Top 10 – Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 2

Golf is a game of inches, yards, accuracy, and stability. To bring out your best distance measuring on the golf course, you need the best golf GPS device.

Golf GPS is a distance measuring device and they come in various guises these days. There are compact GPS units and stylish GPS watches, but then, each of these offers something different and at different price points.

As a golfer, there are several benefits of investing in golf GPS. the main benefit of this is that you’ll get quick and accurate distances.

This can unlock new levels of confidence at the links as you are sure that you’ve chosen the right club because this is what will help you commit to shots much more easily.

With the use of the best golf GPS device, you also get hazard information and overhead maps of the hole, and this will, in turn, guide your strategy and save you shots, especially on blind holes and at courses you’ve never played before.

These days, there are golf GPS watches asides from the traditional handheld GPS devices. They all serve the same purpose and that is to help measure and calculate distances and all on the links.

Top 9 Best Golf GPS Devices To Consider

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Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 3

As a golfer, whether amateur or professional, having access to the best golf GPS device may sometimes be something that golfers may sometimes take for granted, but these instruments can really be indispensable for your rounds.

Most golfers will opt for the option of using golf GPS handhelds instead of watches because of their larger displays, longer battery lives, and affordable prices, among other things.

But then, choosing the best golf GPS device can seem like a daunting task because of all the different options that are available in physical stores and on Amazon.

If you’re looking to buy the best golf GPS device, Golforbes has done a finalized job of reviewing to you the best that Amazon has to offer across a range of different budgets.

9. Izzo Swami 6000 Golf GPS

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 4

This handheld GPS device comes preloaded with over 38,000 global course maps that require no subscription fees.

The Swami 6000 gives precise and accurate measurements to the front, centre, and back of the green.

It comes complete with auto-course recognition as well as auto-hole with advanced and individual shot distance measurements.

One of the best golf GPS devices, this handheld GPS unit is equipped with an integrated magnet that is designed to attach to the cart frame.

This golf GPS includes a digital scorekeeper that saves round scores and has a large and vibrant 2’’ colour display making it quite easy to read and operate.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 5

8. Bushnell Golf- Phantom 2

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 6

The Bushnell Phantom 2 has added texturing and provided more surface area than the regular handheld GPS devices.

The unique features of this handheld device include a long and extended 18 hours of battery life so that you can play more than 4 rounds on a single charge.

It also comes with automatic golf course recognition once you set it in the Play Golf mode. It automatically finds the courses closest to your location.

Also, it automatically advances from hole to hole without you having to press any buttons and it comes with a shot distance calculator.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 7

7. Garmin Approach G10

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 8

The Garmin Approach G10 Compact GPS is a clip-on device that fits just anywhere.

One of the best golf GPS device on Amazon, it comes preloaded with more than 40,000 golf courses around the world.

It displays the distances to the front, back and middle of the green including hazards.

It features a Green View display that shows the shape of the green with manual pin placements and a digital scorecard that allows you easily keep track of your score throughout each round.

This versatile device is IPX7 water-rated and features a long-running lithium-ion battery to last you through long rounds and extra holes of up to 15 hours in full GPS mode before the battery needs to be recharged.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 9

6. Garmin Approach G30

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 10

This is a compact handheld golf GPS. With its 2.3-inch color touchscreen display and high sensitivity, this GPS acquires satellites quickly to show distance to greens, hazards, and doglegs

It comes preloaded with more than 40,000 courses worldwide and has a full-color course mapping with Touch Targeting feature.

The Green View features allow you to place the pin in the correct location for the day, this way, it improves distance accuracy.

Its digital scorecard makes it very easy to keep scores for not just one but up to 4 players, and it automatically uploads to Garmin Connect when synced.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 11

5. Voice Caddie VC300SE

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 12

This is a GPS device with audio distance information by the voice that you will find to be one of the best companions on any golf course.

The voice caddie is free and easy to use and update.

It gives automatic access to the course and hole recognition.

The vc300 automatically recognizes the course and hole so that you can focus on your game

Its components include a battery.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 13

Golf GPS Rangefinder

For golf, there are golf GPS devices, golf GPS watches, golf rangefinders, and then golf GPS rangefinders.

Every golfer knows that it is imperative to have at least one of these devices as it is a must-have.

A Golf GPS rangefinder is designed to help you choose the correct club for a distinct shot on the course.

Even though they may yield the same result, GPS rangefinders (just as other GPS devices) communicate with satellites in space and measure the distances that have been recorded previously on the golf course.

Golf GPS Rangefinders shoot a laser beam at a particular target (or targets) so as to measure the distance.

Because we know that having the best golf GPS device is very important for every golfer, at, we have made a huge selection of golf GPS Rangefinders, so you can be sure that you will find the device that best suits your needs.

4. Swami Kiss Golf GPS Rangefinder

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 14

The Swami Kiss is one of the highly accurate golf GPS that you can lay your hands on.

It comes preloaded with more than 38,000-course maps around the world.

Some of its special features include auto course recognition, auto hole-advance, and individual shot distance measurement all of which are to give you a better golfing experience.

Completely accurate, this golf GPS range finder displays yardage in 2 different ways: front, center, and back display; or a new, simple model that displays yardage to the center of the green only, with front and back distances on the next screen.

As an addition to the best golf GPS device, this handheld has a Score Card Tracker and features a universal micro USB charging port.

The water-resistant feature makes it ideal for wet weather and it has a magnetic hold allowing you to mount to any cart frame for ultra-convenient access.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 15

3. Bushnell Phantom 2 GPS Rangefinder

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 16

Presenting the Bushnell Phantom 2 golf GPS rangefinder which has a larger display and increased font size.

This one is perfect for seeing all of your yardages on all sides at a glance. and the amazing thing is that you can get up to 18 hours of battery life and improvement on the previous Phantom.

It features a BITE magnet that allows staying put as it rides along on your cart, your clubs, or your belt buckle.

As with all of the best golf GPS device, the Phantom has a GreenView with moveable pin placement that will help you to get a more precise distance to the flag.

You can conveniently track more hazards, up to 6 hazard/layup distances per hole.

The Bushnell Phantom 2 golf GPS has access to more than 38,000 preloaded golf courses worldwide.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 17

2. Garmin Approach G12

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 18

Golfing is much easier now as you can mount this compact GPS golf rangefinder anywhere with the use of its built-in clip and lanyard loop.

With this golf GPS rangefinder, you can view yardages as well as hazards and doglegs

On this list of the best golf GPS device, this device from Garmin is perfect for you as it makes you choose from over 42,000 preloaded courses worldwide.

It also features a wireless course update when you pair it with a compatible smartphone and it also keeps your score on the course.

You can pair your Garmin Approach G12 with Approach CT10 club tracking sensors if you are looking for automatic game tracking.

Lastly, this durable device is IPX7 water-resistant so you can enjoy your tee time even in the rain.

There is surely nothing to hate about this device that gives you a long-running, rechargeable battery for up to 30 hours of battery life in GPS mode.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 19

1. Garmin Approach G80 Overall Best Golf GPS Device

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 20

Introducing the first and only integrated golf GPS and launch monitor, you sure won’t find another device like the Approach G80.

It combines the best of the top GPS devices and the features of the best Launch monitors and is priced at a fraction of what you’d pay for individual units.

The overall best golf GPS device, this integrated launch monitor tracks accurate clubhead speed, ball speed, smash factor, swing tempo, and estimated shot distance.

It comes preloaded with 41,000 (and more) detailed color golf course maps worldwide.

It also features a Touch Targeting that gives distances to the front, back, and middle of greens, hazards or points on the fairway.

PlaysLike Distance feature helps to measure uphill or downhill shots and the PinPointer feature tells you where the pin is – even if you can’t see it.

The package includes a cart mount kit and lanyard carabiner so you can easily attach and remove your device to your golf cart allowing easy viewing and smooth navigation around the course.

Top 10 - Best Golf GPS Device To Buy In 2022 21


Avid golfers are in constant pursuit of the things that will make their game better.
From learning new techniques to investing in the best gears like the best golf GPS device, there are many ways to improve your game.

You can free your full potential with the best golf GPS device and that is why we have compiled this post for you.

While some golfers opt for a GPS smartwatch, others prefer the traditional but newly improved handheld designs.

If you prefer these devices, then, this post which is our recommendation for the best golf GPS device is for you.

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