May 19, 2022
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11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022

Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

As a golfer, you know that having good arch support is crucial to your game. Not only does it help with your comfort, but it can also improve your performance. That’s why finding the best arch support golf shoes is so important.

Do you want to play your best game of golf? Achieving the perfect balance on the course is one of the criteria. This is a little bit difficult to achieve, well unless for the pros. The key to being a great player starts with having good equipment that will help you maintain your form and swing throughout 18 holes.

Do you know what the most important part of a golf shoe is? It’s not the color or the style. In fact, it’s not even the level of waterproofing. The most important part of a golf shoe is its arch support. If your shoes don’t have good arch support, you’ll end up with sore feet and a bad game. One piece of equipment that can greatly impact your game is footwear. Shoes are very important because they provide stability, grip, and comfort.

Golfers (and athletes generally) suffer from one form of heel pain or the other snd this can greatly affect their performance on the game of their choice if left untended to. Arch support golf shoes can help alleviate this pain if you already have pains and improve your game.

Because they spend a lot of time on their feet, it is very important for golfers to have shoes that are comfortable. Arch support golf shoes offer additional stability for your arch and heel, which can help you avoid common injuries like plantar fasciitis.

This review is on the 11 best arch support golf shoes, so if you are a golfer and suffer from any heel pain or know a golfer who does, then this is for you.

What Are The Best Arch Support Golf Shoes ?

For golfers, the right arch support can make or break a game. One of the main causes of lower back pain for golfers is an uneven distribution of weight on their feet. With this in mind, it’s important to have footwear that provides you with stability and balance so that your swing is as good as possible.

Arch support shoes are designed just for these purposes! Not only will they provide relief from foot pain due to being improperly aligned, but they also offer comfort during long rounds on the course.

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11. Callaway Men’s Del MarBest for the Budget arch support

Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

This boot has an extra-thick PU insole that will not just provide a superior feel but also guarantees comfort for your feet and knees no matter the long hours on the course you are spending on the golf course.

100% synthetic and imported. It features an opti-dri waterproof performance textile upper for water resistance, as well as a spikeless dura rubber outsole with multi-direction traction lugs to make sure your footing gets the best of it no matter what terrain you’re on.

There is the feature of an Opti-vent mesh lining so that your feet enjoy fresh air ventilation channels and breathe easy all day long.

It is equipped at all times in style thanks to its sleek design which offers comfort while being fashionable too so it can be worn on any golf course without compromising anything at all.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 1

10. Adidas Men’s Tech Response Golf Shoes

Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

From Adidas, this Tech Response golf shoes is another that was made with players in need of arch support golf shoes in mind. Made of mesh and synthetic materials, the sole is made of Ethylene Vinyl Acetate that makes it extremely lightweight so that your knees and feet do not feel heavy no matter how long you have to stand on the golf course.

It features the Adidas trademark of thin-tech cleats that offers great comfortability and support. The Traxion provides cushioning coupled with gripping outsoles that make sure that the stance is firm no matter what course and grip you are playing at.

There is a soft EVA insole and 6-spike configuration with thin-tech low-profile technology, all for improved traction and stability.

Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

Women’s Golf Shoes Arch Support

There is no hiding the fact that women’s golf shoes are different from men’s golf shoes. Aside from the obvious design differences, one of the most important aspects that sets them apart is arch support. Women often need more arch support than men due to their unique physiology.

Women’s golf shoes are a must for any female golfer. Women generally have wider feet and different arch heights than men, which means they need a shoe that is designed specifically with the feminine foot in mind. In this article, we present to you three of the best women’s golf shoes on the market right now and what you should look for when buying them.

In order to ensure you are getting the best possible performance from your footwear on the golf course, it is important that you have in your collection at least one of these women’s golf shoes with arch support.

9. FootJoy Women’s Fj Flex

Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

This Footjoy Flex for women comes with a lightweight performance mesh that delivers incredible all-day comfort with exceptional breathability. It’s perfect for female golfers who value their feet and a more comfortable golfing experience.

The soft EVA midsole provides increased underfoot cushioning, enhanced comfort and stability that you’ll not but love from this high-quality shoe. The VersaTrax outsole is designed to provide you with traction when walking on any type of terrain.

It has anti-channelling patterns that will grip from a variety of angles and help prevent slipping or loss of balance while swinging the clubs. The Duramax rubber provides high-end looks and feels while maximizing your walking ability, as it has been specifically designed for any lie or angle you might take a step in to have an accurate shot.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 2

8. Skechers Women’s Max

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 3

This women golf shoe is just like every other from the Skechers brand as the new GOGA Max insole by which was made with the major purpose of delivering high-rebound cushioning for the ultimate in all-day comfort.

This lightweight, responsive shoe features synthetic and mesh fabric upper construction with durable grip TPU outsole to provide lasting durability while delivering a great fit thanks to its patented gusset design that enhances flexibility at key points of contact on your foot like toe box as well as instep height so you can move freely without discomfort or slippage when swinging those clubs even if the course is an unfamiliar one.

Detail-oriented, this women’s golf shoe has Side stitching and overlay detail trim, a contrast coloured outsole trim, soft woven mesh fabric with smooth synthetic upper for comfort on the surface you’re exploring this footwear.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 4

7. ECCO Women’s S-Three Boa Gore-tex Overall best for women

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 5

Made of leather and a synthetic sole, removable, washable and open-cell OrthoLite insole for long-term cushioning and enhanced breathability, this ECCO for women is made with the female golfers in need of shoes for arch support in mind.

This shoe features the BoA which is a technological marvel that offers unparalleled comfort and stability while also being easy to wear. The advanced technology in the midsole provides incredible flexibility, making it perfect for any golf course at all.

With 3 different zones of cushioning, you will never feel uncoordinated or uncomfortable on your feet no matter what type of terrain awaits ahead–the best yet from one of your favourite brands.

From the elements to mud and more, GORE-TEX 100% waterproof technology will keep your feet dry. its E-DTS traction system consists of approximately 100 TPU traction bars boasting 800 angles for your feet.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 6

Men’s Golf Shoes With Arch Support

If you are a man who enjoys playing golf, you know that having the proper equipment is essential to your success on the green. In addition to choosing the right golf club and ball for your game, it is also important to select shoes that will provide you with optimum support and stability.

Men’s golf shoes with arch support are the perfect way to make sure your feet and ankles stay comfortable on the course. With every swing, you must take a big step and transfer all of your weight from one foot to another. This can cause aches in both your feet and legs if they don’t have enough support for this particular movement.

Shoes themselves should be comfortable but also provide the necessary stability, cushioning, and traction for your feet. A good shoe will not only offer all of these features but also have an excellent warranty. A good pair of men’s golf shoes will help keep pains at bay so that you’re able to enjoy playing as long as possible.

Many men’s golf shoes come with arch support, which can help improve your performance and prevent injuries. If you are in the market for new golf shoes, be sure to consider those that feature arch support. You may find that they make a big difference in your play. These are the 3 best men’s golf shoes with arch support that we recommend as they offer excellent support.

6. Adidas Men’s Adipower 4orged S

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 7

This Adidas golf shoe features a breathable, water-repellent climastorm for wet conditions and lightweight synthetic materials that offer comfort in addition so you can focus on making shots as you are not uncomfortable in any way.

It has a boost midsole that gives responsive cushioning when playing or just walking around on the golf course. The flexible and breathable material will give you that much-needed comfort and stability with every step taken, while also providing great traction throughout your day from any kind of surface even if it is an unfamiliar golf course.

Made of a rubber sole, the shaft measures approximately low-top from arch, all for your comfort.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 8

5. Puma Golf Men’s Ignite

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 9

The IGNITE PWRADAPT Caged has been created to provide outstanding comfort and a perfectly tailored fit. The supportive PWRCAGE saddle unit that wraps around the medial side of the shoe is integrated with its midsole providing you all the right support in every step.

The shoe provides 360-degree support through the inner bootie and external sleeve, which are both made from PWRFRAME. The laces will keep you stable as they tighten around your feet with an adjustable fit system that locks comfortably in place when needed most no matter what kind of terrain you are playing on.

The Heel Lock Window is one way that the shoe cups the heels comfortably so that it keeps you stable. From golfing on your favourite golf course to just a walk around it or even around town, this boot will keep your step in check with its 360-degree support through the internal heel cup as well as layers of PWRFRAME that provide extra stability.

The IGNITE Foam cushioning platform and PWRADAPT provide responsive comfort, providing 3-dimensional traction that adapts to the way you move.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 10

4. New Balance Men’s LinksSL

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 11

New balance comes to you with a 10mm drop* FreshFoam innovative midsole that provides an ultra-cush, cloud-like feel that is moldable for superior comfort. with your comfort and stability in mind, this golf shoe has a molded CUSH+ insole to provide you with ultimate support and give an amazing experience while golfing.

The outsole is made of rubber for traction on various surfaces; it has pressure mapping colours that highlight key areas where golfers need more support so they can achieve their best possible performance in these shoes

These shoes have a waterproof microfiber leather upper and performance mesh lining to keep you dry. They also come with a TPU eyestay, which provide extra protection against water intrusion while not sacrificing comfort or style!.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 12

High Arch Golf Shoes

Millions of people around the world enjoy golf. One of the most important aspects of playing golf is having good equipment. Having a high arch in your feet can make it difficult to find shoes that fit well, but you don’t have to worry about this anymore with these amazing new high arch golf shoes.

High arch golf shoes are designed to help you maintain a high-arched position. This helps with stability, balance and posture on the course. They also reduce back pain caused by an improper stance or swing.

The benefits of high arch golf shoes are well documented. They unlock the golfer’s natural swing, provide comfort to those with foot pain, and offer stability for all-day wear. The best part about these shoes is that they don’t require you to change your game or technique in order to take advantage of their benefits. Nowadays, there are many brands on the market that make it possible for everyone to find a shoe that suits their individual needs.

These are three of the best shoes for people who need more support on their arches and they’re also really comfortable, so you won’t be disappointed.

3. ECCO Men’s Street Retro Hydromax

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 13

This is one ECCO shoe that is made for people who want a perfect fit and lasting comfort as golf shoes for their high arches. The FLUIDFORM Comfort Technology combined with its removable cushioning-fibre inlay sole ensures that the wearer will have no pain, even after long hours on their feet on the golf course.

The E-DTS traction system consists of approximately 100 TPU bars boasting 800 different angles for ultimate grip on any surface. Included in its build-up is the ECCO HYDROMAX treatment that makes the uppers highly water-repellent, keeping your feet dry and making them feel more comfortable.

The synthetic sole gives this shoe a modern look and feels, while the tumbled full-grain pebbled nappa leather provides its wearer with excellent durability.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 14

2. Skechers Men’s Go Ultra Max Alternative to Overall Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

For players who want more cushioned comfort and response while they’re on the fairway, these are perfect. A running/walking design with an ULTRA GO cushioning for high-rebound, the platform that provides all-day support from 1st tee to 19th hole!

Its spikeless construction ensures that you stay light for quick turns around greens in wet conditions too so go ahead; take up your clubs and go on to that golf course you have always admired and dreamt of playing on and without hesitation this time around.

These shoes are lightweight and they also feature GOGA MAX technology insole which allows them to be waterproof. The spikeless design of these sneakers make it easier to slip off when wet – what more could you ask for?

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 15

1. ECCO Men’s S-Three Gore-tex Overall Best Arch Support Golf Shoes

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 16

The ECCO Golf S-Three delivers premium comfort from the tee box to the clubhouse and beyond! Its ortholite insole provides long-term cushioning and enhanced breathability, so your feet are never stinted. This removable orthopaedic memory foam is perfect for when you have to stand for so long swinging hard at your clubs at your favourite course.

This men’s hybrid golf shoe features a 3D e-dts outsole for excellent traction as well as gore-tex technology that protects against moisture. You can be sure of comfort and stability for your feet.

The latest Zonal Fluid Form Innovation creates three distinct zones of rigidity within its midsole providing just enough cushioning while remaining stable on uneven surfaces – all without compromising your game with added weight or excessive padding.

The ECCO s-three is the perfect shoe for when you need to be on your feet all day, rain or shine. It has a waterproof outsole that helps with traction in wet conditions, and its e-dts upper provides excellent protection against water damage while also keeping feet dry inside of them.

11 Best Arch Support Golf Shoes In 2022 17

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis?

The best golf shoes for plantar fasciitis that we recommend right now is the ECCO Men’s S-Three Gore-tex. This shoe offers great arch support so you can be sure of your comfort, traction and stability. also it is 100% waterproof, which means you can conveniently don them on your feet no matter the weather condition.

Are Ecco golf shoes good for your feet?

ECCO is one of the leading and definitely one of the best makers of golf shoes in the industry. ECCO Golf Shoes are luxury shoes, which is why they’re pricey. But if you love to hit the links and need a shoe that will make your game look good while doing so – they are worth it.

The price tag may seem too much at first but avid golfers know how important comfort can be when playing on courses all day long. You get exactly what’s promised: an amazing pair of high-quality ECCO golf shoes designed specifically with golfers of various backgrounds in mind.

In all of their shoes, ECCO bears quality design, craftsmanship, and grip – three things that all contribute to an excellent shoe. So you can be sure that they are good for your feet on the golf course. (source)


If you are an avid golfer, or maybe you hit the balls, once in a while, you will know that in the end, it’s all about finding a shoe that provides the best arch support for you. As you may know, there are so many different types of feet and shoes available on the market today, which makes it even more difficult to find what works well for your needs.

You need a pair of golf shoes that will give your feet the support, stability and comfort that they need on the course. In other words, you need these arch-support golf shoes. They offer stability while maintaining flexibility to keep you moving smoothly through every stroke. Plus, with the waterproof leather construction that some of them have and cushioned soles, they are sure to last for years of use. You will agree that it is time to get started on your shopping for any of these shoes on Amazon.

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