December 9, 2021
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13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 1

Big and tall men often have a difficult time finding big and tall men’s plaid golf pants that fit them correctly.

Since these men usually require additional fabric, it is very important to find clothing that fits well and has adequate room without being too baggy or too tight.

Poor-fitting pants can affect a golfer’s swing as he or she tries to focus on the game instead of worrying about how their clothes feel.

However, If you are a big and tall man who loves to play golf, but finding pants that fit can be difficult. You want to look stylish while playing your favorite sport, so you need plaid golf pants that are long enough for you.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 2

Luckily, there are many options available for big and tall men who love the game of golf.

Here is a list of the 13 amazing, best big and tall men’s plaid golf pants for those who need extra room in the legs.

Big And Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants

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Finding the right golf pants for men of size can be quite a challenge.

However, Big and tall men’s plaid golf pants are a great choice because they come in a variety of colors, sizes, and styles. Plus, these stylish golf clothing pieces will make you look your best on the course.

If you’re looking for some helpful tips on what you should look out for when shopping for your next pair of big and tall mens plaid golf pants then keep reading.

In this article, we will discuss some of the best big and tall men’s plaid golf pants.

1. PUMA Golf 2020 Men’s Plaid PantOverall Best Golf Plaid Pant


NICE PANTS…Great fitting golf pants!

Verified Buyer

PUMA Golf 2020 Men’s Plaid Pant is considered to be our overall best golf plaid pant for big and tall men.

At PUMA Golf, their mission is to enhance the game of golf. Start your round off perfectly with the plaid pant for big and tall men.

These iconic pants are lightweight, moisture-wicking, and deliver a truly comfortable and stylish round of golf. Featuring a yarn-dyed, plaid pattern in two trendy colors, wear these every day on the course or while playing at grand openings.

Walk around your next event comfortably without any distractions in our Plaid Pant – it features plain-woven fabric with a stretch waistband for heightened mobility when you need it most. And with DRY CELL technology built right in? You’ll be ready to take on whatever the day throws your way from damp weather outside to Sunny Weather.

This is an imported product from China and it is the best pants to feel comfortable and confident.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 3

2. Royal & Awesome Men’s Golf Pants

Best big and tall plaid pant

LOVE MY GOLF PANTS…Great plant, great fit and great quality!!!

Verified Buyer

These American-inspired golf trousers are perfect for showing your flair all year round. The red, white, and blue design is a great addition to any outfit with the stars of our flag proudly displayed on it.

The 97% cotton and 3% spandex construction ensures they’ll be comfortable, breathable, and durable on the golf course. Additionally, these pants are specifically designed for golf.

They come complete with tee loops, a tour slit & an awesome golf (and beer) tool, Pars/Stripes apparel includes trousers that also doubles up as bottle openers.

Royal & Awesome are the perfect way to make an impression on any course, whether it’s your annual golf tourney or corporate jollies. These trousers will ensure you’re not just looking good but feeling royal in them too.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 4

3. Lesmart Men’s Golf Pants

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 5

GOOD PAIR OF GOLF PANTS…I am an occasional golfer, but I picked up these pants for both golf and for wearing to work on occasion. The pants are well made and very comfortable. The pants are thin and light, and look great paired with a golf shirt.

Verified Buyer

The Lesmart Men’s Golf Pants stretch to provide maximum comfort and movement, but they don’t compromise your swing.

Crosswise or lengthwise you can move freely when swinging these pants; no need to worry about them getting out of shape because it will never happen.

These lightweight and breathable golf pants feature a tech fabric that’s water-resistant, making them perfect for playing in hot weather. The material also wicks away sweat quickly while still providing you with comfortable touch on your skin thanks to UF 50 sun protection from the high SPF rating.

Lesmart Men’s golf pants are literally made for the course, with 4 performance pockets and 2 deep side pockets to store your gloves or balls.

The back pockets have button closure so you can keep small items safe from prying eyes! These stretchy belt loop waistband makes it easy when putting on quickly after playing all day long in them too.

And lastly, there is a YKK zip fly that keeps things professional-looking no matter how often they get opened up during playtime.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 6

4. PUMA Men’s 2019 Plaid Pant

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 7

QUALITY MATERIAL…Loved the fit and style is great

Verified Buyer

We spoke about PUMA Golf 2020 Men’s Plaid Pant earlier, and this is another of its edition or design with Slight differences.

The PUMA Men’s 2019 Plaid Pant is a must-have for any man looking to add some style and comfort during his next round. Made of 100% polyester, it’s imported and machine washable for your convenience.

The DRYCELL technology will help you stay comfortable even when things get sweaty or wet with its moisture-wicking finish that does not allow sweat to accumulate on the fabric which ensures an odorless experience too.

These bold yet wearable pants are crafted from poly twill fabric and feature two-color windowpane plaid designs that will have you looking stylish while still being able to move freely.

The best part?

This outfit is perfect for any activity or occasion because these sweatpants can be worn casually during everyday life as well as more formal settings like work functions where formality would not go amiss on top of them helping keep things comfortable throughout all phases of an eventful day ahead.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 8

Best Golf Pants For Tall Skinny Guys

Many golfers have a hard time finding the right fit for their body type. If you are a tall and skinny golfer, it can be difficult to find pants that will cover your thighs when you bend over.

The best golf pants for tall skinny guys should feel like an extension of your body when you play, not something that’s uncomfortable or irritating in any way.

Luckily, there are plenty of golf pants out there specifically designed for tall skinny golfers.

These four brands offer some great options for tall skinny golfers who want a more tailored look.

5. Men’s Golf Tapered Pants Plaid Golf Pant

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 9

GREAT PANTS…Great slacks.Nice material and super look

Verified Buyer

The Men’s Golf Tapered pants are the perfect choice for any player who wants to be cool during their swing.

These soft mechanical stretch materials absorb moisture and sweat, while also wicking away liquids. The plaid design offers a stylish look that will make you stand out on any Golf course

These light and breathable golf pants will come in handy on your next round. They’re made from a durable fabric that’s lightweight, which means you can wear them all day without feeling weighed down or uncomfortable.

They even protect against sun damage thanks to their UPF50+ rating. With some stretch for mobility while still maintaining fit. The UV protection makes it so you can play without worrying about getting burnt by strong sunlight when necessary – no more worries this summer season with these lightweight but durable Pants.

These men’s golf pants have a lot of pockets for your convenience. The two deep side pockets can hold balls and other items, while the back ones come with button closures to keep things secure.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 10

6. Men’s Golf Pants Stretch Classic Fit Pants

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 11

The Men’s Golf Pants Stretch Tailored Tall Performance Taperedpants are perfect for any golfer that wants to stay cool during their round.

The stretchy fabric does not only allow a full range of motion, but it also provides breathable airflow and storage pockets in case you need more than one club.

These golf pants are a great option for those who want comfort and flexibility on the links. They’re made with lightweight, breathable fabric that will never be too warm or heavy in the summer heat but also keeps you cool during winter months thanks to its moisture-wicking properties as well as UV protection from harmful rays of the sun!

The moisture-wicking surface adopts quick-drying fabrics which help keep your skin dry no matter what season it may be.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 12

7. IZOD Men’s Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pant

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 13

GREAT GOLF PANTS…Super comfortable! Really stretchy, fit me perfectly. The waist grippers are great, really helps hold your shirt in place while golfing. They look good, simple but nice style. Best golf pants I’ve ever had.

Verified Buyer

The IZOD Men’s Golf Swingflex Straight Fit Pant is a must-have for any golfer

A pant that features 94% polyester and 6% spandex for durability. The imported fabric allows the sun to control UPF 50, moisture-wicking properties to pull away all moisture keeping you dry while providing comfort in your game thanks to its stretchy quality.

With imported button closure, stretchable design for comfortability throughout your round on course, and sun control protection up to 50+, these izods should be a top priority if we want our best game possible.

The button closure makes it easy to slip on without hassle; extra reinforced stitching at key points helps ensure durability during rigorous course conditions.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 14

8. Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight-fit Stretch Golf Pant

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 15

A MUST BUY…Best golf trousers I’ve every had fits like a glove like them so much bought another pair

Verified Buyer

The Amazon Essentials men’s straight-fit stretch golf pants are a cool and comfortable choice for any activity.

Made with 98% polyester, 2% spandex it has great breathability that will keep you feeling fresh all day long.

The fabric has a smooth, wrinkle-free finish to keep you looking your best on game day! Whether you’re playing in the cold weather or just taking out the trash, these pants will work for all occasions with their set in pockets at the rear that can hold whatever essential items are needed while traveling down windy country roads.

Fit is perfect through hip and thigh while remaining slim around your waistline thanks to their straight leg design that sits low at the front before flowing out into fullness below the hemline when sitting flat against the skin; this keeps things comfortable yet easy to finish off any look without being too exaggerated about it either way.

These stretchy slacks can be machine washed which means they will stay fresh enough through your whole round without wearing out or becoming dirty between washes like some other brands might do thanks to their poor quality materials used within the production process.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 16

Best Big And Tall Golf Pants

Are you tired of not being able to find big and tall golf pants that are comfortable?

You are in luck. We have compiled a list of the best big and tall golf pants out there for your convenience. These pants will be sure to fit you well, while also giving you plenty of room for movement

Instead of wasting your money on poorly fitted golf pants, take some time now to read this article about how to choose the perfect pair for yourself.

These 3 options of the best big and tall golf pants will do just fine!

9. PGA TOUR Men’s Golf Pant

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 17


Verified Buyer

The PGA TOUR Men’s Waistband Golf Pant doesn’t just look good, it performs like a champion. This 98% polyester and 2% spandex imported pant is perfect for any golfer who wants to give their game an extra boost with innovative seams that will extend your range of motion in all the right places

Featuring moisture-wicking properties, enhanced stretch fabric for unrestricted movement and an expandable waistband – you’ll be prepared for anything that comes your way.

With multiple options, so you can find one specific fitment no matter what kind of swing motions suit you best. These are perfectly paired with our Pro Performance Pant to create a look of complete professionalism during competitions or just in everyday life when it’s time to get out there and play some rounds.

Pair them up by wearing one of their performance shirts or tees alongside it so even if things get wet (they often do), they stayDRY thanks in part due to their expandable waistband.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 18

10. Callaway Men’s Everplay 5-Pocket Golf Pant

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 19

AWESOME PANT…Great fit and feel! My husband has many diff brands of golf pants – these are by far his favorite! They look great- order your usual size. Quality pant – great for spring/summer/fall golfing weather.

Verified Buyer

Look sharp and golf like a pro in these Callaway pocket golf pants. Designed for comfort and performance, the lightweight men’s golf trousers are packed with features that allow you to focus on your game without distraction.

Ample stretch in the fabric lets you maximize your range of motion so that when bending or crouching it is effortless.

For enhanced comfort on warm days, these lightweight pants come equipped with a comfortable waistband as well as breathable properties which make them ideal for playing golf outside during the summer months.

They have five pockets for scorekeeping, tees, and ball markers so you can stay ready at all times while on the course! These Machine Washable Wrinkle Resistant Pockets hold up well over time with their fashion style as well.

The modern design of these golf trousers, with their subtle textured appearance and range for regular or Big & Tall sizes, makes them a versatile choice. The dobby fabrication provides comfort as well thanks to its soft material that is comfortable against the skin while still being durable enough so it lasts many rounds on the course.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 20

11. adidas Men’s Ultimate Classic Golf Pant 

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 21

GREAT COMFORT…The comfort of these golf pants are so awesome, soft, fit well and breathable. I will definitely be buying more.

Verified Buyer

These adidas golf pants are made for movement and flexibility and it is the overall best big and tall mens plaid golf pants on our list.

It is made of moisture-wicking fabric, they feature a stretch waistband to help you pure your irons while keeping it tucked in so that the shirt doesn’t get creased during playtime.

Its Silicone gripper tape on inner thighs helps keep the shirt in place while providing extra protection against whatever might happen out there on course, including errant shots from an over-enthusiastic righthander with too many clubs.

This classic, stylish piece is perfect for any avid golfer looking to make a good impression on the course.

It features belt closure pockets lined with nylon cloth inside, which helps keep your essentials safe during play; there are also two front side zippered compartments and extra storage space behind them if necessary.

These pants come complete with an elastic waistband for easy fit adjustments anytime you need them through both layers of fabric: 55% Nylon/ 34% Polyester/ 11% Elastane.

Plus they’re available at competitive prices so take advantage while supplies last!

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 22

Best Under Armour Big And Tall Golf Shorts

As a tall and big golfer, finding the best under armour golf shorts for you can be difficult. Whether you are looking for a pair of golf pants that will provide comfort during your round or maybe need some new shorts with an extra-large inseam, we have done the research to help make it easier on your next shopping trip

We’ve compiled a list of the top 2 best under armour big and tall golf shorts to help you make your decision easier.

12. Under Armour Men’s Showdown Golf Shorts

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 23

SHORTS FIT FINE…These shorts are awesome

Verified Buyer

The Under Armour Men’s Showdown Golf Shorts are perfect for any golfer who wants to be comfortable and cool on the course alongside keeping style on point

The button closure has a light material with a super soft waist for ultimate comfort, as well as four pockets to ensure maximum convenience while you play

These men’s showdown bib Shorts come in 58% nylon 36% polyester 6 elastane which is perfect if durability or coverage matters most when trying out this sport we all love so much

These lightweight, stretchy woven fabric shorts wick away moisture while drying fast so you can keep playing without worrying about getting uncomfortable! With four pockets including one at your waistband area (for extra mobility), this short gives total freedom of movement with an easygoing fit that will feel great no matter what level swing or shot type might come up next.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 24

13. Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Shorts

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 25

GREAT SHORTS FOR GOLF…really nice shorts for golfing. Good quality. Lightweight. Airy. Nice styling.

Verified Buyer

The Under Armour Men’s Tech Golf Shorts are perfect for any golf course, with their durable 100% polyester fabric that wicks sweat to keep you cool during your round.

This lightweight short features 4-way stretch construction and a 10” inseam so it moves better every which way. The flat front design ensures no underwear lines or shows through when playing sporty activities like golf.

With four pockets including one zippered coin pocket in front for keeping scorecard essentials secure at all times, there is no need to worry about having things fall out while swinging away during play either – talk about staying organized between shots to when heading indoors after finishing up outside because these great golf short can be paired with almost anything.

13 Big and Tall Mens Plaid Golf Pants 2021 26

Frequently Asked Questions

Which is the best plaid golf pants for tall and big men?

The best plaid golf pants for tall and big men to wear for comfort and improve their confidence while on the course varies in different styles and designs and some of the popular options are; adidas Men’s Ultimate Classic Golf Pant  , Callaway Men’s Everplay 5-Pocket Golf Pant , Amazon Essentials Men’s Straight-fit Stretch Golf Pant

In Conclusion

We’ve discussed 11 of the best big and tall mens plaid golf pants for you to browse through.

We hope you enjoyed our article and that we were able to provide you with some helpful information and inspire you in your next big purchase.

However, If you’re looking to buy, we recommend shopping at Amazon! There’s a wide selection of sizes and styles for all budgets.

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