July 3, 2022
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12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 1

Both hunting and the game of golf are expensive games. You have to buy all the gear which includes getting the best cheapest rangefinder, or the best bargain golf rangefinders aside from spending hours preparing for each hunt.

At the end of the day, your clothes are dirty from crawling around in bushes and tree stands, not to mention being covered in blood if you’re successful. So why would anyone want to do it?
Well, because it’s one of life’s great pleasures!

A rangefinder is a device that measures the distance to an object. They are usually used in golf and hunting. The most popular types of rangefinders for hunters are laser, GPS, and optical devices. For golfers, they tend to be laser or GPS-based because of their accuracy and convenience.

Rangefinders can come with many different features such as slope settings which allow you to see how far up or down hills your shot will travel depending on the angle at which it’s hit; course management which allows you to save preferred courses so when you find one again all your information will already be there; hot buttons for it’s easy to access from any screen without going into other menus where it

Since the invention of rangefinders, more and more people are starting to take advantage of this product by using it generously. Rangefinders are great for hunting games, golfing or any other sport that requires accurate measurement. They are often used in golf to measure the distance between you and your target, but they can also be used for surveying or construction work.

There are many different types of rangefinders on the market today, so it’s important to educate yourself about what functions each type offers before purchasing one.

We all have a love-hate relationship with our money, but you don’t have to break the bank to buy something nice as part of your hunting pieces of equipment. A rangefinder is one of those items that although can be expensive but very useful for your golf game. With some research, we found the 12 best cheapest rangefinders for you on the Amazon store and surprisingly under $100.

Your rangefinder can be your life saver while you’re out hunting, so you should make a very good choice.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder – The Countdown

  1. AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting RangefinderOverall Best Cheapest Rangefinder
  2. Gogogo Sport 1200 Yards Laser Range FinderAlternative to Overall Best Cheapest Rangefinder
  3. AOFAR Hunting Range Finder
  4. AOFAR HX-1200T
  5. Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X
  6. BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder
  7. Rangefinder, Hunting Golf Laser Range Finder
  8. Bushnell BoneCollector 850
  9. WOSPORTS Hunting Range Finder
  10. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder
  11. TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder
  12. AILEMON Laser Rechargeable Golf/Hunting Rangefinder

If you’re in the market for a new rangefinder and want to know what features to look for, this article is perfect. Rangefinders can be confusing and complex but we’ve got your back with our guide on the best cheapest rangefinders that you can go for.

Asides from being a great hunting tool that allows you to accurately measure the distance between yourself and an object without having a direct line of sight another benefit of having a rangefinder is that while you are out hunting, it may actually save your life or someone else’s by letting them know that there’s something coming before it gets too close.

Note that the best rangefinders for hunting are not always the most expensive. There are many affordable rangefinders on the market today that will be perfect for your needs.

If you are looking for the best cheap rangefinders, look no further. With so many options out there it can get overwhelming to find one that fits your budget and is still reliable. In this article, we will go over some of the top-rated models of rangefinders which are also the cheapest available on Amazon right now in order to help make this process easier for you. If you want more information about these products or would like to know how they compare with other brands, please continue reading.

10 Best Golf Rangefinder For The Money 2021,
12 Best Budget Golf Rangefinder With Slope,

12. AILEMON Laser Rechargeable Golf/Hunting Range Finder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 3

Love it for Crossbow hunting. Everything you could ask for in a bow range finder. Calculates slope and vibrates (inaudible to deer) when done in under a second. Scan mode is also great for ranging an area. 100% everything I hoped for. *update* lasted 9 days of heavy use out of box before I finally had to charge it. Took 3 hours to go from 0-100% but AWESOME battery life!

Verified User

The rangefinder is specifically designed for hunting, but it can also be used in golf and other outdoor sports. It has an accuracy of ±1 yard – making it perfect to use by friends or family members who are looking for something practical yet still accurate enough when judging distance at medium ranges.

This 3-mode rangefinder is a must for all types of hunting. It can be used in three different modes:
The Scan Mode lets users search and find their target with ease ranges measurements from 5 to 1200 yards; Slope mode helps those who prefer archery as well as bowhunting by providing different types of measurement measuring up to 200 yards for archery and bowhunting and Speed Mode is ideal when the object being measured has speeds between 20 – 300 km/h.

Along with the range finder, you will receive a carrying pouch for easy transport. The cable can be used to charge your phone when in use or charged separately using an outlet. It also comes equipped with an attached strap, an instruction booklet with warranty info inside of the box for 12 months from the purchase date.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 4

11. TIDEWE Hunting Rangefinder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 5

For the money I don’t think you will find a better range finder. I love how compact it is. It is rechargeable which is great. The case has a magnet instead of noisy Velcro which is a plus. It gives a reading instantly instead of a 1-2 second delay like other brands I have used. I would definitely recommend this range finder

Verified Purchase

This premium rangefinder with advanced technology that accurately ranges from 3 to 1000 yards provides fast measurements within +/- 1 yard, and helps you make sure your target stays insight when hunting or shooting at targets! The weight of it doesn’t slow down anyone it’s just 0.35lb, easy portability; it can fit into any pocket without feeling too bulky either.

They come with clear LCD screens that allow you to see them at night or in low light. Plus, this rangefinder is made from durable materials which means they can withstand drops without breaking on impact – guaranteed protection no matter what happens out there and at any season.

With its 750MAH rechargeable Li-ion battery-equipped onboard for ultimate convenience, this rangefinder can measure up to 20000 times after being fully charged.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 6

10. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 7

This is definitely one of the most cost-effective rangefinders you can find on the market that is designed to provide reliable performance in hunting, golfing, bow hunting, and other professional applications. Both models feature slope functions which make them tournament legal.

With its high precision distance measurement, this device will provide you with all of your needs for a wide range. It integrates the latest functions such as continuous ranging readings and angle compensation so that it’s never wrong when measuring from 5 to 650 yards with +/-1m accuracy and magnification of 6 times.

With its fully multi-coated optics lenses, the display will become brighter and clearer. It also allows for accurate viewing thanks to an adjustable diopter that can be set at any point in order to get you exactly where you want it. The juicy part is, it comes with a warranty of one year.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 8

9. WOSPORTS Rangefinder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 9

The Wosports Hunting Range Finder is a multi-function device that can be used for golf and hunting sports. It has five different modes: normal scan mode, distance measure (with flag lock), speed functions with laser range finding capabilities from 5 yards up to 800+ yds away or 150ft if you’re using on the default ‘Golf Mode’.

The power of this device is in its ability to scan and measure your distance at different speeds. The fast focus, high precision readings give you the most accurate measurement possible with only one reading! It can easily read up close as well due to it being waterproof and dustproof so that you can use it perfectly no matter the condition or environment.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 10

8. Bushnell BoneCollector 850

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 11

Bushnell Optics is a trusted line of optics from the USA, which has been serving wildlife and outdoor enthusiasts for more than 70 years. Their popular products include high-powered binoculars and scopes with unmatched clarity to help you spot game at night or identify your prey before taking aim!

This Bonecollector 850 is made more like 2 times brighter with a 50% larger objective lens paired up nicely against an all-glass optical system that brings plenty more light into our eyes resulting in brighter images making it easier when hunting during dusk or dawn.

The range of this scope is easily extended to a maximum target size of up to 850 yards. It has fast-ranging capabilities and features scan mode, which updates your distance 4 times per second. Fully multi-coated optics provide bright true colors as well as angle compensation for uphill/downhill shots giving shooters an edge no matter what terrain they’re on.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 12

Best Bargain Golf Rangefinders

7. Golf Laser Range Finder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 13

This 800-yard high accuracy golf range finder, laser for scopes, and hunting support vibration. This device guides you in every direction – uphill or downhill.
With its advanced technology and wide-ranging capabilities, this range finder will help keep your game on course without any concerns about playing unfairly due to slope compensation issues

The compact design makes carrying easy while still providing accurate measurements. For golf, It continuously scans to give you accurate yardages with flag-lock distance without slope corrected measurements that are legal during tournament play due to playing fair being just as important as winning well.

With fully multi-coated optics lenses, the reflective light is reduced and transmission of a brighter image occurs. The diopter can be adjusted for precise focus on any display.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 14

6. BIJIA Hunting Rangefinder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 15

BIJIA Laser range finders have been a popular choice for hunting, archery and shooting sports. These products offer distance measuring capabilities that can help you get your game on point with pinpoint accuracy.

BIJIAs Premium PinSeeker Technology provides fast readings from 5 to 650 yards while their slope correction feature ensures an accurate 150 yard plus flag lock measurement at all times – even in more difficult terrain conditions where other models may struggle.

This camping and hunting sight will give you a clear picture to know where your target is without any hesitation. It Is made of strong materials so it won’t break when dropped, also has an ultra-clear LCD display that can be accurate even in low light conditions. This lightweight yet powerful rangefinder ensures both comforts during use as well as protection against drops thanks to its durable metal casing.

It comes complete with everything that you need to get started including an English user manual and Carry Bag so it can be easily carried anywhere.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 16

5. Gogogo Sport Vpro 6X

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 17

The range of this product is 5 to 650/1200 yards with an accuracy rate of up to 1 meter. It also has a magnification rating of 6x, so users have the ability to measure distances at170 yard level too.
This will provide more functionality than other products on sale today because it can be used professionally in different areas such as golfing or hunting without any problems whatsoever due to its high-quality features which makes them very cost-effective while still being able to meet customer needs well enough.

The fully multicoated lenses are great at reducing reflectivity while maximizing transmittance so that what is projected through them appears bright with vibrant colors. The diopter can be adjusted for precise focus on any display.

This Rangefinder is the perfect gift for any occasion. It comes with a 1 CR2 battery, basic canvas carrying bag, and manual to get you started. They also provide 12-month warranty coverage on all products.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 18

4. AOFAR HX-1200T

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 19

The latest Al technology is upon us. This bow and range two-modes rangefinder allows for a variety of uses, including dust proofing or fogging free shooting in any condition with waterproof capabilities to ensure you never miss your target again.

The newest additions within this lineup include an upgraded pin sensor system that measures both horizontal distance as well angle when showing straight-line distances; giving the avid hunter high precision ranging abilities out to 1200 yards without ever having issues due to its wide detection range which covers all types of terrain.

The kit includes a carrying pouch, CR2 battery and high-grade portable rope. It also comes with carabiners for easy storage on your belt or in your backpack while you’re out exploring the world around you. You’ll find cleaning cloths so that everything stays clean after use as well as an informative manual to get started right away.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 20

3. AOFAR Hunting Range Finder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 21

The advanced pin sensor technology of this range finder will give you an accurate measurement of up to 700 yards. The six-times magnification makes it easy to see in foggy conditions or when hunting during bad weather days.

There are four modes of operation: Range Mode measures distance while scanning or fog mode provides an amazing experience no matter what day it may be; Speed helps golfers identify their ball accurately with continuous scans (and saves time too). Scan mode enables users to scan the ground continuously without moving.

This lightweight and portable rangefinder revolutionize the way you hunt. With its tough build, water-resistant materials that are dust resistant as well provide a durable feeling for carrying while golfing or hunting!

Full accessories include CR2 batteries which come standard in all units purchased at no extra cost alongside your own carry pouch.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 22

2. Gogogo Sport 1200 Yards Laser Range Finder – Alternative to Overall Best Cheapest Rangefinder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 23

This hunting rangefinder is a revolutionary tool designed for accurate measurements. It provides the shooter with fast, reliable readings that can be used in all types of hunting situations and up close too! The LCD display on this unit has been perfected over time by incorporating pin sensor technology which allows it to measure not just distance but also speed.

This range finder for hunting with clear optics is also perfect to use when golfing and not just going out into the woods. The size makes it easy to carry, and this gadget has a durable body that won’t break easily under pressure. It comes equipped with its own rechargeable battery so there’s no need to worry about running low on power.

The ultimate hunting set is here! This complete laser rangefinder includes the perfect accessories for you to take on your next adventure. The bundle includes one RangeFinder, an elegant carrying pouch with strap and USB cable so it’s always at hand; plus a cleaning cloth as well as a manual that will answer any question before or after using this amazing device – all included in their 1-year warranty too.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 24

Best Budget Rangefinder With Angle Compensation

1. AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting Rangefinder – Overall Best Cheapest Rangefinder

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 25

Whether it’s for hunting, bowhunting or golfing – The rangefinder will help you to know the exact distance between yourself and your target.

The perfect gift for any avid game and wildlife enthusiast plus golfer, this rangefinder can help you find your target and take calculations with just one click. With its accurate readings, it will be the most useful tool in all their possession!

The nicest thing about these devices is that they’re not only great tools on-course but off as well; they can measure distances from 5-900 yards, depending on weather conditions and the reflectivity of your target. They provide +/- 1m accuracy in height measurements with a 6x magnification lens that measures up to 150 meters away too.

AILEMON’s optics are designed to give you the clearest, brightest image. Fully multicoated lenses reduce reflected light and increase transmission for an approachable look that looks great on any surface.
They proudly provide 1 year of warranty against manufacturing defects if your product fails within this time frame as they promise to send out a replacement or a complete refund.

12 Best Cheapest Rangefinder That Are Tested & Trusted 26

Frequently Asked Questions

Are Rangefinders accurate and perfect for hunting?

The device sends out a laser beam straight to your target. Your target then reflects the light back so you can see where they are at with precision up close or far away without any uncertainty! The rangefinder actually has an advanced clock that measures how long it takes for this process, which gives us all kinds of valuable info about our target’s distance and position – like whether we’re right on top of them or not more than 100 meters away.

With most rangefinders, you can expect an accuracy rate within 1-yard. But some advanced devices are more accurate and measure up with half yards. So Yes, Rangefinders are accurate and very perfect for hunting (source)

What is the best rangefinder for 2021

The best rangefinder for 2021 that we suggest is the AILEMON 6X Golf/Hunting Rangefinder. Best believe that all of the rangefinders in this list have the value for their money and are great choices too, but we have to select one as highly recommended and the Ailemon Rangefinder it is.


The best rangefinder is not always the most expensive one. There are many affordable options that can still provide you with accurate readings and pinpoint precision, depending on what your needs are. We’ve compiled a list of the 12 best cheapest rangefinders to help make it easier to find the right fit for you.

Note that these 12 rangefinders have been evaluated by their overall quality, level of accuracy, and price so, if you want more information or would like us to come back and update this post as we learn about new products in this category, don’t hesitate to let us know! In the meantime, check out our top picks before they sell out.
Happy hunting!

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