Best Golf Carts – Electric Golf Carts vs Gas Golf Carts – All You Need To Know.

Golf carts are an essential accessory for golfers, and at the same time, even people who don’t golf can benefit from owning a golf cart. They are handy vehicles that can be driven not only on the golf course but also within some communities and a few public roads.

However, If you are new and perplexed by the world of golf carts, consider this your comprehensive guide to Golf carts (Electric Golf Carts vs Gas Golf Carts). This article will cover everything you might need to know about golf carts before walking into a store to purchase one. We will give answers to all the questions in your mind such as what are the Best Golf Carts in the market today, What is a Golf Cart, the different types of Golf Carts, the differences between Electric Golf Carts And Gas Golf Carts, Top Golf Carts Manufacturers, the Cost of buying a Golf Cart, Where to buy it, and Which Golf Cart Is The Best For You

What Is A Golf Cart- Why Is It Necessary For Every Golfer?

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Side view of a handsome young man driving a golf cart and looking at the camera

When it comes to getting you and your golf bag around the golf course, there are different ways by which you can do this. You can decide to carry your bag on your shoulders, which will definitely be exhausting and improper. You can use a golf trolley or golf push cart that is manual or battery-powered, although this is more convenient but still not satisfying enough.

A golf cart is a small vehicle designed originally to carry one, two, or four golfers and their golf clubs around a golf course or on desert trails with less effort than walking. The golf cart is actually designed to meet golfers’ needs, and it offers a lot of specialized safety and comfort features.

Golf carts have been around for a long time as a matter of fact the first electric golf cart was custom-made in 1932, but these days, golf carts come in a wide range of formats such as 2, 4, and 6 seaters and move at speeds within 15 mph – 18mph (24 – 27 km/h) per time. Golf carts dimension is generally 4 feet wide × 8 feet long × 6 feet high while golf cart weight is +/- 410 kg to 450 kg which is 900pounds to 1,000 pounds.

Invariably, golf carts are now more efficient, more powerful, and have more weight than previous generations, because more and more innovative companies had discovered the importance and the increasing market values of the Golf cart industry, thus they have invested a credible amount of money into creating a number of fantastic golf carts both in golf carts, gas golf carts, and solar golf carts format. Thereby making golfers’ transportation more convenient on the golf course.

There are different types of golf carts available, but this article cover, the best golf carts, best electric golf carts, and best gas golf carts with mentioning solar-powered golf carts.

Brief History Of Golf Carts – Electric Golf Carts and Gas Golf Carts

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2 Seaters Golf Cart

Golf carts have a rich history that few people know, dating back to when JK Wadley first used a golf cart to convey people on the golf course in 1932 back to the 1950s that saw the widespread use of golf carts, that were specifically designed to carry disable golfers or golf spectators who could not walk far, until the mid-1950s when golf carts gain tremendous acceptance among golfers mostly in the United States of America.

While electric golf carts are frequently tweaked and made better by different innovators including Merle Williams of Long Beach Califonia, who had been credited with the innovative creation of electric golf carts long be the first gasoline golf carts were ever made. in 1971.

Gas golf carts came upon the scene in 1971 and immediately became popular and a huge hit. In 1979 Yamaha started making the G-1. The G-1 had a two-stroke and oil injection system. The electric version of the G-1 came along one year later. And Today, golf carts are not just for the golf course, people in small communities also use the cart to transport around.

The early manufacturers of the golf cart were Marketeer, Cushman, Lektro,  E-Z-GO, and others. Although the basic design of the best of the best golf carts hasn’t changed much from the pioneering designs. But in 1963 the Harley-Davidson Motor Company started the manufacturing of golf carts, which over the years saw them manufactured and distributed thousands of three and four-wheeled gas-powered and electric-powered vehicles that are still in high demand till dates.

This iconic three-wheeled cart, with either a steering wheel or tiller-based steering control, was developed with a reversed reversible two-stroke engine similar to the one used today in some high-end snowmobiles. (The engine runs clockwise in forwarding mode.) Harley Davidson sold the production of golf carts to American Machine and Foundry Company, who in turn sold production to Columbia Par Car. Many of these units survive today and are the prized possessions of proud owners, restorers, and collectors worldwide.

Golf carts comes in different types or categories according to their seating capacity, carriage space, and power consumption: Electric Golf Carts, Gas Golf Carts, Custom Golf Carts, Street Legal Golf Carts, Push Golf Carts, Pull Golf Carts, Solar Golf Carts.

However, in this article we are going to centre our reviews on the 2 most popular categories of golf carts:

  • Electric Golf Carts
  • Gas Golf Carts

Electric Golf Carts – Important Highlights

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Electric golf cart is operated using battery cells as the power source. It is a completely environment-friendly machine. An electric golf cart needs to be recharged adequately in order to keep running. On average, an electric golf cart has a battery life of 45-90 minutes of full power run time on a full golf cart battery.


  • These types of golf carts are totally environmentally friendly, as they produce no single emission.
  • These carts are much easier to maintain and very easy to recharge or maintain your batteries
  • They are electricity-powered vehicles, and as a result, produce very little noise.
  • It is user-friendly as well
  • They cost very less


  • They run on batteries, so it is hard to determine when they will run out of power
  • They move slower than gas carts, which automatically means more time traveling and less time golfing.
  • You cant remove the battery from the cart to recharge, So you have to bring the whole cart in to recharge.
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EZGO is an example of electric golf carts and one of the best golf carts

Gas Golf Carts?

Unlike the Electric Golf carts, the gas-powered golf carts operate through the use of combustion engines, which means the engine is fueled by gas/fuel.

Gas Golf Carts have the functions of a full-fledged vehicle. The engines vary in the number of strokes. These trucks have two/four strokes engines. That means it is quite powerful and can lift a lot of loads.

Also, with these golf carts, gas is lit in an enclosed tiny area that releases the power and controls it to function.


  • Gas golf carts provide a faster speed, and tend to pull heavier loads
  • The refilling process is very simple unlike the Electric golf carts
  • As a result of their stronger engine, gas golf carts are very effective in driving towards hilly areas, untiled roads, and upward slopes.


  • Gas golf carts do not show much environmental friendliness, they generate more pollution
  • They produce a lot of noise and a funky gas smell
  • In the long run, the golf carts will have to go through a lot of maintenance processes.


The few differences between each golf cart will be reviewed below:

Price Difference Between Electric And Gas Golf Carts

There are a lot of factors that go into the cost, Gas-powered carts tend to be more expensive than electric-powered golf carts. Electric golf carts can be cheaper depending on the condition of the batteries.

As we said earlier, gas-powered carts will require a lot of maintenance process and upkeep, plus a regular amount of gas to operate and that means more expenses/costs.

Strength and Durability Of Each Golf Cart

The strength and durability depend on the make and model of each golf cart. The common ideology with beginner golfers/buyers is that gas golf carts are more powerful than electric carts.

However, when the newer  48-volt batteries are used in electric carts, they could go far ahead or beat the most powered golf gas carts.

Top models such as the EZGO AC have a ton of power and can easily power through the steepest hills

Noise/Vibration Level Of Each Golf Cart

Electric golf carts win this competition hands down. They accelerate quickly and are virtually quiet which makes them great for golfers who actually don’t like to make their presence known on the course.

Gas Golf carts on the other hand are relatively noisy. They make a louder engine noise when starting and running due to the combustion firing off. Plus, they have a mild vibration, and sometimes, you can feel some heat coming from under the seat.

Electric golf carts have no vibration. So, if the noise level is an important concern of yours, you should probably consider electric when you want to make a purchase.

Maintenance and Upkeep Of Each Golf Cart

Every golf cart requires regular and proper maintenance to keep them running smoothly, but the amount of maintenance will vary based on the size, model, added accessories, cart conditions, and make of the car.

The maintenance of an electric car is very much easy, all you have to do is to monitor the batteries and clean them up once in a while. Changing batteries is done every four to six years and depends on the battery usage and maintenance.

Electric golf carts also require charging after every single use, if used infrequently, then the cart should be charged every few weeks. It is also important to monitor the water level in the cart’s batteries and keep them at the proper charge level.

On the other hand, gas-powered carts often require replacement parts and require things like oil and filter changes.

There are many possibilities for maintenance for gas carts, from a spark plug to a starter belt and more, and if you have no idea how to fix it yourself, it will cost you additional expenses for both labor and material costs.

Pollution From Golf Carts

Gas golf carts are quite messy as you need to fill them with gas, and watch for any leaks. They run on traditional fuel and produce carbon monoxide emissions and fumes. You may notice a gas smell near the engine.

With Electric golf carts, there won’t be any smell because it releases no fumes or emissions. They run on rechargeable batteries.

For Eco-friendliness, an electric golf cart has a clear advantage over a gas golf cart.

Finding The Right Golf Cart For You

A gas golf cart is best suited for someone who wants a steady, yet strong output and to get to their destination quickly.

The electric cart is better for the environment and less costly to maintain. It all depends on your personal needs and preference.

Regardless of what you are looking for, just ensure you give the matter plenty of thought before making that purchase.

What are the Top Golf Carts Manufacturers?

With new golf cart companies rising up every year, there are three main companies that have been building golf carts to withstand the test of time.

Club Car

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Club Car is undoubtedly the world’s most recognized name in golf carts. It was founded in 1958 making it the second longest-running manufacturer of golf carts.

Club car golf carts are known for their impressive quality and they offer 2,4,6, and 8-seater carts and produce both electric and gas carts.

The manufacturers have distributors everywhere so you won’t have to worry about spare parts.


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EZGO golf carts are designed and manufactured by Textron Inc’s., specialized vehicles division. EZGO vehicles are known for their strength and efficiency, and their electric vehicles are what you need for short-distance commuting.

Other than golf carts, EZGO specializes in personal transportation and utility vehicles. They are also very easy to maintain.

Yamaha Motor Corporations

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Yamaha Motor Corporation was established in 1955 to manufacture motorcycles. The factory has produced in excess of three million vehicles. In 2018 the company was responsible for the largest recall of golf carts in history.

Yamaha is one company you won’t fail to mention when it comes to high-quality products and they are known as one of the most reliable manufacturers around.

Where To Look For When You Are Ready To Purchase A Golf Cart

If you want to purchase a used golf cart, you can search varieties of places online:

  • Craigslist
  • Newspaper Ads
  • Golf carts dealerships.

You can also check neighborhood classifieds or golf course bulletin boards. There is always a possibility to find someone who is upgrading their ride and want to sell their current cart.

You can also look at local golf dealers, the majority of them keep an inventory of used carts that have undergone a complete checkup.

And just like motorcycles and cars, new golf carts are sold through franchised golf cart dealers. All you have to do is simply head to google and search for golf cart dealers in your area.

How Much Does A Golf Cart Cost?

On Average, most golf carts will cost between  $8,000 and $9,000. If you think that is too pricey, you can take the used route.

Used golf carts can cost as low as  $2,500 and $3,000, they are quite a good option when purchasing a golf cart.

If you want something fancier and luxurious, some specialty golf cart shops can create custom designs that will cost you upwards of $20,000.

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In Conclusion

We hope you now have detailed and adequate knowledge about golf carts, and how to differentiate between a Gas golf cart and an electric-powered golf cart.

Also, if you are looking to get a golf cart for yourself, it doesn’t have to be difficult but you do need to do your research and make sure that the cart you are getting is high quality, of a good brand, and will see you through many hours of adventure.

Take your time to read our carefully written comprehensive review about golf carts, everything you need to know is included in this article.