May 19, 2022
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7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 1

The most important features to consider when looking at the best cheap golf rangefinders is whether it has an accurate distance reading, is easy to use, and can withstand some abuse on the course not minding it being cheap.

You tend to gain confidence and commitment to your shots when you know the distance to the next hole, yardages, and how to reach targets.

In this article, we’ll take a look at some of the best cheap golf rangefinders you can buy, as well as provide a brief buyer’s guide to help you make an informed decision.

The Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders

Having a golf rangefinder gives you so much peace of mind knowing you’ve got something that will work immediately out of the box.

Without one of these budget-friendly devices, golfers waste time and money trying to improve their games and success might be far reached.

The best cheap Golf Rangefinders are reviewed below.

1.TecTecTec VPRO500 Golf RangefinderOverall best cheap golf rangefinders

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 2

Product works well and is great value for the money. Definitely helps with yardages to hazards where watches and apps fall short.

Verified Buyer

The TecTecTec VPRO500 delivers fast and extremely accurate measurements right down to the decimal. Target Lock Technology makes it easier to lock onto a target even if your hands are shaky.

The VPRO500 is durable and built to last. It’s very lightweight at just 6.52 oz and compact at 4.09 x 2.83 x 1.61 inches, and rain resistant.

It comes equipped with a premium shock-resistant protective case. The case has both a zipper and quick release closures. A long-lasting CR-2 lithium battery is also included along with a wrist strap, microfiber cleaning cloth, and an easy-to-read manual.

The VPRO500 with a price tag under $150, is a reliable choice for any level of golfer. Very precise exact distances to flags or hazards within +/- 1 Yard Accuracy. Readings are instant within seconds.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 3

2. WOSPORTS Golf Rangefinder

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 4

Very easy to use and accurate

Verified Buyer

Golf Rangefinder by WOSPORTS is arguably a well-priced rangefinder, you can accurately measure distances of 5 to 800 yards while remaining within the 250-yard flag lock.

Completely water-resistant and precision accurate with 1-yard accuracy, With an M2 mode that has no slope and M3 mode with slope, the innovative golf rangefinder is not only accurate but very user-friendly to come in handy for every shot.

This incredible gadget provides clear measurement on distant objects, even with special mechanisms for diopter adjustment.

Innovative design with battery cover design is used. The battery cover and range finder are inseparable.

Its affordable price leaves you with plenty left in your bank account, the lifetime warranty assures that it will always be by your side on the fairway.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 5

3. BOBLOV Rangefinder, Slope Golf RangefinderAlternate best cheap golf rangefinders

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 6

I’m extremely satisfied. It’s accurate; has a very good zoom clarity; is lightweight; easy to use; and is USB rechargeable. After 4 rounds, my battery is still showing a full charge.

Verified Buyer

Our alternate best cheap golf rangefinder is the BOBLOV rangefinder which provides fast, accurate, lightweight, and easy-to-use with excellent zoom quality and long-lasting battery life.

It offers three different modes, range mode, flag locking mode, and speed mode, and can measure within one second for up to a distance of 650 yards and a locking range of up to 200 yards.

The “White with slope switch” version features a slope switch that can let you turn off the slope function anytime you want, making your tournament legal.

Accuracy is within 1 yard, you may find the distance measurement varies a bit. Other features include 6x magnification and slope technology with vibration alerts that you can turn on and off as needed.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 7

4. Gogogo Sport Vpro Laser Rangefinder for Golf

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 8

Great value for the cost. Very accurate and easy to lock on the target

Verified Buyer

Gogogo had your bank account in mind when designing the Vpro Laser Golf Rangefinder. For a price tag under $100, it gives you plenty in return with solid performance, a variety of functions, and a sleek design.

This rangefinder is compact and lightweight, making it seamless to swing with it in your golf bag. As the standard measuring range goes from 5-650 yards with +/- 1m high accuracy.

At 6x magnification, the lens offers a bright clear image no matter how far away the target may be.

With a 1-year warranty and confident guarantee, we stand behind all our products for generations to come.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 9

5. PEAKPULSE Golf Laser Rangefinder

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 10

Good item at a good price. very accurate

Verified Buyer

The PeakPulse is an excellent rangefinder with a price under the $100 budget range. It includes features that you can find in higher-priced rangefinders like Slope, Vibration technology, and accuracy within 1 yard of the target.

PeakPulse has a range of 500 yards and a 6x magnification making it an impressive rangefinder for any course and it is also water-resistant.

At 4.5” x 1.5” x 3” this is a compact unit to take with you. And the brand gives you an ergonomic design that is comfortable to hold and easy to reach all the buttons you need.

It is the perfect combination of size, speed, accuracy, and verification. Built with crystal clear optics and precise technology.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 11

Best Cheap Golf Rangefinder With Slope

It is necessary to plan your movements and develop a strategy for the course. Then having the best cheap golf rangefinder is an exceptional alternative.

A good rangefinder with a slope feature can help you understand the distance between yourself and the hole, no matter where you’re at on the course.

Read below our top 2 picks of the best cheap golf rangefinder with slopes that can help you improve your game.

6. Precision Pro NX7 Golf RangefinderBest cheap golf rangefinder with slope

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 12

Easy to scan the flag to get your distance. Vibrates when it locks on target and gives you a read. Case is sturdy and protects the device.

Very happy with this purchase

Verified Buyer

The best cheap golf rangefinder with slope is the Precision Pro Golf NX7 Golf Rangefinder a sloped golf laser range finder that accurately delivers the distance to your target with one-yard precision and includes a hard carrying case.

With 600-yard range capacity, 1/10-yard measurements, and accurate yardage readings quickly updated with each button press, ranging is a breeze.

The sleek design houses a LED display that caters to every golfer’s needs and can be read in sunlight or darkness thanks to the water-resistance TAG function guarantees a perfect shot at any time.

This limited edition rangefinder comes with lifetime battery replacement services and the industry’s best customer service for a smooth gameplay experience.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 13

7. MiLESEEY Professional Laser Golf Rangefinder

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 14

Easy to use, solid feel, very clear view through the device. Very nice product for the price, also good reviews on YouTube. So far it’s been great and would recommend.

Verified Buyer

The Mileseey golf rangefinder provides you with accurate distance, angle compensation, and speed

This rangefinder’s accuracy can reach up to ±0.5M/0.55yard. 6X magnification, dioptre adjustment (±5D), and 7-degree field angle will help you to find accurate metering.

To enhance accuracy, the Mileseey golf rangefinder uses slope-compensation technology. It can calculate the uphill or downhill distances automatically.

Wrapped with non-slip environmentally friendly soft rubber gives you a thoughtful and comfortable user experience; Compact design and pocket-size(1106538mm), Lightweight (164g) is suitable for carrying while playing golf.

It displays the distance to the pin. As a result, you won’t find any problem choosing the right club and hitting the ball with sheer confidence.

7 Best Cheap Golf Rangefinders To Buy In 2022 15

What to Consider When Buying Golf Rangefinder


Ensure you search for models that deliver accurate measurements within a yard of the target. You also have to check how effective and fast it measures the distance.


The slope function on a rangefinder is optional but it helps to determine the exact yardage needed for a shot between the target. It helps players to calculate the actual and horizontal distances


The best cheap golf rangefinders can be waterproof, making them completely safe to use in rainy weather.


To read information is a crucial consideration, the most appropriate screens need crystal clear graphics for proper display of distance and battery percentage.


Longer battery life is always a plus when buying a golf rangefinder. Rangefinders should offer you a battery life of 8 to 10 hours.


Wide rangefinders offer easy handling, they are less portable. You should go for a compact, but not too small gadget. Pick an ultra-lightweight model as well.


The prices of rangefinders differ. We’ve various brands that you can get for less than $100. A standard golf rangefinder goes for between $100 and $150. However, as the prices exceed $200, the features also become better.


Buying the right rangefinder should be a top priority for most golfers. If you’re looking to buy something that will help you get the accurate distance between holes. Our list of the best cheap golf rangefinders will help your buying decision.

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