are a few instructional videos out there on how to use it I would suggest users could peruse that would help them out before going out onto the course but after you grasp the basics there is no looking back.- Verified Buyer

The VPRO500 delivers fast and extremely accurate measurements right down to the decimal. Target Lock Technology makes it easier to lock onto a target even if your hands are shaky. The VPRO500 is durable and built to last.

Its very lightweight at just 6.52 oz and compact at 4.09 x 2.83 x 1.61 inches, ergonomic, and rain resistant. It comes fully equipped with a premium shock-resistant protective case. This is a reliable choice for any level of golfer.


  • 540 YARDS Max Range
  • ADVANCE pin seeker mode
  • Continous Scan Mode
  • Water Resistant
  • Good Battery Life

Best Golf Rangefinder For Shaky HandsMiLESEEY Pro-Precision 660Yards Golf Rangefinder.

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 4

This is a combination of a pocket-sized telescope and a laser pointer that can calculate how far the beam has traveled before hitting a surface. This results in a reading of distance that is more accurate than any green guide. The body is made strong and it’s made to be easy to carry. This will help you get your swing strength refined. Knowing how long the shot is can help you pick the correct club and also help you in your head judge distance and get a feel for the strength needed for your shots. Verified Buyer

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 5

When a golfer’s hands are shaking it will be difficult to hit accurately on points. So our team selected the Mileseey rangefinder as the best golf rangefinder for shaky hands.

MILESEEY slope compensation technology is even more accurate than correcting your shaky hands. MILESEEY golf range finder automatically calculates the uphill or downhill distance and display along with the distance to pin, so that you can select the right club and hit the ball with confidence.


  • SUPERIOR Accuracy
  • MEASURE in Yard or Meters
  • MULTIPLE Scan Mode
  • WATER & FOG Proof
  • 6x Zoom

Best Golf Rangefinder For Beginners – Golf Range Finder, Golf Laser Rangefinders

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 6

WORKS FLAWLESSLY! Was impressed with the price. Turning on batteries is working… I use it mostly for archery and airsoft whenever I’m not golfing.Verified Buyer
13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 7

Golf laser range finder device by ChanChan is a premium product, advanced laser technology, measuring up to 656 yards(if the target is too small or not so reflective, the distance would not be up to 350 yards), slope feature measures angle of incline/decline and automatically calculates slope adjusted distance.


  • MULTI-LAYER coating
  • HIGH Precision
  • 1 YARD, 1 DEGREE Accuracy
  • WATER Resistant

Alternative Best Golf Rangefinder For Beginners – WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder.


Bought this golf rangefinder for my best buddy who is very much into golf. It has helped improve his performance and techniques. He loves the features it offers and was very easy to use. It gives you the range of 650 yards and Locks down the flag for accurate measurement. It is very small and fits in your pocket easily. It can also be used in other games as it is helpful in measuring moving objects. Overall, my buddy is happy and I get to use it too for my game…Verified Buyer

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 8

Best Laser Rangefinders UKTecTecTec Golf Rangefinder

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 9

Good, solid product…I bought this for golf and so far I am very pleased with the performance. Due to the terrible weather, I have only been able to use it a couple of times so far but it seems to be accurate. It’s easy to use and is a comfortable fit in the hand…Verified Buyer

If you are in need of a rangefinder that is laser-powered rather than the GPS range finder types, TecTecTec is a great brand of laser rangefinders that can be classified among the Best Laser Rangefinders UK.

This TecTecTec ULT-X Golf Laser Range Finder can accurately target a maximum of 1,000 Yards range, with good slope compensation and vibration, easy flag seeker.


  • 1,000yards MAX range
  • ACCURACY to 300yards
  • WATER Resistant
  • PIN sensor
  • SLOPE compensation


13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 10

TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf Rangefinder – Laser Range Finder

Bushnell Golf Rangefinder UK Review – Bushnell Pro XE Golf Rangefinder.

BUSHNELL golf rangefinder

There won’t be a great review of the best golf rangefinder UK without mentioning the Bushnell Pro XE Golf rangefinder among the top ten. Although the Bushnell brand of golf rangefinders need to work harder as some competitors are fast leaving them behind with flawless golf rangefinders but the brand remains one of the best and most reputable golf rangefinder manufacturer in the entire UK.

This Bushnell is so much better in every single way. Build quality is incredible – it feels exceptional in the hand The speed at which it gets the distance is incredible – I mean under half a second accuracy is second to none 7 x zoom really helps ALOT to focus on the pin barometric readings are a joy…Verified Buyer

Really accurate readings including the slopes. I have not yet being able to evaluate how the weather changes affect distance calculation since I just bought it during the summertime. The pin seeker functionality does not work that well for me. Only on a few occasions, the device vibrates to indicate it has effectively ‘seen’ the flag but, I still get accurate readings of the flag anyway without the vibration…Verified Buyer

Best Budget Golf Rangefinder Uk

Looking for the best budget golf rangefinder Uk that falls within the price range of £100, £150 or £200 with similar qualities (even more qualities ) when compared to the expensive golf range finders that are above £400 in price.

The following golf rangefinders are the best budget golf rangefinder uk we are confident that will give the best of the best results without you breaking the bank to acquire any of them.

AOFAR HX-700N Golf Range Finder

best budget golf rangefinder UK
Click Image To Learn More

AOFAR HX-800H Golf Rangefinder

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 11

AOFAR GX-2S Golf Range Finder

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 12

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 UkBOBLOV Golf Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under 100 UK

Budget Price But High-End Quality…I bought this laser range finder at a budget price with high-quality features. Love this unit. I need to watch long-term reliability but so far so good. Accurate and Easy to Use, Great battery life at an unbelievable price! Recommended...Verified Buyers

Boblov K600AG Golf rangefinder is our best golf rangefinder under 100 Uk pound sterling due to it’s multi-usability features. Aside for golfing you can also use this less than £100 device for Archery, bow hunting, deer hunting, hiking and long distance measurement.


  • 650yards MAX range
  • ACCURACY to 200yards
  • WATER Resistant
  • 1 sec FAST LOCKING
  • SLOPE tech Compensation

Alternative Pick For Best Golf Rangefinder Under 100 Uk- OUBEL Golf Rangefinder

13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 13
13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 14

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 150 Uk – Nikon Coolshot 20 Golf Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under 150 UK

GREAT RANGEFINDER…compact, accurate, and robust. If you want to know exactly how far your ball is from the flag, and then subsequently how far your next shot is from the lake then this is perfect for you…highly recommendedVerified Buyer

Best Golf Rangefinder Under 200 UkEasy Green Golf Rangefinder

best golf rangefinder under 200 UK

EXCELLENT ACCESSORY FOR GOLFERS…Had a Bushnell which was excellent but it eventually gave up the ghost. This was about 1/3 the price, does everything I want – very accurate. I’ve had this one a couple of years now and it’s been with me all over the world playing in different weathers and temperatures – battery life – good. I’d buy another in a heartbeat…Verified Buyer

Easy Green golf rangefinder is a 1,300 yard range finder with vibrating pin lock & slope compensation technology.

Most Expensive Golf Rangefinder UK.

After a thorough research and detailed analysis we found out that the most expensive golf rangefinder uk has to offer it the GUOXY Professional Golf Rangefinder.

GUOXY Outdoor PRO Golf Rangefinder.

most expensive golf rangefinder in uk
13 Best Golf Rangefinder (UK) To Buy In 2021 | In-Depth Reviews. 15


The best golf rangefinders uk most possess each of the following important rangefinder features;

#1. ACCURACY ON TARGETS: The most important feature of a golf rangefinder is that it must be spot-on accurate. If your rangefinder accidentally picks up a tree behind the flag stick instead of the flag itself, you may find yourself significantly over-clubbing. So you want to be sure that the yardage is accurate and specific to your intended target.

#2. BATTERY LIFE: There are few things more frustrating than grabbing your rangefinder on the green and seeing the display suddenly go dim. We strongly recommend always having a back up battery with you whenever you are goifn for a golf game. CR2 Batteries are splendid.

#3. DURABILITY: The rangefinder will be taken in and out of its case, tossed around, left on the seat of the golf cart, dropped, mishandled, rained on, dropped again, and rained on some more. It has to be built strong enough to take a beating and still crank out accurate yardages without blinking.

#4. DISPLAY/ OPTICS: The best optics will be crystal clear, like looking through a rifle scope or binoculars. There should be no blurring at all, crystal clear images coming through making it easy to pick out the proper target. We’re looking for at least 5x magnification and an easy focus adjustment mechanism.

#5. BEST VALUE FOR MONEY: With such a wide range of price points for rangefinders, we want to be sure you’re getting the best bang for your buck. Can you just pick the lowest-priced one and be on your merry way to the golf course, or will that sacrifice too much performance? Is it worth it to spend some extra money for extra features or is a simpler, lower cost option the best way to go?


Environment factor: The environment factors including sunshine intensity, the concentration of water vapor in the air and suspended particles.(rain fog,snow,fog, haze,etc)

Target reflectivity: Generally speaking, the higher the reflectivity of the object,the better the ranging ability.

Target shape: When a target is too small or uneven, ranging capability and range corresponding speed will decrease.


This one ultimately is up to you. Personally, I prefer having a laser rangefinder as it gives you extremely precise measurements to whatever target you fire the laser at. However, GPS models will give you certain advantages, such as overhead views of a hole so you can make a good plan of attack even if shots are blind or deceptive.

However, GPS units give much less reliable yardages. On a clear day, you can expect drift of up to 5 yards or so, and on a cloudy day it can get much worse. You may even lose your signal entirely. Many GPS units or phone apps also eat batteries, so if you get stuck in a slow round, you may run out of power before you’re done.

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